Beautiful School gardens in Tawau Division :
Tawau, Semporna, Kunak, Lahad Datu

Beautiful Schools in Tawau. Schools with a positive atmosphere for learning. School with high spirit and a sense of belonging for both teachers and students.

Sabah Chinese High School

Yuk Chin Primary School

SMK Abaka

SMK Ursula

SMK Tawau

The 5R

The 5R



TAMAN IMPIAN of  SJK Sin Hwa Tawau

TAMAN IMPIAN of  SJK Sin Hwa Tawau

Belgian Evergreen Boston Fern Spider Plant Angel Wings
Belgian Evergreen
(Dracaena Sanderane)
Boston Fern
(Nephrolepis Exaltat)
Spider Plant
Angel Wings
(Caladium Hortulan)
Rajah Kayu Rajah Kayu
    Rajah Kayu
(Indian Laburnum)
Dog Wood
(Cornus Alba)

TAMAN IMPIAN of  SJK Sin Hwa Tawau

Environmental Citizenship Defined

It's your ability, as an integral part of a larger environment, to take a step back and think how your daily life and the lives of others affect the environment. The IMPIAN (DREAM) does not stop at the thinking process. It requires you to act and improve upon your daily practices to benefit both you and the environment.

Citizens in Action

Where can you start? Here are some ideas:

1- turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing your face

2- turn off the lights or electrical appliances in your homes, offices or classrooms when not in use

3- separate your household garbage and get rewarded at the buy back centre

4- bring your own food (or even drink) containers along every time you purchase food outside

5- join a group like a river watch programme that helps you understand the process of monitoring river water quality in your area

6- if there's none in your area, play a more proactive role by starting a residential association that is concerned about the environment

7- co-organize a talk with an environmental NGO as an activity

8- set up a small buy back centre with your neighbors where proceeds are channeled towards environmental activities for your area.

Be an Environmental Citizen

2006 Environmental Citizenship: Emerging Perspectives in Malaysia nationwide survey, beginning in January to April 2006.

WWF-Malaysia is conducting the Survey in collaboration with the Teacher Education Division (TED), Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Education Planning Research Department (EPRD), Department of Environment (DOE), Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), and Global Environment Centre (GEC).

With the hope that results from the survey can influence the Malaysian society to examine its perception of biodiversity conservation and the environment in our country.

The environment has no one else to help it except you and me. Its very existence tomorrow depends on our  willing to take that first step to translate  concerns into action today. This ensure that the world will still be here for future generations to enjoy.


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