1) Hawker stalls   2) Coffee house or cafe   3)  Restaurants

Sabindo Seafood Stalls
Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant  and    Good View Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Cheng Fook
Open Hours : 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

( cheapest place to eat fresh sea food in Sabah )

Which is the best dish or what to order when one came to the store ?  Here is more detail about Good View Sea food Restaurant in the Chinese forum :  http://www.e-sabah.com


When you come to Tawau, you must visit  hawker center. Hawker stalls offer variety of food and value for money.

Foods from homes of Sabah :

Sabah Green Earth Campaign (FAITH  "Food Always in the Home" ) -  aimed at encouraging house owners to plant fruits and vegetables their own yards.

The Faith "Food Always in the Home"  campaign is a project of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture- Based Industries, Sabah Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Sabah Ministry of Rural Development, Kota Kinabalu City Hall, all municipal councils and district councils in Sabah, Education and Information Departments.

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