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All About Coffee Café

All About Coffee Café (2006)
Pai Town Thailand
a coffee shop of an artist, who first traveled to Pai and then fell in love with this little town.......

(Business moved to Chiang Mai in 2015)

All About Coffee Café in 2006

All About Coffee Café in 2006
(Business moved to Chiang Mai in 2015) of the coolest Cafe in Thailand...
100 Chaisongkram Rd. Pai Town, North Thailand
25 different coffees & homemade cakes!

A relaxed environment offering excellent coffee and shakes and nice food.

The Cafe is right in Walking Street easy to find on one of the main streets.

An old wooden building of  dimly lit wooden structure with walls covered in art (it is also an art gallery).

Foreigners aren't the only non locals to come under Pai's spell since the late 1980s. The hippest spots in town belong to the artsy young Thai bohemians who have fled Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other crowded urban centers in search of a slower-paced and less profit-oriented lifestyle.

Opened in 1999 by two disaffected Bangkok advertising execs, All About Coffee must be one of the coolest Cafe in Thailand.

None of the large Western coffeehouse chains can compete with its homespun, rustic-wood ambiance, mellow jazz sounds and delightfully personalized service.

A selection of 28 reasonably priced coffee drinks from the banana espresso shake to a classic cappuccino (made from local and imported beans), a large range of herbal teas and scrumptious desserts (including a sinfully rich banana, white chocolate and caramel Binoffi Pai). There is even a cozy upstairs loft filled with books.

All about Coffee offer great coffee in this cozy town of Pai in northern Thailand.
The simple art Café teakwood shop house looking out on to Chaisongkram Road dispenses cake and cool from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily.

In this Café you have the choice of many types of imported coffee beans. A nice meeting point for travelers to this small town in northern Thailand. For a delicious Cappuccino, Americano or a fresh fruit shake at a price reasonable.

Update : All About Coffee Café moved to Chiang Mai in 2015.