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Artist's Home

Artist's Home

Artist Village in Pai

Beauty and tranquility of this town floating in the air.
Walking along the street, are many enchanting Lanna (-ancient region in the North of Thailand-) architecture, well-designed and unique buildings. Despite the growing numbers of tourists, Pai people can still maintain their traditional culture and lifestyle, as well as their strong community - the peaceful society of Lanna folks and the tribes -.

Pai is a small plain area in the midst of green forest and high mountains. The temperature here, which is about 5◦c lower than in Mae Hong Son, makes it an ideal place to relax.

Most of the tourists at Pai have been foreign backpackers who are enchanted by the beauty of this small town. It started to get known among Thai backpackers only a few years ago.
The town is always filled with tourists walking on roads, drinking beer in shops, or even selling things on the roadside. Some of them, especially the artists, are so in love with Pai that they decided to settle here.

Beside the sensational scenery and unique culture, another highlight of Pai is that the tourists can enjoy different activities here, like rafting, elephant riding or experiencing local hot spring.

The hotels, guesthouses or restaurants in Pai are built in restricted area in order to keep the natural scenery. The land in Pai is mostly used for rice farming, so most of the guesthouses are built in the paddy field.
The cost of living in this town is much cheaper than in other towns, this place is always crowded with tourists all around the year, especially in winter.