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Pai Town in the year 2006

Once upon a time, Pai was a peaceful farming village inhabited by Shan Buddhist and Chinese Muslim. International Hippies made this town their heavenly escape from the modern world.

The photographs in this page were taken in May 2006 the year before the town sudden growth into a middle class Thai tourist destination.

That year in 2006 Pai was featured in a Thai popular romantic movies "Ruk Jung". The romantic atmosphere of this tranquil town in the film immediately attracted the interest of city young people. The years following saw constant increase of Thai young tourists to Pai seeking for a romantic holiday experience. 2007 onward large number of tourist services for city middle class tourist began to spring up.

Pai Town today is no more the once upon a time Pai Village.

Old Moon Village in 2006
Old Moon Village in 2006
Old Moon Village in 2006
Old Moon Village in 2006

Above images of the Old Moon Village in 2006, in Mae Yen Village 1.3 Km from Pai Town Center.
In 2008 it has moved to a new location 4 Km from Pai Town center.

Morning in Pai Town

Morning in Pai in 2006


Morning in Pai Town

In 2006 Pai was still a  peaceful village inhabited by Shan Buddhist and Chinese Muslim.

Well-known among Western backpackers for its relaxed atmosphere. The town has many low cost guesthouses, souvenir shops and restaurants.

Wake up early in morning and come to the main road of the town. You can feel a kind of peace of a little town and breath the freshness of mountain air.

As a Buddhist town, offering food to monks for their breakfast is life that people here do each early morning. Before dawn, you can hear the chant of Arabic ushering the Muslim the time for Morning Prayer.