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Genting Highlands of entertainment in Asia...
مرتفعات قينتنق .

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Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort
Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort
Awana Porto Malai Langkawi

Chin Swee Temple  |  Mushroom Farm

There are two Indoor Theme Parks in Genting Highland.
The Outdoor Theme Parke is close

Outdoor Theme Park
Genting Outdoor Theme Park
Closed in September 2013

The Genting Outdoor Theme Park closed in September 2013.
But will be reopened in 2016 as a new Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park.

While the Outdoor Theme Park is closed, the Indoor Theme Park will remain open. All rides and attractions at the indoor remain available to visitors.


1 2
Indoor Theme Park Indoor Theme Park
First World Plaza
Indoor Theme Park
Indoor Theme Park
Snow World
Flying Coaster
Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Haunted Adventure.

Flying Dragon
Sungei Rejang Flume Ride
Grand Prix Fun Kart
Flying Coaster
Super Tobaggan
Bumper Boats
Rolling Thunder Mine Train
Space Shot


Indoor Theme Park
Genting Sky Venture
X-pendition Wall
Haunted Adventure
Vision City Game Park
Euro Express
Adult Bumper Car

Family Rides
Venice Gondola
Rio Float
Reindeer Cruiser
Ferris Wheel
Monorail Station
Tea Cup
Flying Baby Jumbo
Antique Car
Double Deck Carousel

Children's Rides
Junior Bumper Cars
Tour De Paris
The Carousel
Pirate Train
Showboat Marine Fantasy
Mini Train
Space Adventure

Genting the City of Entertainment

Genting Highland is popularly known as the city of entertainment. Where visitors get all types entertainment facilities and that everybody feel happy here. The place where people can get everything they want for entertainment a place where Malaysian call Genting as a city of entertainment.

Genting Highlands is the biggest and the highest theme park in Malaysia located at 1800 meter from sea level. The  Highlands all year around attracts local and foreign tourist especially from neighbour countries.

Genting is also a huge shopping complex.

While working as a dam construction supervisor in 1964, The founder Lim Goh Tong conceived the idea of an highlands resort similar to Cameron Highlands

He wanted to build a new resort Ulu Yam Plateau near Kuala Lumpur in order everyone can enjoy the chill climax of the highlands.

In 1969, Genting the first and the only company been granted a Casino licence until today.

For the enjoyment of adults and children, there are indoor theme park and out door theme park and  Malaysia third biggest water park,

If anybody want to take a taste of snow and want to enjoy with snow, there is the man made snow world,

If anybody wants to see the movies, there are Cineplex and the arena of stars for the live show,

For the night life visitors have safari disco,

Genting sky way, Chin Swee Temple, games park all are located at Genting Highland.

A statue of Lim Goh Tong was erected at the Chin Swee Cave Temple in Genting Highlands to remember his courage, vision, passion and commitment to doing good for society and community.

The three meter-tall bronze statue marked the sixth-year anniversary of his passing according to the lunar calendar.

Lim Goh Tong was the architect and builder and it took him 18 years to complete the temple.

The winding road to Genting highland

The winding road to Genting Highland

Genting Travel Forum :

From First World Hotel one can overlook green slopes of tropical forest with the winding road to Gentinghighland. One can feel the peacefulness of the environment in the midst of the white clouds and gentle breeze. The winding mountain road is fantastic. Never before one could see such wide mountain roads in Malaysia.

 مرتفعات قينتنق

معلومات : وتبعد عن كوالالمبور45 ك م وهي مرتفاعات تكسيها الخضره ومناظر خلابه ولكن عليك الحذر من الجو البارد يعني مو تجي تدربي راسك بشورت زي بعض الناس لان درجة الحراره تصل الى عشرة درجات هناك والمنطقه عباره عن مرتفعات يغطيها الضباب الكثيف ويوجد بها فنادق ومدينة العاب واسواق ومطاعم ومقاهي صينيه وتستطيع الوصول اليها عن طريق التلفريك كيبل كار لان ليست جميع........

How To Get There from LCCT to Genting Highland 

From LCCT to Genting Highland by bus
Since 1 Sep 2010, Aerobus has a new service route from LCCT to Genting Highlands.

It priced at RM35.00 per seat for one-way travel.

Road Direction Map to Genting Highland

Road Direction Map to Genting Highland
for those driving up to Genting

This is a simple direction map for those first time driving up to Genting.

Look for the main sign board as you approach the main round about for the direction to Genting road.

Before the trip, send your car to the workshop to test :
1) battery, 2) suspension, 3) brake.

More about Driving up to Genting Highlands

How To Get There from Kuala Lumpur  - Genting Highland is about 55 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur

By Bus and Skyway (Cable Car) :
Express Bus from Pudu Raya bus station. From Putra LRT (Terminal Putra Gombak) to Genting.
8.00am to 7.00pm - from Terminal Putra Gombak to Genting Skyway
9.15am to 8.15pm - from Genting Skyway to Terminal Putra Gombak

By Taxi :
From KL International Airport, from hotels and from Pudu Raya taxi station

By free shuttle bus to Genting Highlands

Road Map to Genting Highlands :

The cool mountain air makes GENTING HIGHLANDS likes a dream land for a family outing. A modern integrated family entertainment resort, Genting features six hotels with 9,000 hotel rooms, over 90 foods outlets, a shopping paradise of over 80 stores, indoor and outdoor theme parks with more than 60 fun rides, and over 10 leisure and entertainment venues.












Genting Skyway Complex in Gohtong Jaya - the lower station

Genting Skyway Complex in Gohtong Jaya - the lower station

Genting Skyway

The final part of the journey up Genting Highlands involve taking the cable-car.  The cable car journey is scenic and takes about 15 minutes. The cost of the cable car is usually included in the price you pay for the entire package. There are very long queues during weekends and public holidays.

The cable car station (above photo) is situated at Goh Tong Jaya, a mid hill station just 15 minutes from Genting. This cable car is what we called Genting Skyway.

Each cable car can carry a maximum of 6 adult passengers. When Genting Skyway is non-operational, visitors can board the other Awana Skyway. Operation Hours: Sun - Fri 7:30am to 11pm Sat 7:30am to 2am Single journey: RM4 Return ticket: RM8

This is an inexpensive and convenient way of reaching the Genting hill top. The ride offers an unparallel panoramic view of the rainforest. Because of the high altitude, the spiraling ride by bus instead can be rather uncomfortable to people who are susceptible to motion sickness.

The upper station is located at Highland Hotel

World's fastest mono cable car ride - Genting Skyway World's fastest mono cable car ride

This  Mono Cable Car System is the world's fastest mono cable car ride with a maximum speed of 6 metres per second.

The whole journey is 3.4 km and the system is able to transport passengers from Gohtong Jaya to the hilltop in only 11 minutes

The cable system complies with Swiss safety regulations

The detachable circulating ropeway has a capacity of 2,400 persons per hour each way. Try this ride up to the hilltop on the longest (3.5km) and fastest cable car in Southeast Asia with the sky above and tropical rainforest below you feet.


For accommodation there are apartments and hotels  in Genting Highland

Genting Hotels Booking :

Hotel Name  Location
Awana Genting Golf & Country Resort Genting Highlands
First World Hotel Genting Highlands
Genting Hotel Genting Highlands
Resort Hotel Genting Highlands
Theme Park Hotel Genting Highlands
Ria Apartment Genting Highlands
Seri Malaysia Genting 13km, Genting Highlands
Genting Permai Park & Resort 13km, Genting Highlands
Genting View Resort 13km, Genting Highlands
Amber Court Apartment

(Amber Court Villa D' Genting Resort)

20-1, Level 20, Menara UOA 2, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan 50450 Malaysia
Tel : 03-2164-1788    Fax : 03-2164-6788
13km, Genting Highlands

 Walking Map of Genting Highlands
Above : Walking Map of Genting Highlands
Hotels and Resorts in Genting Highlands

Maxims Hotel Genting Hotel Highlands Hotel Resort Hotel Theme Park Hotel First World Hotel

Genting Major attractions and exciting thrilling activities:
The Top 10 Signature Attractions

  Genting Outdoor Theme Park
  First World Plaza Indoor Theme Park
  Genting Indoor Theme Park - for young children
  Water Park
  Genting Sky Venture
  Flying Coaster
  Space Shot
  X-pedition Wall
  Haunted House
  Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum
  The Pavilion - International Entertainment
  Casino de genting - the only legal land-based casino in Malaysia.
(!! Do not gamble, for gambling has ruined many once happy family like yours)

More about Ticket price of Genting Theme Parks

For detail information about GENTING,
please contact:
Resorts World Bhd.

Media Communications Unit, 
National Marketing Department, 
Tel: (603) 200 6994 / (603) 200 6679
Fax: (603) 200 6678

First World Hotel

First World Hotel
and First World Plaza

the largest hotel in the world with the most number of rooms.

A city on its own, the First World Hotel is directly linked to First World Plaza - a complete entertainment and shopping centre that offers an indoor theme park, restaurants with world-class cuisine, a Cineplex, a shopping mall, the STARWORLD casino, the Genting International Convention Centre (GICC) and more. It has become the venue of choice for large-scale conferences in Asia.

First World Hotel and First World Plaza were awarded the prestigious "FIABCI Award of Distinction" in 2002 for the best hotel development in Malaysia and the "Best Man-made Tourist Attraction in Malaysia" award by Tourism Malaysia, as well as "Best New Hotel" award by World Asia Publishing at the 2003-2004 Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards.

Instantly recognizable by its rainbow array of colors, the First World Hotel consists two towers :

1) Tower 1 - 3,228 Standard rooms over 24 floors
2) Tower 2 - 2,890 Deluxe rooms over 28 floors

Both Towers were completed in various phases starting from the year 2001 and are integrated into First World Plaza via a series of lifts, escalators and covered walkways.

Tower 1 was the first to be completed and offers 3,228 rooms spread out over 24 floors.

Tower 2 was completed at the 2nd phase and opened for bookings on 1 December 2005, has 2,890 rooms divided over 28 floors. Tower 2 of the First World Hotel offers more distinguished accommodation for discerning guests. Specifically, Tower 2 offers 2,323 Deluxe rooms, 495 Superior Deluxe rooms and, for the ultimate in luxury, 72 World Club rooms.

CASINOS are the  main attraction for adults going to Genting Highlands. There are several big casinos. Only those above 21 years old can enter. The most popular in the casinos are the jackpot machines and the "better" ones and usually hogged by the regular visitors and it is very difficult for you to try them. There are also the usual games in the casinos such as poker, blackjack etc.

We never encourage gambling. Do not gamble!

To find out more about  Genting Point promotions, please call +(603) 2718 1118 or log on to

The Spinner

... make you scream, whirl you around till you can't tell up from down, nor will they leave you gasping for breath.

The Spinner
A whirlwind adventure to breathtaking new heights of excitement! Hop on and get a spin of your life!

Genting Theme Parks Guide

Genting Theme Parks Guide

As soon as you arrive Genting Highland, pickup this Genting Guide  for detail information. Inside has useful info on rates, entertainment site  map, tips and  contact numbers.  The direction maps of theme parks are very helpful in directing you on how to get to your favorite rides.

This theme park  guide pamphlet is available free at main buildings and main entrance.

Where to dine in Genting Highlands ?

Where to dine in Genting Hotel ?

Where to dine in Highlands Hotel ?

Where to dine in Resort Hotel ?

Where to dine in Theme Park Hotel ?

Where to dine in First World Hotel ?


Hotels and Resorts in Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands Resort

 Whether taking leisure drives in the Antique Car or daring spins on the roller coaster, it's a magical adventure of fun and excitement for the whole family!

Genting  Bags World Travel Awards

Genting Highlands Resort was honored with several awards in 2005 in numerous categories by several noted authorities in the travel and tourism industry both locally and internationally.

At the Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA), organized by World Asia Publishing, Genting Highlands Resort was acknowledged for excellence, winning an award for Best Family Resort (Genting Theme Park) and Restaurant of the Year (The Olive, Genting Hotel).

In addition, the Resort was honored with an additional two major awards for excellence after being judged World's Leading Casino Resort and Asia's Leading Casino Resort in the 12th World Travel Awards (WTA) event on 13 November 2005 in London.

Genting Group Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay said that the recognition was an acknowledgement of Genting's excellent service and ability to produce world-class integrated resorts that benefited the tourism industries of the countries they operated in.

"These two awards for Genting Highlands Resort are a tribute to all the travel agents and our customers and everyone who has shared and supported us throughout our 40 years, including our management and employees for delivering the best of services," he said in a statement.

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay was also honored with The Most Outstanding Hospitality Developer at the Asia Platinum Awards ceremony, which also coincided with the launch of Hospitality Asia's Personalities Book in which Lim was featured. Genting Head of Strategic Investments, Justin Leong, who received the awards on behalf of Genting in London, reaffirmed Genting's commitment to excellence: "We are committed to ensuring that Genting Highlands Resort remains one of Asia's leading integrated entertainment resorts."


Theme Park

Theme Park

From the latest video games to fun rides, the Theme Park is a place for all in the family. The 4D Motion Master - the first-ever movie experience in four dimensions!

Then show your skills with GHOST Squad the video game.

Those who prefer more excitement will love our new bumper car rides.

A world of fun - Be a kid over again. Hop on to dare-devil rides, get thrown in the air, get spun around, and tossed over, feel the adrenalin rush. It's RM40 million worth of fun you can have.

Try the Carousel, Roller Coaster or the suspended Rio Ride. Take a trip around the world, through Champs Elysees, Times Square and more on the Cycle Monorail. Share a romantic ride, squeeze in together for a Gondola Ride in Venice, or feel on top of the world on the magical Ferris Wheel.

Do bring your camera along, it's a photo opportunity not-to-be missed.

4D Motion Master

Experience Malaysia's first-ever 4D movie experience. The 4D Motion Master entertains you with sight and sound and touch too! With special 3D glasses, you'll find the action coming right out of the screen toward you.

You'll be rocked in all directions inside special motion chairs when the action gets hot. To complete the experience, the 4D motion master will even let you experience environmental effects like gusts of wind and sprays of water in 4D movies.

Available at: Motion Master Theatre, First World Plaza.

Bumper Cars

Reach out and bump someone! Have a fun time with new bumper cars from Italy. Each bumper car is certified for hours of safe, exciting fun. Just strap yourself in, keep your foot on the pedal and bump other cars to the tune of modem pop music. Kids can join in the fun too with kid-sized bumper cars in their own special arena.

Available at: Level T2 and T2A, First World Theme Park, First World Plaza.


The latest shooting game from Sega, GHOST Squad has you you're your play partner taking on terrorists as part of a Special Forces team tasked to defend freedom. Using intense high-resolution graphics and realistic sound, GHOST Squad puts you into the action with a first  person perspective. While wielding your submachine gun, you will engage the enemy across three levels as you rescue hostages and defuse bombs. Players may also purchase a special 1C card to record their performance in battle and any special bonuses they have unlocked. The more you play and the more accurate you are, the more bonuses you unlock - like new costumes and new guns to use. Prepare for action!

Available at: Vision City Game Park, Lower Ground Floor, Genting Hotel.

indoor theme park

There is a big stage at the indoor theme park with good performances such as songs, dances, acrobats etc. The performance are free of charge and good way to relax after so much of rides and activiries.

PAVILION is a multipurpose hall with an area space of 44,000 sq ft. The Pavilion is able to hold a total of six badminton courts or a basketball court.

Stunt & thrill show is featured daily at the Pavilion.

Pirate Train
Venture into pirates' caves and encounter the meanest pirates around you.

Children Playpen
Fun and games galore for the young ones!

A rollercoaster with "big" thrills!

Double Deck Delight
Ride a proud white charger, a fiery black stallion or even a mystical chariot in this magical 11-metre marvel that's in the Guinness Book of Records for the most number of coloured lights! With a patented design that includes an incredible horizontal steam engine and organ, the new Double Deck Delight is a sight to behold!

Flying Baby Jumbo
Take a joyride on these cute flying baby elephants. Kids will simply love it!

Travel Agencies Genting Highland

Ho Wah Genting Travels

Lot S13-21 No 179, 
2nd Floor, KL Plaza
No. 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-243 8833
Fax : 603-243 0268/1268

Cascade Tarvel & Tours Sdn Bhd

5th Floor 
MARA Building
Jalan Hang Jebat
50150 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-230 2980/2981/4218
Fax : 603-230 2982