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  斗   湖   巴   华   中   学

Peti Surat 489, 91007 Tawau,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 089-772975     Fax: 089-777658

Sabah Chinese High School is an independent school established in 1964 by the then Borneo Chinese Association, Tawau.

On 20th March 1964 , the running of the school was handed over to the Tawau Chinese Chamber of Commerce till today.

Photo above : Sabah Chinese High School in 1992

More : 巴中校史

Sabah Chinese High School progressed tremendously in terms of enrolment, academic performance and physical development.

In 1991, 'A' Level courses were introduced.

Sabah Chinese High School today is ranked as one of the most prestigious institutions in Sabah. The school is located off Chong Thien Vun Road, on a twenty-acre site, fifteen of which were donated by two noble brothers, Mr Liang Chu Hui and the late Mr Leong Tsu Suan.

List of Chinese Independent High Schools in Sabah

1 Beaufort Middle School  沙巴保佛中学
2 Kian Kok Middle School, Kota Kinabalu 沙巴建国中学
3 Lahad Datu Middle School  沙巴拿笃中学
4 Papar Middle School  沙巴吧巴中学
5 Pei Tsin High School, Kudat 古达培正中学
6 Sabah Chinese Secondary School, Tawau  斗湖巴华中学
7 Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School  沙巴崇正中學
8 Tenom Tshung Tsin Secondary School, Tenom 丹南崇正中学
9 Yu Yuan Secondary School  山打根育源中学

3D Layout of Sabah Chinese High School

By:  Senior 2 Red Fung Yie Jing 2006

The Graduates

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Road Map to Sabah Chinese High School

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