Low Cost Carrier Terminal-KLIA

Kuala Lumpur LCCT
ceased operations on 9 May 2014

LCCT ceased operations on 9 May 2014

Following the opening of Klia2, the new terminal built for low cost air-travel, the LCCT ceased operations on 9 May 2014 and all low-cost carrier flights are now operating out of KLIA2.

LCCT officially closes as klia2 takes over – Bernama - See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/lcct-officially-closes-as-klia2-takes-over-bernama#sthash.0jLcxiy5.dpuf

Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)
KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal

The Low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) is a separate terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport to cater for the growing number of users of low cost airlines, such as AirAsia.

Before the terminal used as a terminal for low cost airlines, the LCCT was used for cargo purposes.

The 36,000 square meters (390,000 sq ft) terminal is designed and built to suit the low cost carrier business model that requires only basic terminal amenities.

As requested by the

As low cost terminal, the terminal does not provide :

1) No aerobridges.
2) No transfer facilities like those found at the main terminal.

LCCT Terminal has no rail link with the main terminal, passengers who need to make transfers to the main terminal need to clear immigration, collect their luggage, clear customs, make their way to the main terminal and re-checkin with their respective airline.

LCCT is located on the opposite side of the apron from the Main Terminal Building, near the air cargo area. LCCT is about 2 km from the Main Terminal Building in direct distance, but by road is about 16 km.

The current Low Cost Carrier Terminal is a temporary solution for the increasing demand of no-frills airline passengers. Therefore, Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad has plans to build a new permanent LCC terminal which can accommodate 45 million passengers per year.[21] In the meantime, the airport operator decided to expand the current terminal to keep up with the increasing demand. The new arrival hall was first open on 15 December 2008.[22] This airport was the first airport to have separation between normal carriers and low cost carrier.
The terminal is due to be replaced by a new low cost carrier terminal, klia2, whose opening has been postponed several times due to various reasons. The operator has not given a new date when the terminal is expected to be operational.[23]
The gates in LCCT have letter prefix of P for domestic departures and T for international departures. However this is not always followed depending on aircraft parking position and there are temporary immigration booths in domestic departure gates.

Going  from LCCT to Genting Highlands

Option on how to go to Genting Highlands from LCCT :

1) Aerobus, from LCCT to Genting direct
2) By taxi (quite expensive)

 Buses from LCCT to Genting Highlands

Effective from 1 Sep 2010, Aerobus is adding a new service route from LCCT to Genting Highlands priced at RM35.00 for one-way.

To Genting To LCCT
Depart LCCT Arrive Genting
02:00 04:30
08:00 10:30
11:15 13:45
14:15 16:45
17:15 19:45
20:15 22:45
23:15 01:45
Depart Genting Arrive LCCT
02:00 04:30
08:00 10:30
11:15 13:45
14:15 16:45
17:15 19:45
20:15 22:45
23:15 01:45

Tiger airways of Singapore is using low cost terminal at LCCT. Not main terminal of KLIA.

 Tiger Airways of Singapore

February 2008 Low Cost Carrier Terminal-KLIA (LCCT-KLIA) welcomed Tiger Airways, the second fully foreign-owned low cost carrier to utilize the terminal since it opened in March 2006.

The low-cost carrier commences daily flights on the Singapore - Kuala Lumpur vice versa route, utilizing A320 type of aircraft with a 180-seat configuration. Flight TR148 will depart Singapore at 10.50am and will arrive at Kuala Lumpur at 11.45am while Flight TR149 leaves Kuala Lumpur at 12.15pm and will arrive in Singapore at 1.10pm.

Tiger Airways will operate from the LCCT-KLIA as the basic terminal facilities and amenities are in line with Tiger Airways streamlined operations model. With the inclusion of Tiger Airways, KLIA s list of international airlines stands at 56.

This low cost service will further strengthen air connectivity between Malaysia and Singapore as it complements the current service by Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Tiger Airways took to the skies from Singapore in September 2004 with two aircraft in its fleet and three routes in its network. Within three years of operation, Tiger Airways now flies to more than 25 destinations across 8 countries in Asia-Pacific on a fleet of brand new Airbus A320 aircraft.



LCC Terminal-KLIA  Low Cost Carrier Terminal

The Low Cost Carrier Terminal is specifically built at KL International Airport to cater to the growing passengers of the Low Cost Airlines, especially the passengers of Air Asia. 

The LCCT is about 20km from KLIA Main Terminal Building (MTB) and can be accessed via the KLIA circular or airport cargo road.

Construction of the LCC Terminal began on June 2005 at an approximate cost of RM 108 million.

The 35,290 square meters terminal is designed and built to suit the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) business model that requires basic terminal facilities and amenities. With this in mind, the terminal is designed to facilitate the passengers' movement of international and domestic departures/arrivals within a single floor operation area. Thus it doesn't require travellators, escalators and aerobridges to be provided at the terminal.

The operation of the LCC Terminal is supported by the existing parking apron and additional infrastructures such as car parks, surface access and other utilities. This terminal is capable of handling 10million passengers a year and there is scope for further expansion of up to 15 million passengers, if required in the future.

The LCC Terminal began full operational on 23rd March 2006. This terminal is managed and operated by Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd.

Nearest Hotels at Kuala Lumpur LCCT and KLIA airport

Hotel Telephone Distance to LCCT Room Rate
Pan Pacific Hotel 603-87873333 20km RM800
Concorde Inn 603-87833118 15km RM250
De Palma Inn 603-87062020 20km RM100
Empress Hotel 603-87067777 15km RM180

Concorde Inn KLIA -  A 3-star hotel, Concorde Inn is adjacent to the KLIA Commercial Centre, KLIA airport is 3-minute shuttle bus ride away. 423 well-appointed rooms as well as Executive and Premier Suites. The Concorde Inn is reasonably priced and allow for parking for a few days, ideal for those short stopover stay.

Pan Pacific KLIA
A 5-star hotel.   Pan Pacific is linked with a skybridge to the adjacent Main Terminal Building (MTB). Only 5 minutes to walk from the Main Terminal Building to the hotel.

The Airside Transit Hotel
A few minutes walk from Gate C5 inside the Satellite Terminal Building for international flights is Airside Hotel. It has rooms, gym, sauna. Shower facilities available for those on a brief stopover.

Airport Hotel Those who  want a nearest accommodation hotel near to LCCT airport late at night can consider  Airport Hotel near to  KL International Airport terminal.    There is a shuttle bus from KLIA to LCCT and it is only 10 minutes away.

Another accommodation near LCCT Airport is the  Jawadene Bed and Breakfast located at No 1, Jalan Warisan 5/11 Kota Warisan. This B&B hotel is just 15 minutes from the LCCT and KLIA airport making it the perfect place to stay while waiting for your next flight.  At US$50 for a great suite and a fantastic breakfast.  http://www.asiarooms.com/malaysia/kuala_lumpur/jawadene.html

Tune Hotel LCCT  opened in 2009 --- "Now everyone can stay". The nearest hotel to LCCT is this Tune Hotel. Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd has invested RM20mil in new Tune Hotels.com LCCT sited beside Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

This LCCT hotel is targeted to cater about 20 million passengers a year at the LCCT. This new six-floor hotel at the LCCT has 222 rooms, with the ground floor housing the lobby and food and beverage retail outlets.

The Tune Hotels.com flagship hotel in Kuala Lumpur was launched in May 2007, followed by Tune Hotels.com 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu in April 2008. Other hotels under the Tune.Hotels.com chain in Malaysia will be launched in Ipoh, Penang, Johor Baru and Miri.  More about Tune Hotel LCCT...


(Transfer between Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Low Cost Carrier Terminal airport)

Shuttle services are available to transfer passengers between the LCC Terminal and the KLIA Main Building.  From KLIA, go down the escalator at KLIA and  head straight to bus terminal platform 8 on the right. You do not need to buy any ticket, its on sale on the bus itself.

The LCC Terminal operates on a point-to-point travel basis in line with the low-cost travel business model. There is no interlining arrangement between the Low Cost Airlines at the LCC Terminal and other airlines that operate at the Main Terminal Building of KLIA.

Passengers who require Terminal Transfer for their connecting flight should obtain Customs, Immigration & Quarantine (CIQ) clearances (for International Arrival) and claim their luggage prior to leaving their point of arrival.

Shuttle services are available to transfer passengers between the LCC Terminal and the Main Terminal Building (MTB).

Ambulift at Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

In April 2008, AirAsia launched its first ambulift at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) to allow disabled passengers to board the aircraft instead of being physically carried into the plane by AirAsia staff.

The airline bought two ambulifts, one to be placed at LCCT and another one at Kota Kinabalu airport.

Ambulift is a lift that is attached to the back of a van to lift passengers from the aircraft to the ground so they do not have to use the steps.

The ambulift is part of AirAsia's  initiatives to be disabled-friendly, to enhance services and accessibility where possible for LCCT and  work towards an improved environment for disabled passengers.

AirAsia’s A320 aircraft could take a maximum of four disabled guests per flight and two of the seats could accommodate quadriplegic flyers.

Getting to/from the LCCT Terminal from inside KLIA

The Low Cost Carrier Terminal, LCCT, is currently used only by AirAsia and Cebu Pacific. Although it is just across the runway tarmac from the KLIA main building, it is close to 20km away by road.

Shutter buses connects LCCT and KLIA main building, and bus fare is RM1.50 per trip. To take  the shutter bus from KLIA main terminal, go to the Bus Terminal on ground floor of Car Park C building.

From LCCT to KLIA, just wait for the shutter bus at the bus bays right in front of LCCT terminal.

GETTING to LCCT of KLIA from the City

Private Vehicles

The primary road access from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lumpur LCCT is the ELITE Expressway, North South Highway and  Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong.

Parking Facilities :  1,100 open-air parking lots available in front of the LCC Terminal.


Effective from midnight 1st January 2007, the new parking charges at LCCt is based from the rates indicated below:- 


Hourly Rate

Cumulative Rate

1st hour or part thereof

RM 2.00

RM 2.00

2nd hour or part thereof

RM 2.00

RM 4.00

3rd hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 6.50

4th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 9.00

5th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 11.50

6th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 14.00

7th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 16.50

8th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 19.00

9th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 21.50

10th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 24.00

11th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 26.50

12th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 29.00

13th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 31.50

14th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 34.00

15th hour or part thereof

RM 2.50

RM 36.50

16th hour or part thereof up to 24th hour or part thereof

RM 36.50

RM 36.50

The above rate will be re-applied after every 24 hours. The parking charges maybe paid through the various auto pay stations located in front of LCCT Main Entrance or at Counter before exiting the parking area. Currently, parking charges may only be paid through cash. The parking rates are inclusive of the 5% service tax as required by the Government.


Passengers can commute to KLIA from KL Sentral via KLIA Express or via KLIA Transit to Salak Tinggi
Station. Feeder Bus Service is available to shuttle the ERL commuters from the stations to the LCC
Terminal and vice-versa.


KLIA Transit - KL Sentral to SalakTinggi RM12.50 - Adult / RM6.00 - Children
KLIA Express - KL Sentral to KLIA RM35.00 - Adult / RM 15.00 - Children

Train and KTM Komuter Service

KTM Komuter departs from KL Sentral and passengers can alight at Nilai Komuter Station and board
the feeder bus from the station to LCC Terminal.

By Taxis

Taxis rom LCCT to Kuala Limpur City f : The taxi operators will be operating at the LCC Terminal. Passengers departing from the LCC Terminal are required to purchase a coupon before the journey. Rates shall depend on destination zones.


All taxis in Kuala Lumpur is allowed to bring passengers to the LCCT. Negotiate fare in advance of getting in, as the drivers are unlikely to want to use meter for the journey. Expect to pay RM60-90 for the trip.

Taxis from Kuala Lumpur City to LCCT : following taxi rate for reference only

From :

Budget : Premier : Family :
Concorde Hotel / Empress Hotel / Salak Tinggi / Kota Warisan /
AMC Building / MAS Building
 RM18.20  RM30.00  RM45.00
Pekan Salak / Salak Tinggi Lama / De Palma Inn Sepang / Nilai 3 /
Kompleks Kargo / SIC / Nilai College / Kuarters KLIA / INTI College /
Nilai / Kuarters Nilai / Pekan Sepang / Allson Klana Nilai
 RM27.20  RM45.00  RM67.50
Shah Alam  RM47.30  RM77.10  RM115.70
Petaling Jaya  RM47.50  RM77.30  RM116.00
Kuala Lumpur (Bandar)  RM56.60  RM92.40  RM138.60
Klang  RM56.10  RM91.10  RM137.90
Ampang  RM65.60  RM107.40  RM161.10



Public Buses - The Skybus

A save cost method (if you do not have heavy luggage) is the Bus/Taxi method. Buy a Skybus ticket at LCCT arrival hall. This comfortable bus takes you to the KL Sentral in the city. From there, take a taxi to you hotel or final destination in the city.

Skybus KL Sentral <-> LCCT Rate: RM9 per pax one way
More info at www.skybus.com.my

More information about Skybus service

If you use the flight by AirAsia, you need to go to LCCT  to board the plane.

Beside using a taxi, you can also use the bus in Kuala Lumpur city here to go there. One of them is SkyBus that offers point-to-point travel from KL Sentral to LCCT and vice versa.

Kuala Lumpur Bus To LCCT bus fare from KL Sentral to LCCT is just RM9 and you don’t have to buy the ticket first, you only board the bus and pay the fare while inside the bus.

The bus frequently goes to LCCT as can be seen from the schedule.

By using this bus service, you can your budget a bit as this is the cheap way to LCCT from downtown Kuala Lumpur.


LCCT time now:    






Where to dine in Kuala Lumpur LCC Terminal

LCCT has been receiving an influx of travelers. For those who want to grab a quick bite or enjoy a proper meal, LCCT has a range of eateries guaranteed to whet your appetite....

LCCT is a 35,290 square-meter  Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) built in 2005 at KL International Airport to specifically cater to the growing passengers of Air Asia Airlines.

LCCT is 20KM opposite of KLIA Main Terminal Building, Malaysia.

LCCT is connected with the Main Terminal Building with a green-coded NadiKLIA bus ( RM1.20). An approved construction of rail link between Main Terminal Building and LCCT will begin in 2007.



Bahasa Malaysia


Aerial View of Kuala Lumpur -looking down from over 5,000 feet on places you know is  totally fascinating.

Where to dine in LCCT


First trip

Last trip

Price one way (RM)

from Hentian Duta, KL to LCC Terminal

5.00 am

12.30 midnight

RM 20.00

from Jalan Chan Sow Lin, KL to LCC terminal

5.00 am

12.30 midnight

RM 10.00

Frequency for Airport Coach is every 45min

International Departure Flow

1. Passengers to proceed to Departure Concourse.
2. Baggage Security Screening.
3. Identify the correct Check–In counter through the Flight Information Display System (FIDS).
4. Proceed to the designated Check–In counter and declare all hand luggage for clearance onto aircraft.
5. After Check-In process is completed, passengers are to proceed to International Departure Lounge for boarding.
6. Boarding Pass verifications at the entrance of the International Departure Lounge.
7. Security Screening.
8. Immigration Control.
9. Proceed to designated Boarding Gate. After checking in for boarding,  you walk yourself to the plane a distance of 50 to 100 meters. Umbrellas are provided when in raining days.

Domestic Departure Flow

 1. Passengers to proceed to Departure Concourse.
 2. Baggage Security Screening.
 3. Identify the correct Check–In counter through the Flight Information Display System (FIDS).
 4. Proceed to the designated Check–In counter and declare all hand luggage for clearance into aircraft.
 5. After Check-In process is completed, passengers are to proceed to Domestic Departure Lounge for boarding.
 6. Boarding Pass verifications at the entrance of the Domestic Departure Lounge.
 7. Security Screening.
 8. Proceed to designated Boarding Gate. Please note that no seating arrangements on the budget flights (Be prepared to see chaotic moment when everyone dash for the plane when the gate opens.

International Arrival Flow

1. Upon arrival, passengers are to proceed to International Arrival Hall.
2. Immigration Control.
3. Proceed to Baggage Reclaim Area.
4. Customs clearance.
5. Exit International Arrival Hall.

Domestic Arrival Flow

1. Upon arrival, passengers are to proceed to Domestic Arrival Hall.
2. Proceed to Baggage Reclaim Area.
3. Exit International Arrival Hall.


The LCC Terminal has common facilities and amenities for the conveniences of the passengers and users of the terminal. Retail and F&B outlets are located at the Public Concourse and at Departure and Arrival Halls for both International and Domestic areas. Duty Free shops are available at the International Arrival & Departure Lounges.

Other facilities and services include Foreign Exchange Counter, pay phones, Auto Teller Machines (ATM), Hotel Reservation, Car Rental, Taxi Service, and Prayer Room (Surau).

GETTING TO LCC TERMINAL - How to get to LCC Terminal Kuala Lumpur

To KLIA from KL Sentral

In addition to Skybus, two other bus companies also operating from KL Sentral to KLIA. Aerobus serves KL Sentral - LCC-T (RM 9) and Airport Coach serves KL Sentral - KLIA (RM 10).

1) AEROBUS : operates at KL Sentral from 5.50 am until 8.45 pm. Traveling time approx. 1hr 15 min

Operated by WAWASAN SUTERA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD  Tel: 03-33441999, 03-3344 2999

2) AIRPORT COACH SDN BHD : operates at KL Sentral from 5.00 am to 10.30 pm on hourly basis.

Tel: 03-8787 3894

3) SKYBUS : The easy and common for backpack traveler  is to take SKYBUS. SKYBUS operates the shuttle bus service between KL Sentral and the LCCT.

Pick-up point is at the Lower Ground Floor KL Sentral in KL city

Drop off point is right in front  LCCT departure hall.

Incase your flight is in odd hours,  keep in mind the time schedule of SKYBUS. The first trip at KL Sentral is at 3.30am and at the LCCT is 7.15am. The last trip at KL Sentral is at 7.30pm and at LCCT is at 12.30am. Frequency is every 15 - 30 minutes. The fare is RM9.00 one way.

Private Cars

If you drive your own car, there are 3  roads from Kuala Lumpur City to LCCT:

1) North Central Link Expressway,
2) North South Expressway Central Link (NSECL - ELITE),
4) Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP) Highway.

On any of this highways, follow the  road signs along the way will leading you to the airport.

ELITE Expressway, North South Highway and Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong connect Kuala Lumpur to the LCC Terminal.

Parking Faculties : 1,100 open-air parking spaces are available at the LCC Terminal.

Parking Rate : 1st 2 hours - RM1.00 per hour Subsequent Hour - RM2.00 per hour


Another  way is  to travel to Malaysia KLIA and then take the feeder bus to the LCCT. The LCCT terminal connects with the Main Terminal Building with a green-coded Nadi KLIA bus for RM1.20.

LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) IS 15mins drive from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Passengers from Kuala Lumpur can take the KLexpress train to KLIA and take a shuttle transfer to LCCT.

Getting to Singapore from LCCT

Other then taxi which charge a very high fare, there is NO direct bus or rail service from LCCT to Singapore City.

But there are plenty of bus services available at the city center of Kuala Lumpur.

More information available at AEROLINE :  https://www.aeroline.com.my/time_promo.html

And the cost from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is :

Double Deck Coach : RM90 / SD49 Adult one way ticket

Single  Deck Coach : RM80 / SD47 Adult one way ticket


KLIA Express and KLIA Transit depart from KL Sentral to KLIA and Salak Tinggi stations respectively. Feeder Bus Service to LCC Terminal is available at these stations.

Rates :

KLIA Transit: KL Sentral to Salak Tinggi RM12.50 - Adult / RM6.00 - Children

KLIA Express: KL Sentral to KLIA RM35.00 - Adult / RM15.00 Children

KTM Komuter

Other ways is to take the KTM Komuter train to the KTM Station in Nilai Komuter Station and then take a bus to the LCCT. The fare from KL Sentral to Nilai Komuter Station is RM4.70 and the fare to LCCT is RM2.00 one way.



Passengers are required to purchase taxi coupons to use the service from the LCC Terminal. Rates vary according to destination zones.

Public Buses

Public bus services are available to/from KLIA Main Terminal Building, Pekan Salak Tinggi, Pekan Sepang, Pekan Banting, Salak Tinggi ERL Station and Nilai KTM Komuter Station.


More : http://tonyjsp.com

1998年6月にオープンした、クアラルンプール新国際空港は、クアラルンプールの南50kmに位置し、アメリカ・デンバー空港に次ぐ世界第2の規模の空港です。この空港は、マレーシアのイメージを打ち出した「森の中の空港”Airport in the forest, forest in the airport”のコンセプトの元、黒川紀章氏が設計に携わり、最新の建築工学と人間工学に基づき設計されました。建物と森林との調和が随所に見られる造りとなっています。More : http://www.tourismmalaysia.or.jp


Sleeping in LCCT : Those who are backpacking or students who do not mind sleeping in open area can spend the night in the waiting area of LCCT. It is safe. The seats with no arm-rests. LCCT can turn very quiet late at night, but the air conditioning  can also turn very cold at mid of the night so bring some warm clothing or covering.

Sleeping in KLIA : http://www.sleepinginairports.net

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