...the place English adventurer James Brooke landed and created history...

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A stroll on this modern Kuching waterfront esplanade is a walk through time from Kuching's humble origins to its status as a modern city.

Drab warehouses and old markets of the history have been replaced with kilometers long esplanade, beautifully landscaped and dotted with wooden benches, food stalls, restaurants and entertainment facilities.


RM50 per person

The capital of Sarawak, a city which features the perfect blend of history, culture and modern development. The lour will cover places of interest such as the :
Colonial Court  House, Astana,
Charles Brooke Monument,
Kuching Waterfront,
Sarawak Museum, Cat Museum,
Chinese Temple,
Pottery Factory
Giant Cat Monument.



Kuching Waterfront - Sarawak History began here

The Waterfront has undergone several transformations since the 19th century - from a small settlement to a busy port with warehouses and wharves, to the landscaped riverside walk it is today. The Waterfront is now also home to modern sculpture, an open-air theatre and a musical fountain.

The location where the photographer took this photo in those day was an empty space where they sales sand for construction.  In those day of 1960s this location was my 'Kuching Water Front' where I used to come in the afternoon to relax and enjoy the river view and activities.  Sand were carried by small boats from somewhere and embarked here and uploaded to this location.  The loading were done by labors using rattan basket and carry by hand from the boat to the river bank.

A major restoration and land reclamation project has become the most popular meeting place in the city.

Kuching Waterfront epitomizes how this city  has modernized without losing of its charm. Kuching is located on the Sarawak River chosen for its strategic and commercial importance and also for its enchanting natural beauty. In those days Sarawak River was the city's main highway. The river still retains its picturesque charm in today modern era.

A meander on the Kuching waterfront is a walk through time; from Kuching's humble, ancient origins, to a modern city. No visit to Kuching would be complete without a stroll on the modern esplanade, or to sit, relax and experience a Sarawakian sunset.

Many changes since James Brooke's time, but there are still many landmarks that are legacies from the White Raja. For the first time visitor, it would be easy to imagine the scene in 1839 when James Brooke first landed in Kuching, and started a new chapter in the annals of Sarawak's history.

Modern additions to the Waterfront include a restored Chinese pavilion, an observation tower, a tea terrace and the spectacular musical fountains, as well as a number of modern sculptures.

Several buildings, originally built in the 19th and early 20th centuries to cater to Kuching's earlier development as a port and administrative center, have been restored to their former glory and are worth visiting.

Views of The Astana

The Kuching waterfront esplanade offers excellent views, both day and night, of the Astana, Fort Margherita and the Malay kampungs which line the north bank of the river.

Monthly Dance and Music Performance  


25-5-2008 SUNDAY At night-time the waterfront comes alive.

Monthly Dance and Music Performance  

Rounding up the 4th Sunday of each month, the dancer groups will be strutting their multi-ethnic diversity of Sarawak at the Godown Amphitheater Kuching Waterfront between 8:00pm - 9:00pm. The main routines will be focused on ethnic and traditional dances using their individual costumes accompanied by music and audience are encouraged to participate by joining in the dance!

The busy monthly schedules to expose the artistic talents of Sarawak are part of the efforts to bring up a generation of artists and enhance the appreciation of local cultures and ethnic traditions. These will lead to better understanding of the arts and crafts, cultures of Malaysia locally and also among visitors.

Sunset at Kuching Waterfront

Viewing Sunset at Kuching Waterfront

Photo Above : Local waterway taxis (tambangs) at left and right. White ship in the Middle is the MV "Equatorial", the Cruise ship that curse the river every day. The city and its hinterland, Mount Serapi, Mount Santubong and even the mountains of Kalimantan are visible on a clear day.

It is a leisurely way of glimpsing Kuching and it gives you a different perspective of the historic city.

No visit to Kuching would be complete without a stroll on this modern esplanade and experience a Sarawakian sunset.


The Friendly Crocodiles of Kuching Water Front

The Waterfront of Sarawak River, a landscaped esplanade, was an important place in the founding of Kuching.

Take a leisurely stroll along the Waterfront to explore its historical buildings and admire the modern sculptures.

This is the place English adventurer James Brooke landed and created history in Malaysia.

Sampan (Tambang)

This primordial mode of transportation is extensively used by the villagers in Kuching North to get to work in downtown Kuching South. The closest land bridge is some kilometers away, and with the traffic jams and public buses failing to appear on time, taking this 5-minute sampan ride right into the heart of the city is most efficient traffic solution.
Witness how the boatman adeptly propel the wooden boat across the river. There are two wooden oars tied in a cross-path formation which the boatman used to navigate the sampan. There is a small boat engine at the back of the sampan . For about a few minutes, the engine will propel the boat across the river, with the oars used to turn left or right, depending on the final destination.

The boatman will switch off the engine at some distance away from the destination jetty and let the boat momentum carries the sampan slowly and steadily to the docking point


Price :
Adult - Rm 19.00
Child - Rm 9.00

Boat Options:
1) Iban Long Boat
2) Malay Sampan
3) Orang Ulu Boat

Departure : Daily 10am - 6.30pm
Duration : 1 hour (Hourly departure)

Construction on a pedestrian bridge linking the Kuching Waterfront and the State Legislative Assembly building is on schedule to start March 2013

The project is expected to be completed within a year.

The brifge make Kuching City more attractive and comfortable, as well as provide another option for leisurely strolls or exercise.

Kuching has history, culture and nature in a very peaceful and safe environment. Tourists and locals alike can take a stroll alone, in pairs or in groups and enjoy the relaxed environment and clean air.

Sarawak River was the city's main highway and still retains its importance and picturesque charm in the modern Kuching City.

Kuching Waterfront Solar Energy - Newly installed in April 2010

Kuching Waterfront, a major restoration and land reclamation project, has become the most popular meeting place in the city.

Drab warehouses have been replaced with 900m long esplanade of beautiful landscaped and dotted with wooden benches, food stalls, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

A number of old buildings originally built in the 19th and early 20th centuries have been preserved and incorporated into the design, including the Chinese History Museum, the Sarawak Steamship Building, an open-air theatre and the Square Tower.


The Sarawak Steamship Company building on the Waterfront was built in 1930. Previously the offices and warehouse of the Sarawak Steamship Company, is now the home of the Kuching Waterfront Bazaar, with dozens of stalls selling a wide range of handicrafts and souvenirs.

In 1875, a group of Kuching merchants engaged in the lucrative sago trade founded this company. One of its luxury liners. the Vyner Brooke, saw wartime services and was lost at sea. Today the company no longer owns ships. While the river was the artery of Sarawak's commerce, the waterfront was lined with warehouses which have given way to the esplanade. The SSC godown was restored in 1988.

Holiday Inn Hotel

Cat Statue In Front of Holiday Inn Hotel

Holiday Inn Kuching is located at the East end of the Kuching Waterfront. In front the Inn is the city’s cat statues.

There is a 7-11 market by the adjacent Riverbank Suites and Sarawak Plaza with a Coffee Bean café next door.  Across the street is a 24-hour McDonalds, with the Tun Jugah shopping mall behind it. Facing Holiday Inn is Crown Plaza Riverside & Cineplex opposite of the cat statue.

Novotel Interhill

Kuching Waterfront is within walking distance from the main Hotels such as :

Harbour View Hotel

Singgahsana Lodge

Riverbank Suite

Holiday Inn Kuching

Hilton Kuching

Crowne Plaza Riverside Majestic

Novotel Interhill - This new Novotel Interhill Kuching is under construction within the golden triangle of Kuching's business area. Constructed on a hill top, the hotel offers picturesque view of the city and its surrounding Malay villages across the Sarawak River.

Jalan Green Hill (Green Hill Road) has about 10 budget hotels. This budget hotel area is only 5 minutes walk to the Waterfront.

Kuching waterfront stretches from Riverbank Suites to Gambier market, about a kilometer in all.


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