Hotel Soon Yee
1st -2nd Floor, T.B. No 1362, Jalan Stephen Tan, Tawau, Sabah. TEL: 089-772447

P.O.Box No: 326,

91007 Tawau, Sabah.

Tel: 089-772447

SINGLE ROOM : Rm 30.00

DOUBLE ROOM : Rm 35.00

Most of the old hotels in Tawau are budget hotels established in the 1970s, 1980s during the Timber Bloom era in Sabah. Providing affordable accommodation to those workers who need somewhere to sleep before continue their trip to the jungle the next day to cut down more trees.

1970s and 1980s was also the period when the Hippies arriving Asia continuously in numbers. Hippies are young men and women of the 70s  running away from Western Countries trying to stay in Asia as lengthily period as they could - 1 years? 5 years? some even decade as long as financially allowed. They achieved this by traveling as cheaply as possible, and living as cheaply as possible. Every where they went, they seek out the low cost accommodation of the town.

The great demand of  information on suitable accommodation  resulted the birth of  travel guides one of  which is an Australian  guidebook Lonely Planet. In one of the series of guides Lonely Planet covered Malaysia's cities and towns with all available low cost accommodations including an unknown town at that time - Tawau.

Soon Yee Hotel came to light to the Western travelers  just like that. 

But don't get me wrong. Tawau Town and Soon Yee Hotel are never linked to the infamous Hippies. In those years the  Malaysian government avoid the Hippies like they are avoid the Terrorist like plaque today.

Soon Yee Hotel is neither linked to the Hippies of those years or to the Terrorists of recent years. Soon Yee Hotel just remain a favorite of backpackers with its low cost with no frills policy.

However, Soon Yee, like several others old time hotels of  this town, unable to catch up with the time of fast technology advancement. Soon Yee Hotel doesn't take online reservations. For its old guests, they still call in advance for a room :

Call : +6089-772447

This shop lot style low cost hotel made famous by Lonely Planet is still situated directly across from the Parkwell Supermarket. The hotel offers rooms with either private or shared baths. Private rooms are air conditioned; shared bath rooms have fan ventilation. Within walking distance of several open air food stands and night markets.

About the Hippies, their long trail from Europe across the hemisphere reached Malaysia. They congregated at a beach North of an Island, the Penanag Island, where local residents were quick to realized their need by building many low cost sea side huts just for them. Blue sea, isolated beach, romantic tropical huts and a care free life................until...........

By the way, any of the Hippies made their Hippy trail across the ocean to Borneo Island to this most remote town at the Eastern end - Tawau Town?

Overland from Europe to Asia in search of Hashish :

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