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Renewable Energy Hub

30th December 2014

Solar PV - Solar PhotoVoltaic system
at the SMR Aquaculture Sdn Bhd, Sungai Burung, Balung.


1 MW solar farm in Tawau district.

The first solar farm for Tawau district producing 1 megawatt of power supply and able to cater to about 500 households was commissioned in December 2014 at the SMR Aquaculture Sdn Bhd, Sungai Burung, Balung.

John Nip, the spoke person for the solar farm,

Sabah is allocated with 7MW solar PV for industry sector and all of the solar farms are successfully commissioned on time before the year end.

The investment for the first solar generation in Tawau district is RM10 millions and comes with a 25 years warranty, performance guaranteed and 40 years lifespan.

Sabah is abundant with natural resources which are setting Sabah at the best position to explore it’s Renewable Energy potentials:

It is projected to exceed 2,700 megawatt (MW) Renewable Energy in total if fully exploited, and the fact that Sabah is already a leader in grid connected Renewable Energy power plants such as from oil palm biomass, biogas, and small hydro.

Sabah is the region with highest solar irradiance levels in the country. It is the best location to develop solar energy farm in Malaysia.


Small scale Renewable Energy generation, such as Solar PV, should be encouraged as the short term solution to Sabah’s power disruption problem. As the Solar PV technology evolves, a Solar PV power plant could be put on line within few months.


Promote Sabah as Renewable Energy Hub


First integrated farm in Tawau
October 8, 2016, Saturday


SMR Aquaculture Sdn Bhd (SMRA), a Sabah-based company, has achieved the first for Sabah in the field of integrated farming.

The integrated farming produce large scale organic food supply, adopting a three-prong business model.

The three-prong business model:
1- Aquaculture,
2- Hydroponic farming
3- Solar energy production.

This project is valued at RM48.35 million

SMRA’s Solar PV and Aquaphonic Farm located at Kampung Sungai Kalumpang Tawau, near its own resort — the Sipadan Mangrove Resort,

was partly financed by Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera’s (Teraju) RM 2.64 million facilitation fund.

In addition to creating revenue through aquaculture, hydroponic farming and solar energy production,will also boost Sabah’s tourism industry, create job opportunities for the local community in Tawau and at the same time fulfil its social responsibility in environmental protection.

TERAJU Facilitation Fund

SMRA is one of the 432 Bumiputera projects approved for the Facilitation Fund. As at the end of August 2016, a total of RM 1.5 billion in have been approved for these projects, creating 41,601 jobs.

This fund was established as a tipping point for private sector Bumiputera investments and acts as a catalyst for infrastructure and equipment components of Bumiputera projects, particularly in high-impact NKEA sectors.

For Sabah, a total of RM 99.35 million fund for 41 Bumiputera projects have been approved, providing support for Sabah business community to participate in a more self-sufficient and sustainable economic activities.

The total investment value for these projects in Sabah stood at RM 879.45 million. With this fund and various other programmes and initiatives made available by Teraju and other government agencies, Bumiputera companies can participate in projects that will create job opportunities, build infrastructure and boost local economic growth.

Other on-going support to build and grow local businesses to spur Sabah’s economic growth include:
 the Dana Pembangunan Usahawan Sabah,
TeraS programme,
TeraS Fund and
Skim Usahawan Permulaan Bumiputera (SUPERB).


Funds under the Dana Pembangunan Usahawan Sabah have been used to facilitate entrepreneurial capacity and infrastructure efforts aimed to assist local entrepreneurs and SMEs. At present, 45 Bumiputera companies from Sabah have been identified as ‘high performing’ under the TeraS programme and 10 of these companies have been given approval for TeraS Fund totalling RM9.91 million in 2016.

Solar PV Farm
 the first 1 MW solar farm in Tawau district.

John Nip shared:

“The Solar PV Farm Project is one of the company’s initiatives to compliment the conventional electricity grid connection with solar as a source of energy into our organic farming system. Our aim is for the business to contribute in saving the environment by reducing carbon emission. We have also gone one step further in coral preservation by offering alternative jobs and providing training to local fishermen to be boatmen and divers, in helping to restore damaged corals. This initiative is in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and the local authorities, to enforce policy to local fishermen.

The alternative solar energy portion of the project is part of the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) programme under the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia, where SMRA also earns income from Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd., through SMRA’s PV generated energy. The average monthly income earned from this part of the business is between RM140,000 to RM170,000.

To further boost the farm’s business activities, SMRA has established relationship with investors from China to cultivate fish, oysters and prawns for a potential deal of over USD5 million. For the solar energy business, the company is also in talks with Biomass energy investors.

John added: “The revenue generated from the integrated business model through the supply of fresh produce such as ginger, farm-bred hybrid groupers and shrimps is also able to support SMRA’s Solar PV and Aquaphonic Farm. We are also making plans to invite local villages to set up 15 stores nearby the resort to sell fruits, food and handicraft to tourists, with projection of at least RM8,000 in revenue monthly for each store. We are also in the midst of setting up an Education Centre to educate the public on the importance of sustainable and organic farming and general health knowledge — all these, with the hope of creating more knowledgeable community who can contribute in this business that we have ventured into.”

SMRA’s integrated business has also managed to lure tourists to the company’s Resort and to Tawau through health and wellness tourism. Towards this end, the company plans to build a large jetty to provide ferry services as an alternative, shorter gateway to Mabul, Semporna and Sipadan.

At the event, a dialogue session between Abdul Rahman and TeraS companies on ‘Business Opportunities in Sabah’ was held for Bumiputera companies to gain insights on viable business opportunities and government’s development initiatives in Sabah.

The dialogue session is in line with Teraju’s TeraS Networking Session initiative aimed to establish platforms for meaningful dialogues as well as business collaborations and marketing opportunities.

In the dialogue session Abdul Rahman also shared insights on the Sabah Pan Borneo Highway project and highlighted the multiplier impact on connectivity and mobility to be created via the enhanced road networks. This project will enable accessibility to quality healthcare and education for the rakyat and boost Sabah tourism and agriculture sectors. The project would help to accelerate the state’s development agenda in the areas concerned and elevate Sabah’s socio economic development to the next level.

Under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11th MP), tourism, agriculture and logistics infrastructure development sectors have been identified as the key initiatives for the Sabah Development Corridor. In this regard, the minister welcomed private and industry involvement for close collaboration and partnership.

Commenting on SMRA’s business, Husni Salleh shared: “The initiatives by SMRA falls squarely in one of the strategic approaches of the 11th MP — delivering high-impact projects in sustainable farming and eco-tourism industry while at the same time, carrying a social inclusion aspect through creation of job opportunities, small businesses, tourism opportunities as well as protection of the environment. With the continued support of Teraju and other government agencies through our various programmes and initiatives for Bumiputera businesses we hope that more companies in Sabah will emulate the effort of SMRA to help spur Sabah’s economic growth.”

Borneo Post





Sabindo Plaza - First shopping center opened in 1999


Charis International School
First International School in Tawau

Charis International School is the first international school in Tawau that was approved by the Private Education Department of the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

The setting up of this school opened up a whole new horizon in the field of education in Tawau.

Calvary City Church of Tawau started this new international school.  The international school is located at the Calvary Crown in Taman Setia, along Jalan Datuk Chong Thein Vun.

The building costs RM18 million.

Students who study here will have an international experience from the multinational expatriate teaching staff. The standard of teaching and conducive environment will nurture minds, build good character and groom students to have leaderships skills.

The school improve the educational infrastructures in Tawau for the local students and also meet the needs of expatriate children.

Charis International School engaged both expatriate and local teachers who are qualified and experienced. Classes are kept small with no more than 25 students in one class.

The school commenced in August 2014.


Best Locations and time to watch Lion Dances in Tawau during the 2014 Chinese New Year. A vibrant and colorful celebration for every Chinese New Year in Tawau. Lion is a symbol of strength and prosperity, it brings joy and happiness, especially to kids. The following Lion Dances events are open to the public :

1- 斗湖八仙廟  Temple of the Eight Immortals in Tawau
31st January 2014 Friday Morning 9:00AM to 12:00PM
First Day of the New Year. All the 5 Lion Groups in Tawau will come in turn to this temple first for "Blessing Ceremony" before they started to go house-to-house to perform. Each Lion Group has their own "Blessing Ceremony" cession which lasted for 20 minutes before the next group.  During the ceremony they perform with their best and in highest spirit because this is their first public perform in the first day of a new year.

After this Temple of Eight Immortals, each group proceed to the next temple Lean Fu Tang Temple a kilometers away.

2- 斗湖蓮湖雷藏寺 Tawau Buddhist Meditation Society- Lean Fu Tang, Sabah
31st January 2014 Friday Morning 9:00AM to 12:00PM
First Day of the New Year. This is the second temple all Lion Groups will pay their visit in the first day of new year.

3- 斗湖籃球會2014年甲午年新春龍麒獅採總青TAWAU BASKETBALL STADIUM
9th February 2014 Sunday 4:00PM to 6:00PM
This annual Lion Dance Performance shown case selected best lions groups in Tawau. Being in a small stadium the audient can watch the performance in a close range.

4- 斗湖普照寺2014 採總青大團拜 The Tawau Buddhist Lodge
14th February 2014 Friday 4:00PM - 5:00PM
At the basketball court of The Tawau Buddhist Lodge. 4 Lion Groups and a Wu Shu (Kungfu) Group will perform. That day is the last day of a 2 weeks celebration of the new year.  Chinese celebrate this last day (15th Day) and called the day 鬧元宵.

After this 15th Day (14th February 2014) the Chinese communities will be back to their normal busy and hectic life until the next new spring arrive.

5- 斗湖2014新春龍麟獅大會串 Lion and Dragon Dance Festival
26th January 2014 Sunday 4:00pm to 9:00pm
This annual Lion Dance Festival held at Tawau Community Center. 11 Lion Groups of Tawau performed in 2014 Festival.


Chinese Temples to visit during Chinese New Year 2014 in Tawau:
The following Chinese Temples are brightly decorated during the Spring Festival and open to the public:

1- 斗湖蓮湖雷藏寺 Tawau Buddhist Meditation Society- Lean Fu Tang, Sabah

2- 斗湖普照寺(佛教居士林) The Tawau Buddhist Lodge

3- 斗湖八仙廟  Temple of the Eight Immortals in Tawau


5- 斗湖天后宮  Temple of Heavenly Holy Mother


Tallest Hotel in Sabah with the LARGEST BANQUET HALL in Tawau

Promenade Hotel is the first 3-Star 18-storey business hotel in Tawau.

Situated at Eastern Plaza, Jalan Kuhara, Promenade shall have 180 guest rooms/suites, a Club Floor, a Coffee House, a Gymnasium, a Fun Pub, a Business Centre, a Lobby Lounge, 3 function rooms and a Banquet Hall that could accommodate up to 1,300 persons for banquet setup and 3,000 persons for theatre setup respectively.


The Largest Marine Park in Sabah.

Sibuan Island

Tun Sakaran Marine Park (Semporna Islands Park)
The largest marine park in Sabah.

Comprises of eight islands :

1) Bohey Dulang
2) Bodgaya
3) Tetagan
4) Sebangkat
5) Selakan
6) Maiga
7) Sibuan
8) Mantabuan




The Al-Kauthar Mosque of Tawau
Largest mosque in Sabah

The first man to swim across Cowie Bay

Ibrahim Rusli
1st man across Cowie Bay

Indonesian swimmer, Ibrahim Rusli, 46 became the first man to swim 8km across the Cowie Bay from Sebatik Island to Tawau Town on 12th January 2011.

He is the first Indonesian to swim across international waters.

Ibrahim Rusli



The most sought after address in Tawau between Jalan Kuhara and Jalan Apas

Eastern Plaza completed in December 2006 became the FIRST and MOST PRESTIGIOUS  shopping complex in Tawau.

How many storey? More...

Most Tallest Trees in the world

Tawau District has the most Tallest Trees in the world

Tawau Hills park has the tallest tropical tree in the world according to the measurements made by American scientists this January 2007 More....




15 km. from Tawau town, Shan Shui has a 18-hole championship golf course designed by Nelson & Haworth

The largest cocoa cultivated land in Malaysia.

Tawau District - The largest cocoa cultivated land  in Malaysia.

The cocoa cultivated land in the State is concentrated in Tawau District which is located in the East Coast of Sabah.

The bulk of the cocoa products in Tawau is exported as cocoa beans and some are processed into cocoa butter and cocoa powder before exporting. Most of these primary processed cocoa products produced in Sabah are sent to Peninsular Malaysia for further downstream processing into higher value added products such as chocolate and chocolate based products. 


The largest commercial-residential township development in Sabah is equipped with modern infrastructure and landscapes for homeowners to experience modern lifestyle.


Aquaculture farms (Tiger prawn Farm) at Batu Payung is the biggest in Sabah. Once mangrove forest along the sea, today, prawn farming is one of the main activities in Batu Payung

Biggest  Market  in  Malaysia

Tawau Tanjung Market

(Pasar Tanjung Tawau)


Institut   Perguruan  Tawau

Maktab Perguruan Tawau

Tawau Teacher Training College is an impressive landmark in east Sabah at a project cost RM86 million. It is the largest teacher training college in Malaysia.

Leading seaweed producer in Sabah

Semporna - the leading seaweed producer in Sabah

World biggest winged seed is commonly found in TAWAU

Alsomitra is one of the most unusual members of the diverse gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). The seeds have two papery wing membranes and become airborne like a glider when released from the fruit. This 5.5 inches streamlined seed reportedly inspired the wing design of early aircraft, gliders and kites...

 BUILDING in Tawau

Will be TALLEST BUILDING in Tawau --


39-storey Hotel Complex to be completed by 2020

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