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..... have an unique holiday experiences in Malaysia including wildlife,  gastronomy美食, soft adventure軟探險, resorts度假村 and beaches海灘, history歷史, culture文化 and heritage遺產.

Malaysia imposed a Movement Control Order from  March 18-31, 2020  to curb the Covid-19 outbreak.

18 - 31 March, 2020 For 14 Days

Prohibition of movement and mass assembly nationwide would include all religious, sports, social and cultural activities.

All religious activities in mosques and surau are suspended, including Friday prayers

Except for infrastructure services and supermarkets, wet market, grocery stores and multi-functional stores selling daily necessities, all other industries and places must be closed.

All nurseries, government and private schools, including boarding schools, international schools, tahfiz centres as well as primary, secondary and pre-university education institutions; as well as public, private universities and vocational training centres are closed.

The interesting places in Tawau are all about getting closer to Mother Nature....
"A land where nature is at her best and richest: where plants and animals, forests and oceans, and every living thing, seem yet inspired to a feverish desire for growth and reproduction, as though they were still in the dawn of creation....."

Nature has the power to awe and to inspire. Hence, it is not surprising that nature is the compelling reason for many people to travel. Being a tropical country, Malaysia supports a diverse natural landscape that ranges from mountaintops to limestone vegetation to swamp forests. Getting up close and personal with Mother Nature is not difficult; all you need is a good pair of walking shoes, a sense of adventure and a keen eye for wildlife spotting.

Tawau has several untapped tourism potential - her potential in becoming the next ECO-TOURISM destination in Malaysia. In this region of Sabah is the tallest tropical tree in the world at 88.34 meters, waterfalls, hot springs, Dolphins, Pygmy elephants, Proboscis monkeys, rare dragonflies and many unnamed spiders and insects.

Tawau Pagoda
Tawau Buddhist Pagoda

Tawau Buddhist Pagoda


New Tourist Landmark of Tawau

2020-03-14 SAT 14:21

The Buddhist community of Tawau completed this Buddhist Pagoda in 2020 (a delay since 2016).
This tallest pagoda in Tawau is a tourist landmark of the town.

The fifteen million ringgit complex included a Mahavira Hall in front this Pagoda.

Basalt columns 玄武岩 of Kg Balung Cocos, Tawau
Tawau 40Km Car + 1Km Walk

Columnar Basalt of Kg Balung Cocos, Tawau (Giram Nek Legek di Kampung Balung Cocos)


2019-09-14 SAT 14:08

Giram Nek Legek di Kampung Balung Cocos
Tawau 40Km Car + 1Km Walk

2019-09-14 SAT 13:59


Basalt is a fine-grained ingenious volcanic rock which is common in many mid-oceanic islands such as Iceland, Faroe Islands, Réunion and islands of Hawaii.

The columnar basalt at Giram Nek Legek (Balung River) is the only columnar basalt in Malaysia. Located on a private property (but still open to the public).