History of Sabah Forest

Gemok Hill Forest Reserve was first gazetted in 1949 as a water catchments for the town of Tawau. It was regazetted as Class 1 Protection Forest Reserve m 14/3/1984. It is managed by the Tawau Forestry District Office which is under the Sabah Forestry Department.



Gemok Hill Is generally a very steep hill except for low-lying areas. The peak of Gemok Hill is 396 m above sea level.
The Semporna Peninsula has many extinct volcanoes!

. Almost all mountains and hills around Tawau are actually 'extinct' volcanoes!

They include:

. Mt Tiger,
. Mt. Bombalai
. Mt Andrassy
. Mt. Maria
. Mt Lucia
. Mt. Magdalena
. Quion Hill
. Mt. Wullersdorf
. Mt. Tagasan
. Mt. Glas
. Tengah Hill
. Kukusan Hill

. Extinct volcanoes near Semporna are Mt. Pock and Mt Conner.

. The islands of Boheydulong and Tetagan near Semporna are actually parts of the rim of an extinct volcanic crater. The original crater, at least 3 miles in diameter, was part of probably the largest volcano in the Semporna Peninsula.
. Mt Magdalena (4,200 ft) is the highest mountain in the peninsula.

Soil types

The types of soils in Bukit Gemok are classified as Tinagat. Apas and Brantian. Most of Gemok Hill is made up of the Tinagat type which are derived from basic and intermediate igneous rocks. These rocks originated from magma below the earth's crust which coded before pushing through the crust, forming a very steep hill. These rocks are suitable for building roads.

In the northeast and northwest, the Apas soil type is common and Is made up of volcanic lava and ash. Small areas in the southeast and southwest have the Brantian soil type where the whitish soil contains pebbles of various sizes.

The main vegetation of Gemok Hill is the mixed dipterocarp forest (MDF) and is largely intact, mainly because of the steepness of the hill. The most species of timber trees that you can find here is seraya batu kumus (Shorea laevis), a dipterocarp.

There are many species of selangan batu here such as:

. selangan batu (S. inappendiculata),
. sefangan batu assam (S. maxwelliana),
. selangan batu bersisik (S. foxworthyii) and
. selangan batu daun halus (Shorea superba).

Other large dipterocarps found here are:

. keruing daun besar (Dipterocarpus applanatus),
. keruing merkah (0. acutangulus),
. kerning daun tebal (D. pachyphylfus),
. kerning merah (D. vermcosus) and
. keruing kerukup (D. humeratus)



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