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The 3 main jungle trekking trails in Tawau Hills Park:

1) Bukit Gelas Waterfall trail 2.5Km
2) Air Panas trail 3.2 KM
3) 900M trail to the tallest tropical tree in the world.


Jungle Trail

to Water Fall and Hot Springs

Tawau Hills Park is a favorite picnic spot on weekends offering visitors the delights of nature -meandering streams, water falls, Sulphurous springs and jungle trails. Hostels are available at minimal charge. Visitors can also camp here.



Tips for a safe and enjoyable Trekking

1  Arm yourself with basic things like a torchlight with fresh batteries, a Swiss army knife, drinking water, energy food (e.g. chocolate, banana, biscuits), a raincoat, a lighter, a whistle and a, first aid kit

2 Always have a reliable compass so you can follow any given directions without reference to your immediate surroundings

3 Have a buddy system: do not go jungle trekking alone

4 Get to know the trail first (e.g. the length of the trail, the level of difficulty, the entrance & exit points) before starting your journey

5 Get a reliable map with clear signs and directions of the trail

6 Inform family members of your 'trekking plans (e.g. duration of the trip, expected time to be out of trait)

7 Get a guide if you are not familiar with the treks

8 If the trip is divided into smaller groups, allow each group to have a walkie talkie, if possible

9 For big groups, have a leader in front and two sweepers at the back. Sweepers ensure no one is left behind

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