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Calvary City Church
(Calvary Charismatic Church)
TB 4111, Taman Setia,
Mile 2, Jalan Datuk Chong Thien Vun.
P.O.Box 60326. 91013 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia

Tel:+6089-77-6589 & 75-7016  Fax:+6089-76-2487
Website : www.cccTawau.com      Pastor@ccctawau.com

Calvary Crown Tower

Calvary Crown Tower
Calvary City Church

Level 10 Function Hall
Level 9 Office
Level 8 Office
Level 7 Accommodation
Level 6 Bible Training School
Level 5 Library/Exhibition Rooms
Level 4 School
Level 3 Gym
Level 2 Worship Hall
Level 1 Cafe / Reception

In 1980/81, a group of youth returned to Tawau after completing their studies in the United Kingdom and West Malaysia. While there, they had been touched by God and experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

At the same time, God also sent Rev. Susuan Tang, an Assembly of God church planter to Tawau. She was not known by any of the men or ladies but by divine appointment, she met with the group and a house fellowship was started.

By mid 1981, Calvary Charismatic Fellowship (CCF) was birthed in a rented house in Taman Bunga Raya. Under the anointed and dynamic leadership of Rev. Susan Tang, the ministry grew and in April 1983, the church moved to the first floor of a shop in Jalan Kuhara. By August 1 985, the church occupied another six floors at the same premises to accommodate the Chinese, Children, Youth and Bahasa ministries.

In 1987, the church started a Care and Crisis Centre to serve the community. Many destitute women and children sought refuge in the centre and were ministered to.

The need to build a bigger church became obvious and in Dec 1989, the church acquired a piece of land in Taman Setia. Construction of the new church building commenced in July 1990 and by 30 June 1992, Calvary Charismatic Church moved into her own building.

On 28 March1993, Rev. Prince Gunaratnam, The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Churches in Malaysia, dedicated the new church and installed Mr. Teh Yung Huat as the pastor.

The following years saw the construction of a new Care Centre cum Guest House, Dewan Calvary and an Educational Block.

Today, Calvary Charismatic Church has an average weekly attendance of about 1430 people comprising of 700 adults, 200 youths and 530 children.

Through the years, different ones have responded to the call into full time ministry and presently 24 dedicated and committed pastoral/administrative staff.

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