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 Sri Murugan Temple in Tawau

Photo above : Mr. Murugan, a painter from India, busy at work. Together with 3 others artist from India, they would produce a complete set of new sculptures  for the Hindu Temple in Tawau.

To give a new face lift of Thirumugan Temple for the Maha Kumba Abishegam (a religious order which every Temple has to undertake every 12 years), four artists from India arrived in April 2012 to undertaking renovation and extension works.

Among the four artists are 2 sculptor and 1 painter

The 2nd Sculptor is Rama Chindren (Ambu)


Temple Token Coins

Floor Plan of Thirumurugan Temple in Tawau

Architecture and Construction of the Hindu Temple
Temples are a central aspect of life in the Hindu community and are sacred places for worship.
The Hindu temple is a revered structure where the boundaries between humans and the divine are dissolved, allowing one to release themselves from illusion (maya) and move towards knowledge and truth.

In order for a temple to function properly and achieve its intended symbolic representation, the architect must consider the following :
1) shape of the temple
2) materials of the templ
3) many complex mathematical and astrological principles.

Maha Kumba Abishegam is a religious order  every Hindu Temple has to undertake every 12 years. Prior to the Maha Kumba Abishegam, the Temple would have to undergo reconstruction, major upgrading or renovation as deemed appropriate as the Temple would have to last another 12 years before the next Maha Kumba Abishegam.

Statue #ST3


  Previous Maha Kumbabishegam (The last 12 years)

The original statue at the right wall of the inner shine






Next Maha Kumbabishegam (The next 12 years)

Redesign work in process as on 15-7-2012.





  Sculptor is fast at work. Within one week, the new status is in shape.

 Sri Murugan Temple in Tawau
 Sri Murugan Temple in Tawau

"A sum of RM200,000 is allocated to build the Sri Murugan Temple in Tawau, Sri Subramaniar Temple in Lok Kawi Camp and Pasupathinath Temple in Kota Kinabalu, and RM50,000 for building a Sikh gurdwara in Kota Kinabalu.

"I am very touched by the concern shown by the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the allocation is a recognition for the Indian community's contribution in Sabah,"

Sabah Malaysian Indian Council Chairman Datuk V. Jothy
Sabah MIC Deepavali open house 2011.


A large allocation for Sri Murugan Temple in Tawau was for the preparation of a Hindu festival celebration in 2012 called Maha Kumba Bisegam, held every 12 years.

RM200,000 for Indian temples, organizations
Posted on May 6, 2012, Sunday

KOTA KINABALU: Two Indian temples and three organisations received a shot-in-the-arm following the distribution of RM200,000 allocation from the state government, yesterday.

Sabah Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) chairman Datuk V Jothi

The beneficiaries are the Tawau Sri Murugan Temple (RM100,000), Sabah Hindu Sangam (RM50,000), Sandakan Indian Association (RM20,000), Sandakan Hindu/Sikh Crematorium (RM15,000) and the Kota Kinabalu Hindu/Sikh Crematorium (RM15,000).

The allocation to the Tawau Sri Murugan Temple is in addition to a federal grant of RM200,000 and RM50,000 from the state presented to it last year for the Kumbabishegam ritual, which is held once in every 12 years.
To date, he added, the Indian temples and organisations in Sabah have received allocation amounting to RM800,000 since last year.

Jothi, meanwhile, called on the recipients of the allocation to wisely make use of the funds to ensure that it benefitted the community.