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Logo FTMS College  (Financial Training & Management Services)

FTMS College (Previously known as : Institut Latihan FTMS-ICL (Lebuh Ampang))
Address : No. 24-30, Jalan Hang Kasturi,
50000 Kuala Lumpur,
WP Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone No. : 03-2050 9595
Fax No. : 03-2050 9511
E-Mail :
Website :

NO FTMS College (Previously known as : Institut Latihan FTMS-ICL (Lebuh Ampang)) TYPE NO OF CREDITS NEC FIELD (National Education Code) DATE OF ACCREDITATION
1 ACCA-Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) United Kingdom Certificate 49 344 (Accounting and Taxation) 23/01/2001 - 22/01/2006
2 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Bachelors Degree 121 344 (Accounting and Taxation) Starting 10/02/2011
3 B.Sc. (Hons) Accounting & Finance 3+0 in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University, U.K Bachelors Degree 120 344 (Accounting and Taxation) Starting 12/09/2011
4 Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science 3+0 In Collaboration With De Monfort Universoty, UK Bachelors Degree 104 481 (Computer Science) 17/05/2006 - 16/05/2011
5 Bsc (Hons) in Software Engineering in collaboration 3+0 with University of East London, UK Bachelors Degree 123 481 (Computer Science) Starting 07/03/2012
6 Bsc. (Hons) Business Information Systems (3+0) in collaboration with University of East London, UK Bachelors Degree 120 481 (Computer Science) Starting 19/12/2011
7 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)


Bachelors Degree 129 344 (Accounting and Taxation) Starting 01/03/2011
8 Diploma In Accounting And Finance


Diploma 94 344 (Accounting and Taxation) Starting 20/05/2008
9 Diploma In Business Administration


Diploma 90 345 (Management and Administration) Starting 11/07/2008
10 Diploma In Business Information Technology


Diploma 90 481 (Computer Science) Starting 15/10/2008
11 Diploma In Computer Science


Diploma 97 481 (Computer Science) 01/09/1999 - 31/08/2004
12 Diploma In Computer Science


Diploma 91 481 (Computer Science) Starting 24/03/2008
13 Diploma In Marketing Management


Diploma 90 342 (Marketing and Advertising) Starting 15/01/2009
14 Foundation in Business Information Technology


Foundation 51 010 (Basic / Broad, General Programmes) Starting 16/12/2011
15 Master of Business Administration in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University, UK


Masters Degree 47 340 (Business and Administration (Broad Programmes)) Starting 06/06/2012
16 Master of Science in Business Information Systems in collaboration with University of East London, UK


Masters Degree 44 481 (Computer Science) Starting 16/05/2012
17 MSc. in Computer System Engineering (Software System) in collaboration with University of East London, UK


Masters Degree 42 481 (Computer Science) Starting 01/08/2012


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FTMS International College

FTMS College

FTMS College is one of ACCA course providers in MALAYSIA

No. 24-30 Jalan Hang Kasturi 50000, Kuala Lumpur

FTMS, established in 1986, today has centres in Asia, Africa and Europe, Its robust and dynamic structure has helped develop and expand its strategic divisions of Education and Training and eLearning.

FTMS international campuses, located in dynamic city centres, operate modern facilities to enhance students' learning. Modern telecommunication facilities, including IT networking, video-conferencing and Internet links, ensure that whatever and whenever a student chooses to study, the total support of FTMS is available,

FTMS Global has schools located in major city centre campuses in Hong Kong, Brunei, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Uganda and Malaysia,

FTMS College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FTMS College has a highly equipped campus located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's bustling city centre, Transportation to the campus is easily available by means of Light Rail Transit (LRT), main train stations and public buses.

FTMS students can be part of a vibrant city centre campus and community that represent a variety of nationalities, cultures and religious beliefs. This diversity helps create understanding, confidence and develop meaningful relationships, Through an emphasis on the development of professional and entrepreneurial skills, FTMS graduates are able to approach problems with creative practical solutions, This focused approach has resulted in producing students with distinctions at all levels.

FTMS has a strong participative culture amongst its academics, staff and students, FTMS's research units ensure that a solid base of academic knowledge relevant to the ever-changing world underpins its programme.


To be a world-wide Premier Education and Training Provider.

Mission Statement

To provide excellent teaching, professional and entrepreneurial development, research and support services, To create opportunities for scholars and graduates to build world-class businesses.


Core Values

To provide our services based on honest integrity, respect, trust, ethics and professionalism.

FTMS Service Guarantee Statement

Qualified and professional team of lecturers Comprehensive coverage of course syllabus and structure Focused and comprehensive lecture materials Conducive study environment Accessible and strong student support services Continuous feedback and redress mechanism

Academic Strengths

Profile of Lecturers

All lecturers at FTMS are appropriately qualified for the programmes offered, many with practical experience from industry,

The academic programme lecturers hold qualifications at Master or Doctor level whilst the professional programme lecturers have successfully completed their professional studies and gained membership of the relevant professional institute or association.

Course Contents

FTMS schools offer the following courses:

a) FTMS School of Engineering & Computing Sciences

FTMS School of Engineering & Computing Sciences offers quality Industry-relevant Diploma and Degree programmes that cater to students who want a career in Information Technology and Computing.

Degree programmes offered or supported are from the following UK universities;

De Montfort University University of East London University of Portsmouth

The course content of all programmes is relevant to the demands of the employment market, FTMS provides steps to enhance the employability of each student, These include guidance and practice in the writing of a CV and application letter, guidance on the preparation for and attending interviews, placing of employment opportunities on notice boards and arrangements for organizations to visit the campus to inform and discuss opportunities with the students.

b) FTMS Business School

Focusing on Diploma programmes in Accounting & Finance, Marketing Management and Business Administration, the Business School provides students the environment to attain higher academic achievements. Our education programmes and lecturers will encourage students to move beyond academic excellence through the emphasis on developing professional and entrepreneurial skills, Students are trained to approach problems creatively and take up leadership roles to ensure the effective implementation of practical solutions. Methods used in attaining this include the undertaking of a practical project that may necessitate the students visiting companies and places such as the KLSE to gather information to be used in their project documentation.

c) FTMS School of Professional Accounting & Finance

FTMS operates a School of Professional Accounting & Finance. Established in 1986, it is today one of the premier professional accounting and finance schools in the world. With worldwide centres and campuses located in Asia, Africa and Europe. FTMS is amongst the largest ACCA course providers with programmes offered by experienced staff in modern education facilities.

d) FTMS English School

The FTMS English School offers programmes designed with the explicit objective of equipping students whose first language is not English with strategies to learn English, This provides them with an understanding of the process of English Language acquisition, enabling them to continue with their pursuit of academic and professional excellence with the FTMS programmes.

The school offers three programmes, at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, All are designed to not only improve the students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills but also instill in them the skills to continue learning,

FTMS believes in a holistic approach to learning seen clearly in the integrated approach of language delivery. The programmes encompass a range of classroom and outdoor activities in which the students listen, discuss, read, analyze, critique and write, As students progress from stage to stage they become more involved in learning the strategies of listening, speaking, reading and writing required of them in the academic mainstream,

Students not only gain greater confidence in the use of English vocabulary with contextual accuracy and spontaneity but also become life long learners.

Employability of Graduates

In today's highly competitive global markets, companies and organizations are focusing even more on the use of technology to support and enhance their businesses and financial management, FTMS schools provide the knowledge for a firm foundation for the future success of students academically, in their chosen career and in their personal life.

With some 20 years of excellence in education and training, FTMS is fully aware of the needs of students and industry and are in a position to train tomorrow's professionals today, The service standards are constantly evaluated to ensure that students' needs are well taken care of.

In today's business climate, the need for good, well recognized and accepted qualifications is paramount, The seemingly constant advance of technology and its impact on business practices and processes make the gaining of a good education an absolute necessity if one is to have an ongoing successful career.

The programmes offered by FTMS provide the opportunity to gain both of the above, an education which is relevant to the business world and a qualification which is both recognized and accepted by business. These provide that initial stepping stone upon which careers are built. The recognition of the qualification is especially important in a marketplace where the number of qualified individuals pursuing employment continues to increase.

Whilst FTMS does not, within its programmes, provide an industrial placement element, the success of earlier FTMS students ensures that organizations are fully aware of the quality of FTMS programmes and those who successfully complete them.

Students are well placed in industry with organizations such as Petronas, Malayan Banking, Selangor Pewter, Great Eastern Life Assurance Co, Astro, Binariang, Time Telecom, IBM, Mesiniaga, Hong Leong Finance, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, American Express, Southern Bank, Pacific Bank, 0' Connors, Motorola, Siemens etc, Such is the high regard in which FTMS students are held that employers write to us informing of employment opportunities and requesting for our graduates to apply. Students are also given full advice and assistance when formulating their applications.

Alumni The Alumni association is aimed at creating efficient networking among graduates. All students automatically become members of the association when they graduate.

Programme Outline

> School of Engineering & Computer Science:

At degree level

BSc (Hons) Computer Science BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology BSc (Hons) Software Engineering BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology

At diploma level

Diploma in Computer Science Diploma in Business Information Technology Diploma in Information Systems Diploma in Computer Games Technology  

> School of Business: Diploma in Accounting & Finance Diploma in Business Administration Diploma in Marketing Management

> School of Professional Accounting & Finance:

ACCA Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Full ACCA programme The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

BA (Hons) in Applied Accounting for ACCA Students from Oxford Brookes University

Academic Facilities


Programme Delivery

At FTMS, students are guided through the learning process using a combination of formal lectures, group study, discussion, tutorials, research and critical analysis. Free access to the Internet ensures that students have a ready source of information available at all times for them to formulate their views and responses.

IT and Business courses are versatile, flexible, knowledgeable and resourceful. The courses fulfill the profile of today's executive in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. Students who are enrolled with FTMS IT and Business programmes nurture their skills in enterprising to be 'The' candidate for the potentially competitive industries.

Student Life

Whilst the importance of study cannot be understated it is also important that students spend time together in a more relaxing manner and develop their social skills with their peers and the staff.

A key component in communication between students and staff is the student council. Each year students nominate and vote student council members who from among themselves elect President. Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Executive and Assistant Sports Executive. The committee holds the office for one academic year, The committee gets together for brain storming, organizing activities such as indoor games (chess, draughts & caroms), football tournaments, blood donation campaigns, cultural activities, sports day, etc to ensure that all students may benefit fully from the academic, social and recreational experiences offered.

Some of the main events of the year are the Annual Graduation, Summer Ball, Deepavali/ Hari Raya/ Chinese New Year festival & Sports Day where goodwill and better relationships are fostered amongst students and staff,

International Students

The campus currently has international students from 16 countries. Special arrangements, support, and services are made available throughout their stay. Services range from the arrangement of study visas, reception at the Airport to a special fun filled orientation program which introduces foreign students to campus facilities, student life and the local environment. A special course in English is offered to students who do not meet the English requirements.

Student Support Services


Unfortunately, not all students are able to cope with the demands of studying, To address the

difficulties of these students the academic advisory team, which is made up of lecturers who act as counselors cum mentors, provide special counseling sessions covering the areas of difficulty experienced by the student. Study and examination techniques and the handling of any physiological problems of the students are handled with due care. Students are encouraged to maintain regular contact with their subject tutors. Where specific problems arise in a topic, students are advised to consult their tutor immediately to clarify.

The Student Counselors provide general assistance and support for the students. They also provide advice and information about the campus and its programmes and help students identify areas of interest. Once the students' respective courses commence, the Counselors oversee the students' welfare, general well being and academic development.

Scholarships / Financial Aid

To ensure that the programmes offered are available to all FTMS contributes to nationally organized education funds and also provides educational assistance in the form of its own scholarships to deserving and needy students. Students who apply for the scholarships are assessed based on a set of criteria by a panel and are then interviewed prior to being conferred with a scholarship award.


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