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Han Chiang College

Han Chiang College was established as a non-profit organization in July 1999. Although the College is only eight years old, it has established a reputation as a key player in the education industry since 1978, The College, which is renowned for its quality Journalism programme under the School of Journalism, had initially offered this programme under the auspices of Han Chiang High School. The programme was very successful in training budding journalists for the local media industry,

From Journalism, the College has expanded its horizons and made its foray into other disciplines such as Mass Communication, Business and Information Technology in 1999 to keep up with emerging trends. Today Han Chiang College offers two-and-a-half year Diploma programmes in Mass Communication, Broadcast Journalism, Business Management, Logistics Management, Accounting, Information Technology, Network Technology, Chinese Studies, Multimedia Design and Electronic Engineering,

In order to promote life-long learning, a Continuing Education Centre was set up in 2004, The Centre offers a variety of short courses and vocational training programmes for students and working adults,

Academic Strengths

The backbone of our reputation is our academic staff, We have a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated academic staff who continually strive to provide quality education for our students.

Our programmes are forward-looking and career- oriented and classroom teaching is always complemented with real-life projects as the College is always in close liaison with the corporate sector, be it in communication, business, information technology or design, The hands-on learning experience is central to our approach as it helps students develop skills to meet the needs of the industry. In addition, the work placement prepares students for the corporate world and gives them an edge in the job market.

Programme Outline

Han Chiang College's Diploma programmes are widely recognized, and we have academic links with many reputable international universities.

Our Programmes

a) School of Communication

Diploma in Mass Communication (Journalism; Broadcasting; Public Relations & Advertising) Diploma in Broadcast Journalism

b) School of Business & Management

Diploma in Business Management (Marketing; Human Resource Management) Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Logistics Management DBS Certificate of Commerce & Industry

c) School of Multimedia & Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology Diploma in Multimedia Design Diploma in Network Technology

d) School of Chinese Studies

Diploma in Chinese Studies

e) School of Engineering

Diploma in Electronic Engineering

f) Centre for Continuing Education

MLVK Motor Vehicle Mechanic programme

Our International University Partners

Central Queensland University; Flinders University; Griffith University; James Cook University; Queensland University of Technology; University of Southern Queensland

United Kingdom

Manchester Metropolitan University; Middlesex University; Oxford Brookes University; University of Central England; University of Portsmouth;

University of Westminster; University of Wolverhampton; University of the West of England; Pembrokeshire College

United States

Northwood University

New Zealand

Lincoln University


Chaoyang University of Technology; Feng Chia University; Fu Jen Catholic University; 1-Shou University; Ming Chuan University; Nanhua University; National Cheng Kung University; Shih Hsin University; Tamkang University; Hsiuping Institute of Technology; Yuan Ze University


Peking University Communication University of China; Huaqiao University; Huazhong Normal University; Jinan University; Jilin University; Nanjing University; Renmin University; Tsinghua University; Guangxi University; Shanghai University; Xiamen University

Academic Facilities

Han Chiang College provides state-of-the-art academic and recreational facilities such as lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, libraries, multimedia and computer laboratories, TV studio, editorial rooms, editing suites, audio studio, advertising studio, dark room, gallery discussion room, seminar room, TV & News Centre, hostel, multi-purpose hall, tea room, Chinese Heritage Centre, Student Centre, gymnasium, cafeteria, stadium, auditorium, football field, conference room and parking bays,

Our fully air-conditioned student hostel is located within the College compound with facilities including double-decker beds, tables and chairs, wardrobes, reading rooms, water coolers, public phones, TV room, 24 hour CCTV system and security service.

Student Support Services

Students' needs and their personal and academic welfare are top priority concerns of the College, As such, we provide several Welfare Officers who deal with student affairs such as accommodation, scholarships and loans and we also have an

Academic Advisors Service which provides each student with an academic advisor for the whole period of his/her studies, The advisor is responsible for giving academic as well as non-academic advice, There is a Counselling Service for students who need guidance on personal matters, This qualified counsellor also assists students in obtaining information on further studies and career opportunities, In addition, there is an officer who deals with international student affairs.

The College makes necessary arrangements for students to undergo a 10-week industrial training during the second year of their studies so that they become acquainted with real-world situations.

There are extra curricular activities which enable students to focus on other equally important aspects of campus life apart from their academic studies. These activities help students to develop teamwork, leadership qualities, communication skills and self-confidence. Currently there are 14 societies and clubs operating at the College including a Student Council, Chinese Studies Society, Mass Communication Society, IT & Multimedia Society, Business Management Society, Community Service Group, Student Band, Photography Society, Buddhist Society. Sports Club, Youth & Counselling Club, etc.

Scholarships / Financial Aid

The Board of Directors of Han Chiang College has set up a RM500.000 Education Fund to provide scholarships and loans for needy students with good academic results, In addition, the college assists students in applying for scholarships and loans by participating organizations and societies,


2005 ADWAVE Design Competition - won 3 prizes

2005 Adrenaline Student Creative Awards - won 2 bronze prizes

2006 ADWAVE Design Competition - won 2 prizes

2006 5th Chinese Bridge Competition - won 1 prize

2006 DIVA DIVO Radioactive DJ Competition - won 2 prizes

2007 ADWAVE Design Competition - won 10 out of the 18 prizes


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