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IMPERIA Institute of Technology

 Kelana Brem Tower 2, SS7/15, Jalan Stadium, 47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03- 7492 3288
Fax: 03-7492 6788


Merit Scholarship

i. Students with SPM
Merit scholarships to SPM high achievers for entry on to the Diploma Programmes conducted at the College:
6A's and Above
Minimum 50% or higher tuition fee waiver **
**maximum 20 students

ii. Students with UEC Results
Merit scholarships to UEC high achievers for entry on to Diploma programmes conducted at the College.
6A's and Above
Minimum 50% or higher tuition fee waiver **
**maximum 20 students

iii. Students with STPM
Merit scholarships to STPM high achievers for entry on to the Diploma Programmes conducted at the College:
2A's and Above
Minimum 50% or higher tuition fee waiver **
**maximum 20 students
** Students who enroll in the Diploma Programmes with 6A's and above (50% tuition fees waiver) and subsequently scored CPGA 3.3 in the respective Diploma Programmes will continue to enjoy 50% tuition fees waiver in subsequence semesters.

Terms & Conditions

SPM / STPM, UEC, etc, examination results which are not of the current year will be considered on a case-bay-case basis. This could apply where a student has not previously used the results to enroll with any college or institutions of higher learning and enjoy awards of a similar nature. In any case, examination results obtained more that two (2) years ago will not be considered.


Student Leaders & Top Office Bearers Scholarships

Scholarships for Top Office Bearers

For entry into all Diploma Programmes (for qualified students)

Top Office Bearers

Monitor, Prefect  
Club President / Chairman  
President/ Chairman (Uniformed Bodies)

RM500 tuition fees waiver

Secretary/ Treasurer  
Other positions of equivalent standing  

Sports Scholarship

Scholarship for Sports

For entry into all Diploma Programmes (for qualified students)

National Player / Representative

RM2000 tuition fees waiver

State Player / Representative

RM1000 tuition fees waiver

District Player / Representative

RM 800 tuition fees waiver

School Player / Representative

RM 500 tuition fees waiver

School Sportsman / Sportswoman

RM1000 tuition fees waiver




P erbadanan T abung P endidikan T inggi N asional (PTPTN)

Since 1997, has provided study loans to students. Initially limited to Universiti Multimedia, Universiti Tenaga Nasional and Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Beginning 2000 - Extension of loan facilities to all Private Institutions of Higher Education ( Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi Swasta). If you're a Malaysian citizen looking to pursue full-time studies at first degree or diploma level at any of the IPTAs (Public institutions) and IPTSs (private institutions), the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) offers a number of loans.

To apply, you need a letter of acceptance by an IPTA/IPTS. SPM results or their equivalent, and the standard application form prepared by PTPTN. For IPTS students, applications should be submitted through the respective IPTS.

Repayment has to start from 6 months after graduation or after securing a job, whichever come first. Based on the the reducing balance, monthly installments include an administrative charge of 4% that can be paid directly to PTPTN. Another option allows Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) to collect by way of pay deduction by employers.


Employers' Provident Fund (EPF)

Under this scheme, withdrawals are allowed from EPF Account II for higher education either locally or overseas. The scheme is open to all, and the amount depends on how much is available in Account II.

Payment is made to the particular institution you are studying at, or directly to the account holder , most likely your parents. Before applying, remember to visit any EPF office to check the savings statement and obtain a letter certifying the amount that can be withdrawn. To obtain this letter, make sure your parents bring their IC. Once you have registered with the institution, apply by post or visit any EPF office to complete a KWSP 9H (AHL) form.

EPF Public Relations Department Tel: 03-2695 6566



Sibling Discount

Where 2 or more children of the same parents are registered for study at the college, the second and subsequent child will enjoy discounts on the tuition fees during their study at IMPERIA. This applies also in instances when two siblings come in at the same intake.

Terms and Conditions


High School Incentive

Chinese Independent Schools Scholarships

Students Get Students Scheme

To encourage current IMPERIA students to introduce friend/s to study in the quality programmes in IMPERIA.


RM200 voucher redeemable ONLY in IMPERIA Institute of Technology as partial payment towards fees applicable in IMPERIA under terms and conditions specified by IMPERIA Institute of Technology. One voucher is applicable for each qualified students who enrolled in a full time programme of study in IMPERIA Institute of Technology and having paid the full first installment / applicable fees upon enrolment.

Terms and Conditions


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