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S/L 7, 2nd Floor, Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak
082-41 7380

Informatics is part of the Berjaya Group, of which subsidiary Berjaya Education has recently being invited by Ministry of Higher Education to be Berjaya University College of Hospitality.

Berjaya has experience in hospitality industry with a chain of hotels, tour companies and resorts
Informatics emphasizes on providing excellent education programs to enable you - our students - to be competitive in the evolving global marketplace.

We rely on the proven strategy of franchising and licensing as the primary distribution channel to market Informatics programmes worldwide, Headquartered in Singapore, Informatics has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Sri Lanka. Various equities are held in our franchises in Indonesia, India. Pakistan and the Philippines. Our global network spans more than 50 countries covering Asia, UK, USA, Europe, Africa and Middle East,

Informatics Malaysia - Professional & Vocational Training & Education
Incorporated in 1984, Informatics is Malaysia's pioneer IT institution. Today, we are a leading provider of global education and training powered by cutting edge technology.
Besides IT programmes, you get to choose from a wide array of programmes, ranging from business administration, information technology, engineering technology, computing to soft skills training for corporate clients,
With Berjaya Group taking a strategic stake in Informatics Holdings Ltd., we are well-positioned to give you the best in lifelong education and employability.

Academic Strengths
When you choose Informatics to be your lifelong learning partner, you have chosen an education leader with :-
Global Recognition
When you graduate from Informatics programmes, you can gain entry to the final year of degree programmes of selected universities from United Kingdom and Australia.
Global Networking
As a graduate of Informatics, you will enjoy access to a global network of fellow students and a host of activities for you to be connected with networking opportunities.  
Global Brand Name
Your qualifications are recognized by universities and employers in more than 50 countries.

Global Mobility
You get to study and have employment opportunities everywhere globally through our unique Global Employment Services (GES).  
Global Standards
Besides globally recognized qualifications, you get to enjoy the services of our dedicated instructors, up-to-date facilities, convenient location, conducive learning environment, good selection of courses and ISO 9001:2000 certified service which is of international standard.  
Global Employment Services  
The process of job seeking often proves to be exciting, rewarding and sometimes daunting for the fresh graduates. Students and graduates can gain access to this global employment network and have a chance to land their dream jobs in any part of the world they desire, This global network provides global employment service spanning more than 20 countries. With these value- added services. Informatics is confident and committed to enhance its graduate's employability and gain employment opportunities in the marketplace.
Welcome to our College !

What Makes Informatics Special?
Informatics is an established name in IT, Business and Engineering education.
Informatics graduates are highly sought-after by employers in the 50 over countries where Informatics has a presence,
Being a global college. Informatics Malaysia has educated over 1,000 international students from China, Djibouti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Myanmar, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines. Russia, Saudi Arabia. Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen,
Programme Outline
Informatics offers three disciplines of studies; Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Engineering and Business.  
LAN approved programmes are :  
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism (guaranteed internship with Berjaya Hotels & Resorts)  
Diploma in Computer Engineering  
Diploma in Computer Studies  
Diploma in Business Information Technology  
Diploma in Business Administration  
Certificate in Computing  
English Proficiency (Level 1 - Level 4)  
These programmes will lead students to a degree in 24 reputable universities in United Kingdom and Australia.
Academic Excellence Quality is at the centre of everything Informatics does for you. When you study with Informatics, you are learning from a team who believes in
exceeding customer satisfaction and delivering service with a heart. Reap the benefits of our:
Our two decade track record enables us to know what works best for students, You get to study programmes that meet current market needs and are industry-relevant and customer-driven. Our practical projects help you cultivate the right attitude such as esprit de corp, persistence, innovativeness, creativity and confidence.
Excellent Service
Besides providing quality programmes, Informatics continuously strives to provide excellent facilities and services, The ISO 9001:2000 certification testifies to our commitment to quality service.
Dedicated Lecturers
Most of our lecturers stay with us for a long time and continuously upgrade their skills to give you the best in education. Their dedication, experience and commitment ensure that you receive special attention where needed.
Flexible Study Mode
You can choose to complete most of the degree-level studies locally in Malaysia before going on-campus to experience invaluable university life. In addition to on- campus studies, you can opt for other alternative modes of study such as distance learning, supported by visiting professors or e-Learning with e-support.
Helpful Counsellors
Let our counsellors help you find your passion and calling, With us, you don't just get paper qualifications but also guidance on how to use your talents to meet the needs of the world, thus making you employable for life.
Smart Connections
Our strong partnerships with award-winning universities and academic bodies all over the world enable you to be admitted into degree programmes of many reputable universities of Australia, UK and USA through credit transfers and degree pathways. Academic Facilities
Our equipment and facilities are constantly upgraded, ensuring that you enjoy the latest computer hardware and software, library resources, engineering equipment, internet facilities and executive virtual campus by Our facilities and resources include:
Conducive environment with fully air- conditioned lecture halls
Student Support Services

Informatics encourages students to participate in sports, cultural and creative activities and community services.


Learning & Living Environment

At Informatics we don't just give you a lifestyle of intellectual growth, social and sporting activities and international friendship, We groom you for success. Everything we do for you is geared towards creating a 'new' you. It is called a character 'makeover,' Our activities train you to adopt attitudes for success and understand how to accept and embrace change.

Be it in the classroom or in sports, you learn to apply teamwork, persistence, empathy, leadership and many other traits that will give you enduring success when you graduate from Informatics into the real world.

Active Student Life

Renew your body, mind, soul and spirit with our gym and recreation facilities and the Student Club. The club serves as an ice-breaker and helps you to adapt to college life through various initiatives comprising :

Sports activities such as table tennis, badminton, basketball.

Creative events such as talent competitions and treasure hunts.

Community projects such as safe driving campaigns and visits to homes,

Social activities such as prom nights, reunions, celebrity networking and visits to places of interest,

Exciting Sights and Sounds

Located in the hub of Kuala Lumpur city, Informatics provides convenient access to food. public transport, major shopping centers and attractive sights and sounds. Informatics is only a 10 minute walk away from the famous Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) and Petronas Twin Towers, where you can enjoy first class shopping and entertainment.

Informatics Alumni

Informatics Global Alumni is committed to keeping the alumni network healthy and strong by fostering lifelong learning and partnership between former students and friends. The alumni welcome thousands of graduates to this global network yearly, making this an excellent networking opportunity for fellow students.

We provide a range of benefits for our alumni, including :-


Dining and accommodation discounts at selected hotels and resorts.

Online information via The Informatics Global Alumni Watch

The Alumni Watch is one of the main communication channels that keeps our alumni connected. This quarterly magazine is distributed free of charge to some alumni globally to update them on exciting happenings on campus and among fellow alumni, and also to inform them of the host of programmes specially organized for our alumni.


Curious about what your classmates are doing a few years after graduation? Will you want to catch up with them and walk down memory lane? We can help you plan your reunion.


This is your chance to receive mentoring from experienced alumni who are in the marketplace today. Their advice will be so precious to you as they may help shape your career and destiny.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the concept of 'it's never too soon or too late to learn'. It is a philosophy that has taken root in many organizations. It is important to many organizations and countries because it helps accelerate progress.

At Informatics Global Alumni, we encourage lifelong learning too!

Sign up for any e-Learning programme as on alumni member at and enjoy privileges and discounts.

Global Employment

Utilizing our global network spanning more than 50 countries, we help you make informed career decisions and maximize your employability via our global employment services.

In tie-ups with several recruitment agencies and corporate partners locally and overseas, Informatics has set up a global employment services exclusively for students around the world,

Log on to and you can access this global employment network and increase your opportunity to secure your dream job in Malaysia and many parts of the world. You will receive career counselling
and advice in charting your career paths and finding suitable jobs according to your talents and passion,

Employability is a key objective of education at Informatics and our total education approach ensures that our graduates are able to find fulfilling employment in themarketplace.

Thus when you choose Informatics, you choose a college that provides lifelong education and enhances employability.

Scholarships / Financial Aid

Informatics offers a number of scholarship awards in collaboration with local newspapers, NGOs and Chinese associations.

Easy payment schemes are also available to students.

Golden Brand Award (2005)
Singapore Brand Award (2002/2003)

Passed Quinquenniel Review (2005) to run the University of Wales programmes
Informatics IT curricula and courseware approved by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). New Delhi, a top technology institute in India (2003)
Collaborated with a top Indonesian University, the Mercu Buana University, to conduct IT courses at the University (2003)
Informatics led the Bio-informatics initiative in India, by partnering with India's Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology (IGIB) to provide Bio-informatics training to India's researchers and scientists (2003)


Ranked among the top 8 institutions offering higher education in Singapore by lifestyle magazine NewMan (2005)
CaseTrust for Private Education Organizations (2005) (for Informatics Computer School.Thames Business School and Thames Language School)



ISO 9001:2000 standard. Excellent Service Award (2004)
Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Private Education Organizations (2003)

Singapore 1000 Company (2005)
International Headquarters (HQ) Status by EDB (2004)
World's 200 Best Small Companies (2002)
Singapore Business Awards 2001 - Enterprise Award
(1996, 1997,1998, 1999) International Trade Award


International Franchise Excellence Award (1997, 1998, 2000)
Singapore Franchise Mark 1999
International Franchisor of the Year 1998

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