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Logo Institut Megatech

Institut Megatech

Megatech Institute
141A, Batu 3 1/2,
Jalan Kelang Lama, P.O. Box 192,
58700 Kuala Lumpur,
WP Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone No.
03-7983 9775
Fax No.
03-7983 7595


Megatech Institute

1 Advanced Diploma In Electrical And Electronic Engineering 47 Electronics and Automation Starting 15/05/2010
2 Diploma In Electrical & Electronic Engineering 90 Electronics and Automation 26/05/2003 - 25/05/2008
3 Diploma In Electrical And Electronic Engineering 90 Electronics and Automation Starting 26/05/2008
4 Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering 91 Electronics and Automation Starting 21/12/2010
5 Foundation Year Program in Engineering Science and Technology


54 Basic / Broad, General Programmes Starting 13/07/2012
6 Higher National Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
74 Electronics and Automation 05/07/2006 - 04/07/2011
7 Higher National Diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering 74 Electronics and Automation Starting 05/07/2011
8 Higher National Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering in collaboration with Edexcel, UK 74 Electronics and Automation Starting 05/07/2011
9 HND in Mechatronic Engineering 74 Electronics and Automation 05/07/2006 - 04/07/2011


Institute Megatech was established in November 1987 under the name of Pusat Bimbingan Mega Sdn Bhd. Initially the college was set up as a tuition center to provide academic support for the following professional examinations:

Engineering Council Examination, UK - Parts I &11

Institution of Engineers Malaysia - Parts I & II

City & Guilds of London Institute, UK - Parts I, II &111


As the number of students increased, the Directors of the college saw the need to establish a full time college to cater to the needs of the Industries which were facing a shortage of skilled man power.

Hence, in October 1988 Institute Megatech was formally established as a specialist college providing Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma courses in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Courses were conducted both full-time and part-time to cater to the needs of school leavers and working adults.

From its humble beginnings, Institute Megatech has since developed and matured into a dynamic and vibrant full-fledged Engineering college which has pioneered the following educational achievements in Malaysia:-

In 1991 for the first time a consortium of private colleges was formed in Malaysia to offer the then BTEC HND programmes, Institute Megatech takes pride in being one of the member colleges of this consortium. The HND programme created a pathway for successful Malaysian students to complete their degree in less than ONE year in a UK University thus creating the famous '2+T Degree concept within the Malaysian education scenario.

Since its inception. Institute Megatech has been one of the few colleges which prepared students for the professional examinations offered by the Engineering Council (UK) and The Institution of Engineers Malaysia. Many professional engineers in the industry have benefited from the college's excellent performance record.

Institute Megatech was among +he first to become a C&G examination center in Malaysia thus enabling candidates to sit for the world renowned City & Guilds examination in Malaysia.

In 1994 Megatech became one of the first few private colleges to offer skills courses in the field of Industrial Electronics, Computing, Information Technology and Mechatronics. These skills courses were offered in collaboration with the Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan, under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.


Institute Megatech was also one of the first few private colleges to offer tailor-made in- house technical training programmes under its Corporate Training Division to multinational companies and many other manufacturing conglomerates in the field of Engineering, Computing and Management.

Megatech Today

At Megatech, our business orientation has always been to educate and create a world of opportunities for our future generation. With a strong emphasis on engineering and IT skills education, we have been successfully producing highly-skilled graduates for the challenging and evolving work environment.

Today Institute Megatech graduates are much sought after in the industrial sector in Malaysia

Institute Megatech is not just a college for education but a centre of excellence that believes in providing a future for our young generation and a competent workforce for our dynamic nation,


Our Partnerships

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)

Students who complete the Megatech Diploma in Electrical Engineering (formerly known as Higher


Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering) can proceed to the 3 month Summer Semester Programme in Electronics and Control Systems Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University in UK. This arrangement has been in place since 2003 and has been running successfully.

In addition, students completing the BTEC / Edexcel HND in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering at Megatech may proceed to the final year of the relevant Degree Program at LJMU.


MARA is a government agency generally involved in Education in Malaysia. They operate universities and colleges throughout Malaysia. In addition MARA also sponsors students to private colleges. Megatech is one of the few private colleges which have been given approval by MARA to recruit students to study in the LAN Accredited Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Program. The students receive full sponsorship from MARA.


FELDA or Federal Land Development Authority sponsors full-time students for the JPK (formerly known as MLVK) Skills Development programme. Annually we receive about 60 students from FELDA for our Industrial Electronics programme. All students are fully-sponsored by this agency.


PTPTN is a National agency providing loans which cover tuition fee for qualified students pursuing approved Diploma or Degree programmes. A number of our Diploma courses are approved by PTPTN for loan purposes.


Other Foreign Universities

We have arrangements with other foreign Universities but at the moment our students are generally accepted into the final year of the three year Degree course and 3rd year of the four year Degree course in the United Kingdom and Australia. These include:

University of Hertfordshire (UK)  

Swineburne University (Australia)  

University of Tasmania (Australia)  

Unitec (New Zealand)


Academic Facilities

Our labs are fully-functional and well-equipped to ensure that students acquire practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

The following laboratories are provided:  

Analogue & Digital Electronics Lab 1  

Analogue & Digital Electronics Lab 2  

Analogue & Digital Electronics Lab 3  

Microprocessor & Programming Lab

Electrical Power & Machines Lab

Multimedia Computer Lab

Computer Hardware Lab

Networking Lab

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Lab

Engineering Science Lab

Robotics / Hydraulics / Pneumatics Lab

Student Project Room

Computer Project Room



Library / Resource Centre

The library is spacious and conducive to a student's learning environment. It is constantly upgraded to offer more services to the student population, A wide range of books, periodicals, journals, reports and CD-ROMs are available to provide the students with the latest information. The library is also equipped with PCs and internet connection for on line information search as well as other audio visual materials.



> Student Recreational Area

An area that has been set apart only for students - to relax and unwind and do their own thing, whether to play indoor games such as chess or carom, read some magazines or just chit-chat with friends. An office with PC and internet connection, notice boards for posters, announcement, tables and chairs, etc. are provided for the students to have their own meetings and plan their own activities. The Student Recreational area also comes with TV, Astro, DVD, sofa-set and other amenities for students to enjoy.


> Megatech Students Association (MSA)

The Megatech Students Association (MSA) represents the students of the college in all matters pertaining to their welfare, stay and study They form an effective channel of communication between the management and students. The college encourages students to involve themselves in co-curricular activities such as sporting activities.


> Sports and Leisure

Institute Megatech strongly believes that a healthy body breeds a healthy mind. The MSA often organizes and participates in sports competitions within and with other colleges. There are facilities for most indoor and outdoor activities either within the college or at local centers. The central location of the college provides access to sports centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, theatres, cultural centers, museums, art galleries, etc.


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