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Petaling Jaya College of Art & Design (PJCAD)

Established in 1985, Petaling Jaya College of Art & Design (PJCAD) is one of the leading private art and design institutions in Malaysia. PJCAD prides itself in being strongly industry-driven and has achieved notable success in producing prominent competition award winners as well as practitioners in industry. PJCAD enjoys good relationships with the industry and its alumni.  

PJ College of Art & Design's mission is "to be the best and most innovative provider of education in the field of design, creativity and the visual arts in the country, the region and internationally".  

PJCAD recognizes that change is today's only constant and endeavors to prepare students to thrive in the midst of change. To be successful practitioners

graduates should be able to adapt to different environments and readily apply their knowledge and skills to the best of professional practices.

Mindful of the country's aspirations and its future needs/ PJCAD realizes the need to prepare for the knowledge economy where information will be as essential to career success as technical expertise and business acumen. PJCAD aims to smoothly make the transition to more knowledge-based education from its traditional technical base.

In 2005 PJCAD officially became part of the INTI International Education Group/ one of the largest private education providers in Malaysia. INTI is listed on the Malaysian stock exchange and has branch campuses in many Malaysian cities. It also operates campuses in Jakarta, Indonesia as well as Beijing and Hong Kong in China.

Programme Outline

PJCAD has approval from the Malaysian authorities to deliver five design diploma programmes. These are:

Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in Interactive Multimedia Design
Diploma in Industrial Design
Diploma in Design Management & Innovation

The diplomas in Interior Design and Graphic Design have full accreditation status by the National Accreditation Board of Malaysia or Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN). The college is planning the addition of several new programmes over the coming months. All programmes conform to guidelines established by LAN, the Malaysian accreditation body responsible for academic quality.

PJCAD is best known for its Interior Design programme, with many graduates securing employment before they graduate. Students of this course enjoy a huge measure of success, frequently winning awards and prestigious student competitions organized by professional associations. Students and graduates of the Diploma of Graphic Design have also achieved several successes in the past few years. These successes are testimony to the quality of teaching and learning at PJCAD.

Learning is implemented via these methods:

guest lectures/presentations
group discussions and tutorials
projects and exercises
field visits

Classes are small, usually at the ratio of 15:1, allowing greater and more effective interaction between lecturer and students.

The level of academic quality is reflected in the level of advanced standing PJCAD students enjoy when applying for entry into the courses of well established universities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Most students who complete their diploma study successful are accepted into the final year of design degree courses at the following institutions:

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Wanganui School of Design + Waikato University, New Zealand
Northumbria University, U.K.
Wolverhamp+on University, U.K.

Interested students are also encouraged to write to us for a copy of our Discover Design prospectus. PJCAD intakes are in January, April, July and October, Please include your name, age, NRIC No., address, contact telephone number and addressed to PJCAD College of Art & Design.

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