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1 Dimensions International College, Singapore
2 MDIS Singapore

Logo Raffles College of Higher Education (formerly known as Raffles Design Institute)

Raffles Design Institute

Raffles College of Higher Education (formerly known as Raffles Design Institute)

Raffles College of Higher Education (Previously known as : Raffles Design Institute)
No. 1, Lorong Damai 3,
Off Jalan Aman,
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
WP Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone No.
03-2164 1059
Fax No.
03-2161 1063


Raffles College of Higher Education (Previously known as : Raffles Design Institute)

1 Advanced Diploma in Business (Marketing) in collaboration with Hartford Institute 92 Starting 23/06/2010
2 Advanced Diploma in Fashion Marketing & Management in collaboration with Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore
Previously known as : Advanced Diploma in Fashion Marketing & Management in collaboration with Raffles Design Institute, Singapore
93.1 06/03/2007 - 05/10/2013
3 Advanced Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Management in collaboration with Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore 93 Starting 06/10/2013
4 Advanced Diploma In Interactive Media Collaboration With Raffles Design Institute, Singapore 99 Starting 14/10/2009
5 Advanced Diploma In Interior Design Collaboration With Raffles Design Institute, Singapore 100 Starting 12/06/2009
6 Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design in collaboration with Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore 94 Starting 01/08/2012
7 Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication collaboration with Raffles Design Institute, Singapore 93 Starting 14/10/2009
8 Diploma In Fashion Design In Collaboration With Raffles Design Institute Singapore 100 Starting 22/09/2008
9 Specialist Diploma in Applied Psychology in collaboration with Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore 91 Starting 05/09/2011

Raffles Education Corp Ltd owns and operates Raffles Design Institute which is the largest creative and design education provider in the Asia Pacific region,

As a premier education provider we are committed to nurture creative talents and design management expertise for the arts and design industry. We provide high quality education relevant to the industry and adapt to the socioeconomic needs of the societies in which we operate. We strive to give every student a fundamental education based on;

The development of superior thinking processes,

The mastery of written and spoken language as a tool of communication and thought

The acquisition of thorough and effective work methods based on analysis and judgment,

A consciousness of the historic dimension of human ideas and activity, and

The capacity to assume responsibility for his or her own personal development.


Raffles Design Institute primary goal is the transmission of knowledge and technical information, we also strive to provide a well-rounded education that will make the learning process an enriching life experience, contributing to the student's personal growth and the development of social skills. We place strong emphasis on curriculum development to keep abreast with industry trends and needs.

With a mission is to develop human resources for the society in the field of creative education, this is the foundation of Raffles Design Institute education.

Raffles Design Institute spans major cities including Auckland (New Zealand), Bangkok (Thailand); Beijing, Changchun. Changzhou, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Ningbo, Shanghai and Wuhon (China); Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam); Mumbai (India); Singapore; Sydney (Australia); and Kuala Lumpur. Our Kuala Lumpur Campus is strategically located only minutes from the

Kuala Lumpur City Centre where students can find inspiration to spur their creativity.  

Raffles Design Institute Kuala Lumpur (RDIKL) was officially opened in 1994, offering Advanced Diplomas in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Management. Over the years through continually developing our curriculum and following industry practices our reputation in these disciplines has grown. Today, RDIKL is considered one of Malaysia's leading schools for fashion related courses and is respected by the fashion industry for producing talented graduates who are prepared for a challenging and rewarding career in the fashion lifestyle industries.



We believe our success is a result of providing practical vocational training that keeps our students at the forefront of design. This is demonstrated by our students' success in winning numerous awards at local and regional competitions, some of these competitions include:

Malaysia International Fashion Award (MIFA)

Triumph Designer Search

Asian Young Fashion Designers Contest Singapore

MATAC & MTMA Designer Contest

MODA Malaysia Young Designer Award

Star Designer Award

Nokia L'Amour Competition

Nokia Film Challenge

Competitions provide our students an opportunity to gain experience, network with the industry, meet potential employers as well as a platform to benchmark their skills with other young designers.

Recently, RDIKL introduced advanced diplomas in Interior Design, Interactive Media Design and Visual Communication to cater to the demands of the industry Although new to RDIKL campus, these programmmes have been successfully running for several years at our other campuses around the region, enabling us to draw on a proven established

curriculum developed by experienced professionals, where students can feel confident about entrusting their education to us.


The Raffles Design Advantage

There are several important advantages to studying with Raffles Design Institute:

International Qualification & Recognition

Our internationally accredited qualifications are recognised by universities worldwide and respected by local and regional businesses. We are registered and accredited by the government bodies in the countries we are located. We also collaborate with Universities in the UK and Australia to offer 3rd year Bachelor Degree programmes at our Bangkok, Sydney Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing campuses,

Industry Projects and Internships

Our students get paid to obtain valuable practical hands-on experience through internships and commercial projects. This helps our graduates gain vocational training that enhances their employability and personal portfolios. Internships also provide a valuable network and access to the industry.

Inter-college transfer of Credits

Gaining experience and building network opportunities can also be developed abroad. With diversified cultures and heritage, Asia is the future market place. Studying in the major cities of Asia exposes students to different cultures and different market practices. RDIKL offers an inter-college credit transfer through our international college network without any time wasted. Whether it is in the cosmopolitan cities of Singapore and Sydney, or the financial and cultural hubs of Shanghai and Thailand, our students gain an international qualification and experience while studying and living in different cities throughout Asia.


Intensive Academic Term

RDIKL offers students the flexibility to commence their studies at a time convenient to them with four intakes annually, January, April, July and October. This also ensures our graduates enter the labor force at four separate times through the year.


a) Fashion Design

The study of Fashion Design focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of fashion design through exploratory and experimental projects. This course takes the student from design concepts and processes through to final production, while teaching required business and contextual studies. It provides an integrated approach, combining creativity with applied technical proficiency.

With a strong foundation in technical proficiency and a good eye for market trends, students will start to hone their individual styles and identities through their collections. Training students to be flexible in responding to ever-changing market needs, technological developments and trends, fashion graduates will be more than ready to assume professional work in this fast-paced industry

b) Interior Design

The study of Interior Architecture encompasses the study of both architectural and design content within a built environment, while focusing on the human interface within a given space.

This course provides intensive training for students to become professional interior designers. Emphasis is placed on space planning, creative problem-solving, communication skills and knowledge of building materials, construction, computer-aided drafting and the history of design.

Students are also presented with the opportunity to research multimedia design trends and issues within society to produce an integrated suite of design solutions, taking into account aspects of culture, economics and social interaction.


c) Interactive Media Design

The purpose of this programme is to equip students with the fundamental broad- based skills in graphic design, after which, students learn to transform 2D graphics into the 3D world by creating interfaces and integrate programming abilities to illustrate the wonders of using multiple forms of Interactive Media.

d) Visual Communication

The study of Graphic Design involves an in-depth understanding of a Graphic Designer's role in history/ society and research, Students will have the opportunity to explore issues of culture/ economics and social implications of graphic design solutions. Through major practical projects, students will hone their multi-disciplinary skills to offer creative and practical solutions, preparing them for challenging careers combining creativity, concepts and computer software skills in the highly competitive advertising and publishing industries,

e) Fashion Marketing & Management

Fashion Marketing and Management is an exciting field that opens up to many opportunities in the fashion industry It is one of the major components that drive the fashion industry. Students learn to develop, analyze and implement brand strategies, study buying and merchandising practices; and plan and execute effective advertising and promotional activities.

f) Business (Marketing)

This programme aims to build upon existing knowledge and understanding of business through the development of appropriate personal, intellectual and subject-specific skills. Students will be given challenging opportunities to apply the knowledge and skill sets required to consider and evaluate a range of business issues from a strategic international perspective.

After completing a 27 month Advanced Diploma in Kuala Lumpur, students can continue a third year add-on Bachelor of Arts degree at our Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai or Sydney campus.


In keeping with our aim as a premier design institute of the region, RDIKL has opened its new fashion building that includes the latest Mac G5 technology, fully-equipped computer labs, resource centre, large lecture theatres, drafting rooms, industrial sewing rooms and workshops as well as a new cafeteria to meet the needs of our students. This wing marks Phase I of RDIKL's upgrade of the entire campus. Phase II will commence in the third quarter of 2008.

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