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Diploma in Modern Automotive Technology

A career in Automotive begins at TOC

Logo The Otomotif College (TOC) The Otomotif College

Centre at No. 16, Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

The Otomotif College  TOC is a newly established college specialized in automotive skills training for the retail automotive sector. TOC provides training programmes with internationally recognized qualifications.

TOC is serious about the standards, competencies and knowledge of people working in the automotive industry and  provide formal education to young people who aspire to develop a career in the automotive industry.

TOC is located in Petaling Jaya conveniently linked by public transportation to affordable accommodation and various amenities. The college is equipped with modern training tools, equipments and current vehicle models to ensure the skills students acquire are relevant to industry needs. The classrooms and workshop area where practical training is conducted is brightly-lit and fully air-conditioned.

1. MLVK Programme

2. Diploma in Modern Automotive Technology
A programme to develop school leavers into competent technicians. Student needs to score 3 credits in their SPM examination and pass TOC's aptitude test to qualify for this programme.

3. Professional Development Courses
Short courses designed to upgrade the skills of current service technicians working in the industry.

4. Service Adviser Development Programme
TOC offers customized programmes to suit different needs and objectives.

5. Car Care Workshop

6. Automotive Management Programme

'Be A Smart & Knowledgeable Driver Workshop'
This workshop teaches the public about practical car care knowledge and basic maintenance skills.

'Defensive Driving & Car Care Maintenance'
This workshop is the combination of defensive driving skills and good car care maintenance. It helps to upgrade driving skills and improvement on car knowledge and road safety as well.

Entry requirements
  • Age between 17 to 23 years
  • 3 credits in SPM including English and Mathematics
  • Pass TOC aptitude test
  • Has strong interest in automotive

For more information, call 03-79552811.

To register, send the following information:

  1. A completed Application Form. (Download Application Form)
  2. A certified true copy of your SPM Transcript / Certificate or trial examination results
  3. 3 copies of recent passport-sized photograph with name and I.C. no. written on the reverse
  4. A photocopy of your I.C.

The Otomotif College (TOC) is an established provider of technical education training for students seeking careers as professional automotive technicians. Through our unique education system, TOC offers specialized technical education programmes recognized internationally. TOC is serious about upgrading the standards, competencies and knowledge of people working in the automotive industry.

The evolution of the automotive service technician in the aftermarket sector is one of our job market's biggest success stories. Twenty-five years ago, many people incorrectly perceived the men and women who worked on their cars as simple laborers with simple tools and simple in a greasy and dirty workshop environment.

Now, automotive service technicians have become as specialized as any other high grade profession - society relies on these same technicians to help translate the complex and computerized workings of modern day vehicles and keep them on the move, More and more jobs are also becoming available for technicians.

One reason skilled automotive technicians are in such demand today is that many older technicians do not keep up with the training needed for recent technological advancements. However, it's never too late to learn.

If tomorrow's technicians place ongoing education as a top priority, the future can only yield brighter prospects and better employment opportunities for them. At TOC, the mindset emphasized for every student is:

'TOC is the first stepping stone, an essential foundation towards a bright career in the automotive aftermarket industry'.

Our motto is 'Driving Passion into Profession'

Academic Strength

TOC's dedicated trainers go through a special train-the-trainers programme conducted from experienced trainers to ensure that courses are delivered to students in the most effective manner and maintain the quality of teaching.

Learning at TOC is fun and full of excitement where students spend 70% of their time on practical hands-on training.

The programme combines training on mechanical and electronic aspects of modern vehicle systems which enable them to carry out maintenance and repair work effectively on today's vehicles.

Scheduled on-the-job-training (OJT) at real-life automotive service centers is a key feature of the programme. Students will spend their OJT at designated service centres where their progress will be continuously monitored and reviewed throughout the training period by TOC's quality assurance team, This gives the students a good balance of college life and practical real-life application. TOC graduates are highly sought after by reputable brands in the automotive industry because they not only have very strong fundamentals but also have undergone 8-9 months of industrial training in the course of their training.

Programme Outline

It's a 2 V2 years training programme that prepares students for the challenges of the industry It has been designed to keep pace with technological changes and to equip students with the technical skills needed for cars today and of the future.

TOC's Diploma has minimum accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education, The National Accreditation Board (LAN) and Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan (MLVK) to run programmes such as:

Diploma in Modern Automotive Technology

MLVK Level 1, 2 and 3 in Motor Vehicle Mechanic

Employability of Graduates

TOC is supported by reputable motor companies, franchise holders, dealers and independent workshops in the industry by providing job placement to students who successfully graduate with the 'Diploma in Modern Automotive Technology'.

Technological advances have resulted in a new breed of automobiles - modern marvels that can do everything from calculating driving directions to playing movies. Thus, as our vehicles have evolved, so have their caretakers: Today's automotive technicians have become the brain surgeons of the automotive industry.

The need for professional technicians goes beyond sheer numbers. Manufacturers and dealers need not only more technicians, they need better technicians - graduates who are professional, self-motivated and service- oriented.

Yesterday's technicians got by with a solid set of tools - a jock, a wrench, a screwdriver - and an honest reputation, Today's technicians - and those of the future - must have hiigh- level thinking and problem-solving skills similar to aviation technicians and electrical engineers.

They must have an increasingly broad knowledge of how the complex components of a vehicle work and interact, as well as an understanding of the electronic diagnostic and computer-based technical reference materials. Adept use of traditional hand tools is still important, but now this skill set must be complemented by a sharp understanding of computerized equipment as well as customer service know-how the Otomotif College has geared itself to the FUTURE. We are in the business of providing solutions to tomorrow's need and bridging the gap left by the changing trends in the automotive aftermarket.

Academic Facilities

TOC uses technology-based training to prepare automotive technicians for the highly complex electronic vehicles on the market.

We have the capability and infrastructure to deliver the standards desired by the industry to meet rapid developments in automotive technology

TOC is equipped with modern facilities and the latest equipment to provide a conducive learning environment, such as:

Large classrooms ("Combination Room") and Live Workshop

Can accommodate an actual car for repair and maintenance of student and staff vehicles,

2 large workshops with air- condition

Air-conditioned automotive workshop complete with exhaust extraction and a classroom attached in each bays,

Large components training area

2 storey block for components training area such as engines and gearbox.

A State-of-the-art Autotronics Laboratory

In order to fulfill the industry's needs and the standard of 21st century technology, we bring in one of the most hi-tech automotive training systems - The State- of-The-Art Autotronics Laboratory for today and tomorrow's technician. The laboratory features the Degem AT-2000 system, which combines large simulator panels, demonstrations, and electronic circuit boards that are networked to a "live" vehicle and the main teaching workstation to facilitate a thorough understanding of fault diagnostic techniques.

The systems enable learners to work on the simulator panels at their own pace before moving on to the "live" vehicle. The car fault insertion kit allows the trainer to insert faults into the vehicle from a teacher workstation. Learners then apply their knowledge of vehicle systems and their knowledge of electronics to correctly identify symptoms and diagnose actual faults.

This revolutionary product is designed to develop a logical and efficient approach to the troubleshooting of automotive systems driven by ECU'S,

- Interactive learning environment

- Latest diagnostic technology

- Fault simulation on "live" vvehicle

- Full electrical / electronic training programmes to suit ALL needs

- ABS, EFL Air-con, Engine Management Simulators.

Student Support Services

At TOC we have a dynamic Student Service Team to attend to each and every student's needs: Our expertise will assist students on course selection and ensure that students will ultimately benefit from the training.

If you face difficulties coping with the courses or have any questions after attending the courses, you may consult the trainers by calling our centre or writing to us. Our experts are here to serve you.

Accommodation Arrangements

At TOO, we have dedicated personnel to provide assistance to students in locating suitable and safe accommodation.

Job Placement  

TOC is working closely with large motor companies, franchise holders, dealers and independent workshops to secure jobs for students within the automotive industry upon graduation.

Career & Academic Counseling

TOC's Student Services Department provides counseling and professional advice to students who require guidance in academic and personal issues.  

Financial Aid

Full and Partial scholarships are offered to eligible candidates based on a set of criteria.


TOC's trainers have excellent track record in the automotive industry and most of them have more than 30 years of industry training experience in the automotive industry. Our trainers have both local and international training qualification and experiences. Some of them are gold medalists in the Asean Skill Competition, National Skill Olympic, and Regional Skill Olympic, Therefore it is ensured that our students are taught only by the best trainers.

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