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Technology Park Malaysia College
TPM College
(formerly TPM Academy)

TPM Academy Sdn Bhd
Resource Centre
Technology Park Malaysia
Lebuhraya Puchong Sg. Besi, 57000 Bukit Jalil,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 8998 5001/5003 Fax : +603 8998 4082/2148
E-mail :

DEGREE PROGRAM Period Credit Hours
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
Twinning with California State Polytechnic, University, Pomona, USA
4 Years 2+2 73 (Malaysia)
96 units (USA)
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Twinning with California State Polytechnic, University, Pomona, USA
4 Years 2+2 75 (Malaysia)
96 units (USA)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Twinning with California State Polytechnic
University, Pomona, USA
4 Years 2+2 73 (Malaysia)
90 units (USA)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Twinning with California State University,
Long Beach, USA
4 Years 4+0 68 (Malaysia)
60 units


Period Credit Hours
Diploma in Biotechnology

2 ˝Years

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

2 ˝Years

Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

2 ˝Years

Diploma in Business Studies

2 ˝Years

Diploma in Accounting

2 ˝Years

Diploma in Corporate Communication

2 ˝Years

Diploma in Marketing

2 ˝Years

Diploma in Computer Numerical Control

2 ˝Years


TPM College  is a subsidiary of Technology Park Malaysia set up to propel Malaysia into the Information Age.

Technology Park Malaysia is one of the world's most advanced and comprehensive centers for research and development in knowledge-based industries.

TPM College is among the first tertiary institutions in Malaysia that support the government's move towards increasing the number of qualified and professional technopreneurs in the country.

TPM College located in a beautifully landscaped ground that houses 12  buildings  with specific functions to provide first class education.

Located amidst 700 acres of greenery at the heart of Bukit Jalil, TPM College stands proudly among the many sophisticated buildings in the vicinity of Technology Park Malaysia. TPM Academy is an institution funded by Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM), a corporate body that is wholly-owned by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated, and operated under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

TPM College was first established to provide first-class education and professional training for the Malaysian community, in the nation's effort to boost and enhance the country's human capital. Its main vision is to fuel the country's K-economy with skilled technoprenuers and its core mission is to provide skilled manpower in the fields of engineering, multimedia, biotechnology, communication and business.

TPM College took form when the School of Engineering was first established in 1998. In April 2003, TPM College was officially launched by YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia's Prime Minister. He was the Deputy Prime Minister then.

Following this, TPM College was granted a tertiary institution license by the Ministry of Education to provide higher learning opportunities in the fields of engineering, biotechnology, business, information technology and communication.

Situated on the same ground that houses various first-class infrastructures and services for technological innovation and research and development, the institution is an ideal choice for a place to study for various reasons, One of the most significant reasons is that TPM College is able to provide world standard facilities to its students as it shares Technology Park Malaysia's existing first class infrastructure and facilities.

Academic Strengths

TPM College's lecturers or instructors, whether expatriate or local, are highly qualified with both academic and industry experience. They are dedicated professionals who have genuine concern for the students' success in education.

One interesting teaching approach at TPM College is its 'teaching factory concept'. Hands-on labs provide its students with real life experiences in a working environment that replaces the traditional classrooms. More that just labs, students use these teaching factories to produce actual products for commercialization, providing students with a very "real" approach to their curriculum with the relevant and necessary skills for the competitive job market.

The college offers an excellent combination of teaching methodology of lectures and tutorials supported by excellent instruction systems, high-end technologies and extensive manufacturing and R&D facilities.

Unique Feature

One unique feature of TPM College is that the institution shares its ground with over 100 tenants and entrepreneurs within the compound of Technology Park Malaysia. This gives TPM College's students an excellent opportunity to mingle with professionals in the real world.

To ensure that this happens, a specialized unit has been set up at TPM College which provides industrial placement for its students. This unit helps to place students in various companies for a three-month practical attachment, either with TPM's existing tenants or its immediate partners.

Programme Outline

TPM College has four Schools that enable the college to reach out to students aspiring to pursue higher education in various fields.

School of Engineering

School of ICT and Multimedia

School of Business

School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Currently, TPM College has four 2+2 twinning programmes with its overseas partner, California State University, Pomona, USA.

The four programmes offered at TPM College are:

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (KA 4532)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (KA 4531)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (KA 4786)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (PA4785)

The fees for any of the four programmes are around RM13.000 per-year, This is affordable and very competitive as the facilities provided are of international standard.

Other universities in the USA which have agreed to collaborate with TPM Academy is the State University of New York, Buffalo and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

TPM College also offers a 4+0 twinning programme with CSLB for B. Sc. Business Admin.

Apart from working with California State University at Pomona, TPM College also has collaborations with a number of universities in the world.

In the United Kingdom:

University of Bath

University of Glasgow

University of Strathclyde

Dublin City University

Dublin Institute of Technology

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

In New Zealand:

University of Waikato and Auckland University of Technology. In the Philippines, a collaborative effort has been made with the Asian Institute of Management to offer Executive Masters in Business Administration.

At present, TPM College is also waiting for approval from the Ministry of Education to run its Bachelor and Diploma programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical, as well as Electronics Engineering.

Entry Requirements

Students are eligible to enter the four-year degree programme after they complete their SPM. Entry requirements include a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and credits in five other respective subjects according to the programme chosen. It is compulsory for students to have a credit in English as all the programmes are taught in English.


An  state-of-the-art facility is the Digital Media Centre. Various computer labs with various software in design, database research, network research, graphic design and engineering are housed here, The labs are equipped with high-end support equipment such as color photocopy machines, plotters, drum scanners and color printers.

The Digital Media Centre also houses a Digital Studio that can be used to tape events from outside and within the studio, The end production can be stored in various media formats including VHS, Beta, DVD and VCD. In addition, it can also be made into a video stream for Internet access.

Another outstanding facility at TPM is its Electronic library. This library houses both conventional and digital library with about 30,000 books and other on-line journals. Students can look forward to doing research using the most hi-tech facilities, and also have the opportunity to link up with other universities and the world through this E-library.

Other facilities include:

Teaching Factories' - Hands-on Labs Conventional Library

Fully-equipped Computer and Science Labs

Comprehensive Engineering Workshops

Comfortable and Air-conditioned Classrooms

In-door and Out-door Cafes and Food Courts

Spacious Sports and Recreation Centre

Fully-equipped Gymnasium

Healthcare Services

Student Council Building

Student Services

TPM College has its own hostel within the campus for its local and international students. It can house more than 400 students. We hove also secured a number of hostel-apartments for students at a minimal cost. The well-furnished and ventilated rooms are complemented with the Resident, Dining and Recreation Halls as well as a launderette and a mini market. Assistance to locate for the right accommodation for students is provided free by TPM College's administration office.

Free counselling services and confidential guidance are also provided to help students with personal, financial or academic problems, Students are given the opportunity to mingle with other walks of life through our various clubs and societies.

Financial Aid

Although TPM College at present does not offer financial aid, it provides assistance for students wishing to get financial aid or scholarship from the government or other organizations or associations.


TPM College is envisaged to be a leader in Research and Development (R&D) as well as education and training, building towards technopreneur and indigenous technology development.

In the quest to attain the status of a Developed Country by the year 2020, greater emphasis must be given to the retraining and skills upgrading of the workforce. This is necessary not only to increase the knowledge and skills intensity of the workforce, but also to equip them with specialized and up-to-date skills as production techniques become increasingly automated and complex.

Today our government, companies and individuals seek ways and means of promoting the learning of the English Language, so that we can compete on the international platform.

TPM Academy provides other Engineering support programmes.

TPM Academy also provides other ICT & Multimedia support programmes.


The School of Life Sciences offers a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology in collaboration with reputable universities worldwide to produce graduates and researchers of ne plus ultra for the development of human capital in the various field of R&D in Biotechnology.



The School of Engineering provides a multidisciplinary and broad-based engineering education to prepare its graduates for rewarding and challenging careers in the engineering industries. Its close collaboration with local and international engineering establishments both in exchange of state-of-the-art engineering technology as well as up to date expertise will then not only make excellent engineers, but also engineering inventors.


Debate, Persuade, Inform. TPM Academy School of Languages and Communication prepares students to become powerful communicators in the dynamic business environment they will enter while providing empowering advancement to those seeking improvement in their command of English.



At the School of Business, business education is a real as it can get. Students are expected to think like a businessperson and utilize their new acquired business skills in various technopreneurial environment. Through a close partnership with numerous business organization, students will find themselves contribute meaningfully to the business world as they take in real business projects as part of their programme assignments.

The School of ICT & Multimedia provides comprehensive and balanced Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Multimedia programmes tailored to meet the needs of the growing IT and multimedia industries in Malaysia. The courses offered are multidisciplinary in nature covering a wide range of theoretical and practical approach in understanding and utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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