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Travex International College

Logo Kolej Antarabangsa Travex - Travex International College

Kolej Antarabangsa Travex
Lot 1.01, 1st Floor, Plaza First Nationwide,
No. 161, Jalan Tun H S Lee,
50000 Kuala Lumpur,
WP Kuala Lumpur.
No Tel
03-2072 2673
No Faks
03-2070 3817
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Kolej Antarabangsa Travex

1 IATA/UFTAA Foundation & EBT, Canada 50 Travel, Tourism and Leisure Mulai 12/12/2007


Travex International College is a private institution of higher learning established in 1998. It is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur,

The growth of Travex International College was spurred by the expansion of Travex Institute of Tourism in opening up more opportunities for Malaysians and the world, moulding young school leavers and mature adults who love the travel and tourism profession.

Travex has come a long way since its establishment in 1985 to become a household name as it is today among the airlines, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and other travel-related companies, which are constantly seeking our graduates for employment - even "booking" our students in advance for employment before they graduate.

Travex has been diligently promoting the travel and tourism industry to the public. Previously when tourism education was hardly talked about, young school leavers and parents shy away from a career in the travel or hotel industry Currently, tourism represents 60 percent of worldwide employment.

Travex International College emphasizes on quality education and training. Travex aims for a 100% passing rate in all Its intakes. Outstanding results have been proven by students.


To concentrate in the niche market of tourism training and education.

To provide students with the best education and training in line with the needs of the hotel (and restaurant), travel and tourism industry.

To guide all graduates in being individuals of good virtues and to be an asset to their country.

To constantly maintain the high percentage of passes in all intakes.

To recognize students' success in the future.


The main objectives of Travex International College are to work closely with the employers of the airline, hotel/ travel and tourism industry; prepare highly competent individuals for immediate employment to fulfill the demand of manpower; and work closely with all authorities in providing quality education and training to all students.

Academic Strengths

Our directors have a good background in top management, education, training and tourism knowledge. The senior staff and lecturers are specialists from the hotel and restaurant, travel and tourism industry who have a good track record in industrial experience and education.

All lecturers are carefully selected to cover the subject areas that they are qualified to teach. Most of our lecturers are Master degree holders in their respective fields. They constantly give their full support in developing and bringing out the potential of all students in ensuring their bright future. All lecturers and staff are caring, friendly and helpful,

The college has strong links with the airline, hotel, travel and tourism industry Students are placed for internship where they can practice what they have learned. Most students will gain the opportunity to continue working with the company after successful completion of their studies.

Besides working hand-in-hand with the relevant industry, the college links up with popular universities that enable graduates to continue their studies. We also carefully select the subjects offered by the university to make sure that our graduates are employable in the worldwide market after the completion of the degree course. The graduates can choose to take the degree locally or abroad.

At Travex International College, everyone is important from the clerical staff to the management. Everyone at the college does their best to give their full support to all students regardless of whether they are local or foreign students. For the bright future of our students, we will communicate with parents whenever there is a need to help in the student's progress.

We urge all students to be globalize, and be able to have good communication, cooperation and coordination in life,

Programmes Outline

Travex International College provides full time courses in tourism, hotel and restaurant management, airline cabin crew, English Language and other foreign languages. Intensive short courses ranging from three months to two and a half year programmes are available on a regular basis. Certificate and Diploma graduates can proceed to complete a Degree course in LimKokWing College University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia, or further their studies at London Hotel School, UK or in Australia.

Working adults can opt for evening classes.

Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management (KA6579)

The subjects have been carefully designed, and it provides the graduates with the required knowledge and skills to perform in any hotel or food and beverage outlet of their choice. The college management will provide free advice to successful graduates who wish to set up their own restaurant; run a budget hotel or home stay; etc.

IATA/UFTAA Foundation, Canada (KA3363)

This is a prestigious one year tourism course which is highly recognized worldwide. Successful graduates will be

awarded a diploma from IATA, Montreal/ Canada. Holders of the IATA/UFTAA Foundation/EBT Diploma, Canada are in high demand for employment. Graduates are employed immediately upon the successful completion of the course.

Airline Cabin Crew - KKP0029(44)

There is a huge demand for Airline Cabin Crew or Flight Attendants. International "First Star" airlines conduct interviews regularly to recruit Malaysians as Airline Cabin Crew. Students can complete this course within three months. International airlines are now eyeing qualified candidates to join them as cabin crew.

English Language Programme Level 1 to Level 4. - KKPOu29(32)

This is a bridging course for those who wish to improve their English before proceeding to the diploma course.

Academic Facilities

LCD is used extensively by all lecturers.

Students are allowed unlimited access to the internet in our computer lab.

More than 500 slides on tourist attractions are available for tourism students to practice with while preparing for actual presentations on board the tour coach.

Exposure/practical training at hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agencies or at the international airport will be provided and arranged for the students.

Accommodation can be arranged for foreign students.

Student Support Services

The college aims to have a foreign student enrolment of 50%. All outdoor activities organized by students will be supported by class lecturers. Students can organize overseas tours which are relevant to their studies.


Trovex International College awards scholarships to deserving students who excel academically.

Travex students are eligible to apply for educational loans from bodies such as the "Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Negara" (PTPTN).

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