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Logo Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa Kejururawatan dan Sains Kesihatan KPJ (KPJIUC)

KPJ International University College of Nursing and Health Sciences (KPJIUC)
formerly KPJ International College of Nursing and Health Sciences
formerly known as PNC International College

1991 September Set up the first Nursing College to offer Diploma in Nursing.
1992, 9 January Opening of Puteri Nursing College.
2011, 30 Jun Ground breaking ceremony of KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospital.
2011, 25 July Minister of Higher Education awarded University College status to KPJ Healthcare University College.

KPJ Healthcare University College - KPJUC (formerly KPJ International University College of Nursing and Health Sciences) providing Malaysian healthcare industry’s requirements for nurses and professionals.

KPJUC offers a diverse range of academic programmes including courses in :
1- certificate
2- diploma
3- bachelor
4- post-graduate

To date, KPJUC offers 30+ programmes ranging from foundation to postgraduates level.
KPJUC is the first private college in Malaysia to offer the Masters in Otorhinolaryngology - head and neck surgery programme.
In 2013, seven new home-grown Masters and PhD programmes will be added to KPJUC’s academic offering.

Among which are three new home-grown programmes including :
1- Masters in Otorhinolaryngology
2- Masters in Pharmaceutical Technology
3- Foundation in Science course

KPJUC aims to increase its student population from 1,700 to 5,000 students by 2015.
To cater to the expected increase in student numbers, the Nilai campus is recently completed from undergoing a 2 years expansion works.
In 2013, KPJUC’s new campus Bukit Mertajam, Penang commenced its operation.

Moving forward, KPJUC continue to forge alliances with universities abroad, leveraging on a dynamic academic team and offer valuable hands-on training to ensure KPJUC’s graduates are recognized for their clinical distinction and their service to patients

KPJ University College -
KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC) has earned a reputation for being a progressive and entrepreneurial institution of higher learning with an international vision. From the time it kick started its first training programme with an intake of 30 nursing students way back in September 1991, KPJUC has maintained a tradition of academic excellence with a 100% success rate in the Malaysia Nursing Board Examination. Today, KPJUC is acknowledged as the pioneer in the growth of nursing education in Malaysia and the first to have its Diploma in Nursing programme accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency. These hallmarks set KPJUC apart from others.
In 2012, KPJUC registered 2,000 students at its two campuses, enrolling in one of the many undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.
Today, KPJUC continues to broaden the opportunities for pursuing a career in the healthcare industry through its offer of 30+ programmes ranging from foundation to post-graduate programmes.
Among these are several new home-grown postgraduate programmes;
PhD in Nursing,
PhD in Medical Imaging and
PhD in Physiotherapy.

The masters programmes are
Masters in Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery,
Masters in Pharmaceutical Technology,
Masters in Nursing,
Masters in Physioterapy and
Masters in Medical Imaging.

The Masters in Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery is the first specialist training programmes offered in a private higher education institution.
KPJUC’s vision is to become the preferred higher education institution in the healthcare education sector and it is looking to do this through providing students with quality, clinical experiences. To this end, KPJUC’s curriculum comprises hands-on experiences inclusive of clinical practices at KPJ’s extensive and comprehensive network of hospitals located in most major cities in Malaysia. Together with the supervision of a strong team of experts comprising medical consultants, senior nurses, allied health professionals and trained clinical instructors, KPJUC’s students receive valuable and adequate hands-on training. Thus, this ensures our graduates are recognized for their clinical distinction and their excellent service to patients when they graduate.
KPJ has a backing of 22 private hospitals comprising over 2,600 beds, more than 900 medical consultants as well as 9,000 staff, and the Group’s record of having treated more than 2.4 million outpatients and 250,000 inpatients, KPJUC’s students have access to a wealth of resources and experiences that would surpass the expectations of most healthcare academic institution. This is what gives KPJUC its competitive edge. In Support of a Bigger Student Population
KPJUC offers a continuous stream of new academic programmes and its student population is expected to grow from 1,700 to 5,000 students by 2015.
In 2013 an 11-storey hostel with the capacity for 1,200 students was completed in June 2013. This expansion involved an investment of RM50 million, while under Phase 3, the expansion programme will involve the investment of another RM100 million for additional hostel and academic blocks, a multi-purpose hall and a sports complex.
Phase 2 of the expansion programme for the Nilai campus will include an eight-storey academic block to accommodate over 1,500 staff and students, alongside nursing, pharmacy and medical imaging skill laboratories.

In 2012 KPJUC opened a new campus in the rapidly growing city of Bukit Mertajam, Penang which strengthen KPJ’s footprint in the northern part of Malaysia. Just a five-minute drive from KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital, KPJ College Penang accommodate a maximum of 600 students.
The Penang campus is equipped with :
1- nursing and pharmacy labs,
2- spacious tutorial and classrooms,
3- wireless internet and
4- recreational facilities.

This facility will offer programmes such as the Diploma in Operating Department Practice (in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom), the Diploma in Pharmacy as well as post basic programmes in nursing such as preoperative, critical care nursing and renal nursing programmes.



1- Wellness focus
2- Person focused
3- Informed person
4- Self help
5- Care provided at home or closer to home
6- Seamless continuous care
7- Services tailored to individualized care
8- Effective efficient and affordable services

• Masters of Radiology
• Masters of Orthopedics
• Masters of Paediatrics
• Medical Doctor
• Masters of Anesthesiology
• Post Graduate in Neurology
• Post Graduate in Geriatrics
• Masters of Surgery
• Masters of Internal Medicine
• Masters of Ophthalmology

• PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences
• Masters of Science in Pharmacology (Taught Course)
• Masters of Science in Clinical Pharmacy (Taught Course)
• Bachelor of Complementary and Traditional Medicine
• Advanced Diploma in Aseptic Services

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Hons)
• Certificate in Sleep Technology
• Post Basic in Home Nursing
• Advanced Diploma in Midwifery Nursing
• Certificate in Diabetic Education
• Certificate in Palliative Care
• Certificate in Massage Therapy

• Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)
• Bachelor of Speech Therapy
• Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
• Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

• Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (Healthcare)
• Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
• Doctor of Philosophy in Healthcare Management
• Masters in Health Services Management
• Masters in Healthcare Management
• Masters in Business Administration (Healthcare)(Research)
• Masters in Business Administration (Healthcare)(Coursework)
• Bachelor in Health Information System (Hons)
• Bachelor in Business Administration
• Bachelor in Health Information Technology
• Diploma in Health Information Technology
• Diploma in Business Studies

• Bachelor in Corporate Communication
• Bachelor in Clinical Psychology
• Bachelor in Special Education Needs

KPJ Healthcare University College
(Previously known as : Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa Kejururawatan dan Sains Kesihatan KPJ (KPJIUC))


Certificate in Paediatric Nursing

723 (Nursing and Caring)

Certificate in Renal Nursing

723 (Nursing and Caring)

Diploma in Medical Imaging

725 (Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Technology)

Diploma in Nursing

723 (Nursing and Caring)

Diploma In Nursing

723 (Nursing and Caring)

Diploma in Pharmacy

727 (Pharmacy)

Diploma in Physiotherapy

726 (Therapy and Rehabilitation)

Foundation in Science

010 (Basic / Broad, General Programmes)

Operating Department Practice Course in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, UK

723 (Nursing and Caring)

Professional Certificate in Education and Teaching for Nursing Professionals

723 (Nursing and Caring)


KPJ International College of Nursing and Health Sciences Johor Bahru Branch


Diploma in Nursing

723 (Nursing and Caring)

KPJ International College of Nursing And Health Sciences (KPJ College) is the teaching arm of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, which is a member of Johor Corporation and is one of the largest healthcare groups

KPJ International College of Nursing And Health Sciences (KPJ College) is the teaching arm of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, which is a member of Johor Corporation and is one of the largest healthcare groups in the region.

KPJ College launched its training and education wings with a first intake of 30 students in September 1991. KPJ College is recognised as one of the best nursing and allied health sciences colleges and continues to offer programmes geared towards career-oriented education for individuals interested in providing for the health and well-being of others.

Areas of interest include programmes such as Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in MedicaI lmaging, Diploma in Pharmacy and Diploma in Physiotherapy. KPJ College guarantees excellence through a team of highly qualified and dedicated professional managers, academicians and lecturers - so that students are assured of receiving a first class global healthcare education.

The college also conducts several programmes in collaborations with reputable foreign universities for various courses namely Bachelor of Nursing, Nurses Education/Teaching, Paediatrics Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Renal Nursing, Health Management and Leadership programmes and the Operating Department Practice programme with University of South Australia, Liverpool John Moore University and Hertfordshire University.

After having seen many significant milestones charted, KPJ College continues its quest to be the recognised higher education provider in its field. KPJ College recently announced its expansion plan that paves the way for them to attain university college status by this year.

The college main campus in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan is at the top of the list to benefit from the plan where the main campus will soon house new buildings to accommodate the academic blocks, hostels, multipurpose halls and state-of-the-art facilities in order to furnish the growing academic needs and to remain competitive in the sector.

The KPJ College executive director Haji Yusof Ismail expressed that the college is serious about the future of nursing and health sciences studies.

"Yes, we initiated the diploma in nursing and are the first nursing college to be accredited by the government, so we are committed to keep up to the excellence that we have been associated with." He said that the expansion plan would also enhance the teaching and learning environment by providing extensive leading-edge facilities while enhancing the college’s image.

"Our new facilities will include an eightstorey academic block that could accommodate over 2,000 staff and students," added Haji Yusof. He also added a nursing skill lab, pharmacy lab, and a medical imaging skills lab to the list of phase one expansion.

The phase two of the expansion trail will include an II-storey hostel block that could accommodate over 2,200 students complete with students’ lounge with wireless network connection throughout.

In addition, there will be two more hostel blocks, three academic blocks, a multipurpose hail and modern sports complex.

"At this stage, the number of students is expected to increase to 5,000 from the current 2,000 students and we hope that these commitments will enable us to attract over 10,000 students upon the completion of our expansion plan in 2015," said Haji Yusof.

According to him, there are several undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate study programmes in the fields of nursing, pharmacy, medical imaging and physiotherapy in the pipeline as part of the serious effort to achieve KPJ’s aspiration to attain university college status.

If we are going to open our doors to international students, we should be able to meet international standards in all aspects." The college’s next step is to affiliate itself to renowned education institutions, especially with global education players for excellent healthcare education. "While we have the academic strength to produce excellent graduates, we also need to expose them to different hospital environments and thus establish integration between theoretical knowledge and practical training," stressed Haji Yusof.

KPJ College has also been producing top quality students in the last decade thanks to this balanced curriculum.

"We provide practical training every semester and we have dedicated staff who attend solely to our students’ training needs. They will graduate with 50 percent of their three-year programme spent at the hospital. Ideally, our students should have the experience of working in four or five hospitals within the three years of their diploma programme," added Haji Yusof.

A KPJ College graduate’s skills are indeed enhanced by the practical exposure received at the KPJ Hospital network nationwide.

To date, the KPJ Healthcare Berhad Group has 20 hospitals under its chain nationwide and will have four others by next year.

The group also has plans to open a new teaching hospital under KPJ Healthcare Berhad to enhance training exposure.

"Ultimately, our graduates have high chances of being absorbed by the KPJ-owned hospitals or be hired by other hospitals.

"It is, thereby, keeping the employability factor high as today, there is a significant demand for nurses and healthcare personnel," assured Haji Yusof.

"KPJ Healthcare Berhad Group is zealous in offering career advancement. We encourage our graduates to complete their postgraduate and doctorate studies and venture into academia by serving as lecturers and research experts," he concluded.

For more information, visit wwwkpjic. or call 06-794 2692 (Nilai Campus), 07-3352692 (Johor Bharu Campus).

Hospital Network

Sabah Medical Centre
KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital
KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital
KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital
KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital
KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital
KPJ Tawakkal Hospital
Kuantan Specialist Hospital
Puteri Specialist Hospital
KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital
Kedah Medical Centre
KPJ Perdana Specialist Hospital
Kuching Specialist Hospital
KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital
Damai Specialist Centre
Sentosa Medical Centre
KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital
Taiping Medical Centre
Kluang Utama Specialist Hospital
Sibu Specialist Medical Centre
KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital
Centre For Sight
Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital
KPJ Health Centre

KPJ International University College of Nursing and Health Sciences (KPJIUC) is a subsidiary of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, the leading private healthcare service provider in Malaysia. Established on 1st April 1991, it was known earlier as KPJ International College until it acquired the University College status in May 2011. KPJIUC has been right from the outset, a progressive and entrepreneurial institution of higher learning with an international vision, placing students at the core of the heart of everything it does.

KPJIUC is not only to be the first private nursing college to offer the Diploma in Nursing Programme but also the first to obtained the Diploma in Nursing Programme accreditation by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). Currently, it offers a diverse of academic programs ranging from degree to certificates programmes which include Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Imaging, Diploma in Pharmacy, Diploma in Physiotherapy and few others.

KPJ University College's roles and objectives have become more significant in line with the growth of the industry, responding promptly to the human capital requirement for nurses and allied healthcare professionals to meet the needs of other private and public healthcare institutions in the country. To date KPJ University College has produced approximately 3000 nurses and 2000 healthcare professionals with Degree, Diploma and post-graduate specialization qualifications.

This tradition of academic excellence is further enhanced and galvanized by a team of dedicated, well qualified and widely experienced lecturers who inspire students to unleash their potential and develop holistically. To further strengthen its academic excellence, KPJIUC has built strong international alliance with foreign universities primarily from Australia and United Kingdom. It has forged sound working relationship with University of South Australia (1994), Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom (1997) and Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (2009). This successful cooperation and alliance has provided KPJ University College with an enriched combination of resources – advanced, unique and professional support of quality and diversity.

KPJIUC's graduates are privileged to have an extensive and comprehensive network KPJ hospitals located in most major cities in Malaysia, to be the training grounds for excellent clinical education. This is further complemented and supported by a strong team of experts comprising of Medical Consultants, Senior Nurses, Allied Health professionals and trained Clinical Instructors from KPJ's twenty two (22) state of the art hospitals throughout the country. Thus, graduates of KPJIUC are recognized for their clinical distinction, as well as the hands-on skill in providing best service value to patients/customers.

Leveraging on this established track record in Malaysia and abroad, KPJ University College graduates are poised to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing local and international markets, in support of Malaysia's aspiration to be an education hub for the region.

From, Reader's Digest, January 2009.

As A MEMBER of the KPJ Healthcare Group, Malaysia's largest private healthcare provider, KPJ International College of Nursing and Health Sciences, or KPJ College, has set itself ambitious goals for growth to meet the needs of the country's dynamic healthcare industry.
With a current student population of 1,600, KPJ College, formerly known as PNC International College, has produced 2,800 graduates in its 18 years, and is now in the process of upgrading to university status. "Our achievement has been to produce world-class nurses in response to the human capital requirements of private and public healthcare institutions in Malaysia," says chief executive officer Naziah binti Ismail. "Our students are instilled with an attitude of universality - this means transcending racial, cultural, social and geographical boundaries. They are well prepared to deliver the best services to all patients.
"KPJ College promises internationally-renowned education and guarantees 100 percent employment in the KPJ Group'; 10 hospitals in Malaysia and overseas.
"Our graduates enjoy 100 percents employability in excellent and lucrative healthcare avenues, both locally and abroad. Plus, eligible students can apply to have their tuition fees fully sponsored by KPJ Group”. Its students have achieved a 100 percent pass rate to date in the Nursing Board Terminal Examinations, which Naziah attributes in part to the faculty. "Our enthusiastic, well-qualified and experienced lecturers inspire students to unleash their potential."
Besides courses certified by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, the college pin-undergraduate programs through tie ups with the University of South Australia and the U.K.'s Liverpool, John Moores University and University of Hertfordshire.
Fields of study
Critical Care Nursing
Health Management & Leadership
Nurses Education & Teaching
Pediatric Nursing
Renal Nursing


For further information
KPJ International College of Nursing and Health Sciences.
Lot PT, 17010, Psn, Seriemas, Kota Seriemas, 71800 Nilai.
Tel: 06-7942 629 Fax: 06-7942-661
Johor Bahru Tel: 07-333 6563




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