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Ikram Education Sdn Bhd (402343-M)
Corporate Block, Ikram Park, Jalan Serdang - Kajang,
43000 Kajang, Selangor
Tel: (603)-8926 6993 (Ext: 641/527/260),   Fax: 03-8734 1021
E-mail :


  Engineering KP/JPS(KA4393)5/09
  Business KP/JPS(KA4394)5/09
  Information Technology KP/JPS(KA4395)5/09


  Civil Engineering* KP/JPS(KR5271)7/09
  Electrical & Electronics Engineering* KP/JPS(KR5269)12/09
  Automotive Engineering KP/JPS(K1051)7/08
  Business Administration* KP/JPS(KR5272)8/09
  Accountancy* KP/JPS(KA2721)11/06
  Information Technology* KP/JPS(KR5273)8/09
  Corporate Communication KP/JPS(KA4346)1/09
  English for Business KP/JPS(KA4347)1/09


  Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) KP/JPS(KA4904)7/09
  Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
  Bachelor of Accountancy KP/JPS(KA5486)9/09
  Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)
  Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Corporate Communication
  BA (Hons) English (English for Business)
  Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Statistics KP/JPS(KA5649)11/09


• The Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) formerly known as Ikram College of Technology (iCT) is a subsidiary of Protasco Berhach a company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

• The college was upgraded to a university college on 13 September 2003.



Academic Strengths

With its new status, KLIUC now awards its own foundation, diploma, degree and master programmes. Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN) has already accredited most of our programmes, whilst the other remaining are in the process of being accredited.

KLIUC is awarded a MSC status institution. The university college is ISO 9001 certified ensuring that the management and operations of the university are efficient and effective.

Five schools have been set up :

1) - Engineering Infrastructure
2) - Business Infrastructure
3) - IT Infrastructure
4) - Linguistic Infrastructure & Liberal studies
5) - Material & Science.

Programme Outline

• Bachelor

- Civil Engineering (Hons)
- Electronics Engineering(Hons)
- Construction Management (Hons)
- Accountancy (Hons)
- Business Administration (Hons) in E-Commerce
- Business Administration (Hons)
- Information Technology (Hons) in Networking
- IT (Hons) in Software Engineering
- Communication (Hons) in Advertising
- BA (Hons) English for Professional Communication
- Science (Hons) in Applied Statistics Materials



• Diploma

- Civil Engineering
- Geomatic Engineering
- Electrical & Electronics Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Automotive Engineering
- Information Technology
- Corporate Communication
- English for Professional Communication
- Business Administration
- Marketing
- Accountancy

Partner Universities

•  UK

- The University of Birmingham
- The University of Surrey

- University of Portsmouth
- Uversity of Hertfordshire
- University of Salford
- University of Wales

•  New Zealand

- Lincoln University
- The University of Auckland, Auckland
- University of Technology Malaysia
- Swinburne University Sarawak Campus
- Curtin University of Technology Miri Campus



•  Australia

- Curtin University of Technology
- University of Tasmania
- The University of Newcastle
- The University of Adelaide
- The University of New South Wales
- Victoria University of Technology
- Swinburne University of Technology
- La Trobe University


•  Ireland - Dublin Institute of Technology

• Academic Facilities and Resources

• University standard campus
• Fully air-conditioned/ well equipped classrooms
• full-fledged laboratories
• Multi-purpose hall
• Auditorium
• IT Centre
• Well-stocked library
• Fields and Courts for various sports
• Four blocks of Hostel located within KLIUC/ two cafeterias/ study rooms and mosque

• Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme

This scheme is applicable only for students studying locally. Fee waivers are given based on merit.

• Best Achievements

Best Student Award is given to the MOST outstanding student from each school based on academic performance with a CGPA of not less than 3,750 points. This award is usually presented during the graduation ceremony.



• Financial Assistance Easy Payment

KLIUC offers an installment payment scheme to Malaysian students. A minimum amount of RM 1,000 is required upon registration. Balance of the fees can be paid in a maximum of three installments.

• Accommodation

Unipark Avenue Condominium

Located between Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Unipark Avenue Condominium is easily accessible by an interlinking network of highways : Kuala Lumpur - Seremban Highway, Besraya Highway, South Klang Valley Expressway and Kajang - Silk Highway.

It is amidst the refreshing greenery in the neighborhood of several institutions of higher learning such as Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) and University Tenaga (UNITEN).

Unipark Avenue provide high quality living in tranquil surroundings, only minutes away to amenities such as shopping malls.

Diploma in Geometric Engineering  - The Latest Course at KLIUC

Geometric Engineering  programme is specially- made for students who intend to gain skills and knowledge in the application of new technologies such as Geographical Information System, Global Positioning System, Satellite Imagery and Aerial Photo. Students will be required to use exceptional skills and knowledge attained in measurement science, computing and analysis to accomplish surveying and spatial information tasks.

A perfect course for a person who likes the outdoors and working with people to obtain scientific and mathematical findings.

KLIUC  provide an intensive 98-credit hour course that focuses on geomatic engineering. Students are ensured to grasp the essentials of geomatic engineering. With an emphasis on subjects such as engineering survey, cadastral survey, hydrographic, cartography, geodesy, astronomy and photogrammetry, students will be ensured their money's worth.

Moreover, students will have the chance to go on field works, industrial training, survey camps and site visits as these will ensure they gain exposure and experience; two elements which are very vital in today's world.

KLIUC is  heritage of the Research and Training Institute of Public Works Department, Malaysia, which was established in 1981 and  maintain its distinctive features and strengths.

Career Prospects

Geomatic Engineers are becoming increasingly in demand in Malaysia today. As we reach the year 2020, Geomatic Engineering graduates would be needed in the public and private sectors. These sectors include:

1. Construction
2. Oil and Gas
3. Plantation
4. Mining
5. Remote Sensing
6. GIS
7. Offshore Surveying
8. Land administration and land management
9. License Surveyors
10. Surveying Instrument Vendors
11. Surveying Software Vendors
12. Survey Departments
13. Land Offices

For further information, please contact :

Marketing Department
Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC)
Corporate Block, Taman Ilmu IKRAM
Jalan Serdang – Kajang
43000 Kajang
Tel : 03 - 8926 6993 / 8738 3388
Mobile : 019 - 388 3435
Fax : 03 - 8925 9846
Email :
Website :

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