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Russia’s high-tech business school is attracting students from abroad.

In 2010 some 146,000 foreigners studied in Russia, according to Russia’s Statistics Service. Source: RIA Novosti

Russia is becoming an increasingly popular higher education destination, accounting for 4 percent of all tertiary students pursuing their studies abroad.

Those are the most recent findings from a survey by the OECD Directorate of Education.

Over a 10-year period, the share of international students who chose the United States as their destination dropped from 23 to 17 percent, while the share of students who chose the Russian Federation grew by around 2 percentage points

In 2010 some 146,000 foreigners studied in Russia, according to Russia’s Statistics Service.

Education is relatively cheap in Russia. For example, a student I pay $3,250 a year in Volgograd State Medical University in southern Russia. In Malaysia a year in a medical school costs about $20,000 on average.”

Russia is another popular destinations for Malaysians to pursue their  medical degree programs.

In 2001, the Malaysian Government recognized the Diplomas offered by five Russian Higher Medical Educational Institutions in the cities of Moscow, Nizny Novgorod, Volgograd and Kursk, namely:
• Moscow Medical Academy (MMA)
• Russian State Medical University (RSMU)
• Kursk State Medical University (KSMU)
• Volgorad State Medical University (VSMU)
• Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy (NNMA)

Currently more than 2000 Malaysians pursue their medical studies in Russian Universities. One third of them are sponsored by Malaysian  government.

Russia possesses highly-developed teaching and scientific research infrastructure, which offers Russian and foreign students a wide range of programmes of higher professional education, as well as fundamental and applied research courses.

Kursk State Medical University www.ksmu.com.my http://www.ksmu.kursknet.ru/

The Kursk State Medical University, Russia (KSMU) is a prestigious medical University in Russia amongst 47 other Russian Medical Universities.

A fully English Medium University with Russian taught only as 2nd language. More then 700 Malaysians students currently.

Kursk State Medical University is Ranked Top Ten Russian medical schools. The first university in Russia to commence Medical undergraduate programmes in English, KSMU is currently the leader in Medical Studies in the English medium.

KURSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, situated in the heart of KURSK CITY, about 450km down south of Moscow. Kursk is a large industrial town and also a cultural and scientific centre. Founded in February 1935, KSMU has rich experience in training Physicians.

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) won the 'Best Medical University in Russia' award in 2004.

Known for its research excellence, high quality of teaching and health care standards.

KSMU is one of the largest Russian universities.

Being the pioneer in Russia to provide English academic programs. It is still one of the leading and most preferred institutions for undergraduate medical studies among international students.

KSMU emphasizes on innovation and research work and makes a significant investment to offer world-class infrastructure and facilities to its staff, scholars and students. It has as many as eleven faculties and seventy departments that have earned national and international ratings of 'excellent' levels.

The University is registered at The Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation and the Russian government sponsors it.

More than 25,000 specialists, engineers, physicians and pharmacists have graduated from the University and are working in Russia as well as overseas in countries like, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Morocco, Europe and the US.

KSMU is one of the top ten Russian universities and its degrees are highly recognized for their academic excellence.

The professionals who graduate from KSMU are high in demand amongst the prominent multinational companies because of the skills and accomplishments they have acquired during their studies. With a solid academic base, the University also offers practical career support and advice to its graduates.

Faculty Members

The teaching staff of the University includes 89 D.Sc., 327 Ph.D., 1 corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 2 honoured scientists of the Russian Federation, 7 honoured physicians of the Russian Federation, 38 persons with an excellent degree in practical medicine, 40 members of national and international academies. All teachers of KSMU are members of national and international professional societies. The achievements in research work find reflection in a great number of publications (5517 for the last 5 years) in professional journals (2264 for the period of time), publishing monographs (94 for the last 10 years), participation in international congresses and symposia (8 for the last 3 years), international exhibitions (3 gold medals, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals, 1 diploma for the last 3 years).

The KSMU accepts students having full secondary or higher education.

The minimum entry qualification for Malaysian who wish to study medicine overseas, as set by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, are as follows:

Pre-Medical Course.
The minimum entry qualification is a grading of 'B4' in 5 subjects namely Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics at SPM, "O" level or equivalent. The duration of the course is 10 months.
Medical Degree (MD) Course.
The minimum entry qualification for this course is Principal "B" or a CGPA of 3 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics at STPM, "A" level or equivalent level. The duration of the course is six years.

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