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SMK Sri Permata 3
Kishen Sivabalan, Nimalan Gunandran

Members of the winning team get full scholarships to study at Limkokwing University. They also receive a one-month Global Classroom experience in London, UK.


Limkokwing International Debating Championship 2014 - Day 4

World's Biggest High School Debate Championship
20-23 February 2014,
Endorsed by Ministry of Education Malaysia

A platform for youths to sharpen their skills in strategic thinking, public speaking and build success for life.



The Limkokwing International Debating Championship 2014 is the world's biggest high school debate competition, with the biggest value of prizes ever seen in Malaysia.

Winners :

We were named 'University of the Future' by QS Asia in 2009 for our success and courage in innovating education.

We enable the next generation to develop global mindsets that will allow them to manage 21st century challenges.

Limkokwing Cultural Exchange 2014
Date: 26 June 2014 - 27 June 2014
Time: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Venue: The Square, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Limkokwing students from 20 countries are bringing you a unique cross-cultural experience at The Square, Publika.

Make new friends from all around the world and learn about their rich cultural heritage, complete with beautiful handicrafts, traditional cuisine as well as fun, cultural activities.

Creativity in Motion, July 2014
Date: 5 July 2014
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Black Box, Publika Mall, Solaris Dutamas

Students from 25 countries will take to the catwalk to model the creative and distinctive designs by 18 students from Limkokwing’s Faculty of Fashion and Lifestyle Creativity.

Be sure to catch these talented student designers as they land into their young careers by making strong statements with unique designs inspired by themes ranging from medieval art, eye-grabbing couture details, to stunning structured Egyptian moved pieces.

Limkokwing University
of Creative Technology

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Innovasi 1-1, Jalan Teknokrat 1/1, 63000 Cyberjaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel: (+603) 8317 8888    Fax: (+603) 8317 8988


Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology
was formally the Limkokwing Institute  of Creative Technology.  One of Malaysia leading private university that close corporation with the government. in providing human resource needed in modern Malaysia.
  Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology is also one of the international recognized university.  Presently Limkokwing University  has 1,000 students from 45 countries.
Two Qualifications
In addition to either a Diploma or Degree qualification, you will also receive a certificate of professional recognition by the Malaysia Design & Innovation Centre.  This professional qualification endorses your academic qualification and recognizes the industry practice and skills within each program.
International Recognition
All programs awarded by Limkokwing University are quality assured by the International Consortium of University Partners and allow credit transfer into overseas Universities.

For online application to Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology please visit official web site of UPM at :

1 university, 5 continents concept in response to global needs


The university has focused its efforts on London, Kuala Lumpur and Gaborone in line with its "One University. Three Continents" concept that is its answer to globalization. It is a 21 st century education that meets the demands of an era that calls for the creation of a new generation of workers - IT-sawy versatile and highly-skilled people who would thrive in any challenging environment in whatever part of the world.

There is no mistaking the importance of being exposed to various cultures of the world, and therein lies the beauty of a Limkokwing education. Students not only get to immerse themselves in a highly international environment at the university's Cyberjaya campus that is training ground to 6,000 students from 90 countries; they now also get to opt to pursue their programme in different parts of the world.

The Limkokwing Global Classroom which took root last year has rapidly expanded and continues to expand. At the heart of it, the programmes serve to equip students with the right skills for a global environment, and with it the right international mindset.

As the tagline suggests, there is the flexibility of beginning one's programme in one city and ending it in another. One could opt to begin the journey to success at the Limkokwing campus in Cyberjaya and continue at Limkokwing London before finishing their studies in Limkokwing in Botswana.

Whether it is a degree programme or a diploma in fields such as graphic design, broadcasting, multimedia, architecture, fashion or business, the Limkokwing student can expect flexibility and affordability.

They can also count on being trained to keep abreast with the times, if not ahead of it. The university after all, takes pride in planning its curriculum to be ahead of the pack, focusing on new skills that are needed in the future.

Industry-within university  for a leadership edge

And it has indeed done so, among others via its industry-within-university concept that positions the university well in playing a key role in nation-building, branding and leadership.

"Limkokwing today is easily the most industry- driven in the world," he says. "We look at what the industry expects and the kind of leadership needed and then develop graduates accordingly, Our students become highly employable because industry leadership is important in today's world."

This philosophy has seen Limkokwing contributing to significant events such as last year's World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) held in Texas, a flagship event of a consortium of 65 international ICT organisations representing more than 90 percent of the world's IT market. Limkokwing played a strong role in the design and branding of the event, including coming up with the video screening during the handover ceremony by Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Representation in all economies, all regions

Tan Sri Lim says that the concept is in response to the globalize business environment. "Until recently, students had to go to such countries such as the UK, Australia and New Zealand to experience international education. Now, in the true sense of the term 'globalization', young people can move around the world more freely.

"Students coming to our campus have the potential of meeting friends from 90 countries. It not only means more opportunities in terms of establishing an international network of friends, but also translates to students enhancing their career prospects because of the international exposure."

For Tan Sri Lim, Limkokwing's expansion is part and parcel of marketing the country as an attractive option for higher studies. "We do not want to be viewed as a cheaper option or a halfway house. We are about creativity, new concepts and opportunities. The world will see the benefits of coming here to study."

Limkokwing continues to actively pursue discussion with various universities worldwide in working out collaborations. Ultimately, the university will "be represented in all economies, all regions". Tan Sri Lim says.

Global innovative network gains recognition

Perhaps the best gauge of Limkokwing's success thus far in revolutionizing the tertiary education scene lies in the many accolades that have come the way of both university and the man at the helm.

He may have worked behind the scenes to execute various successful ventures in terms of brand-development and image-building but Tan Sri Lim's efforts are well noted. Last year, nearly a dozen awards including major ones from reputable organisations in Europe and another from a global leader in professional services, Ernst & Young, were awarded to him.

The title CEO of the Year 2006 (given by Malaysia-Canada Business Council) joined earlier ones garnered including the Ernst & Young Malaysian Entrepreneur of the Year 2005, European University's Professor Emeritus for the Chair of Innovation Management, and the title of "Asia's most creative thinker and personality" which was presented to him by the Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Westminster, Councilor Jan Prendergast.

These new achievements are relevant as the university continues to forge a new trail: turning the university college into one of the world's most globalize universities - and along the way, boosting Malaysia's position as an education hub.

The goal is also to help set up a global innovative network, where the best of east and west could come together and explore opportunities culturally and in terms of innovation.

Best of east and west

Limkokwing's arrival in London -the university is located at Piccadilly - bears the hallmarks of Tan Sri Lim's brilliant creativity and innovative spirit. This east-west link is part of a strategy - that also includes Botswana - to creatte innovation hubs in every continent that will enable Limkokwing students to build not only their skills but gain multicultural knowledge needed in today's globalize workplace. And now that Tan Sri Lim has set his sights on London and Botswana, the university expects to go where no Malaysian university has ever gone before - starting with making available Malaysian degrees on foreign soil.

The expansion to London marks the first time Malaysian degrees are developed and delivered in that part of the world. And already the move has created waves, reflecting how the Malaysian brand name has created a strong presence in Europe.

"The whole world wants to go to London. Just studying or working there is a great experience. This is where you get a concentration of ideas in one place, the branding, packaging, sound, smell, look, form, texture, architecture, marketing, ideas, creativity ...what more in central London where we are located."

The arrival of Limkokwing University in Botswana is no less interesting, generating a lot of interest among the people in the country. The second private university to be set up in the country, Limkokwing is well recognized in Botswana for its efforts in promoting creativity and innovation; it is now noted for being on a mission to help the Botswana government build Gaborone as a regional hub for education.

"The success of Limkokwing's Botswana students has been a great source of encouragement. We look forward to enhanced collaboration not only in education but other areas like tourism, communications and trade promotion," Tan Sri Lim says, adding that the university received its batch of students from Botswana in 1999 and many have since graduated and gone on to pursue higher goals.

"We are most happy to have contributed to the success of these students who bear the characteristics of the high-achieving Limkokwing graduate - creative, innovative, adaptable and with an international mindset.

"Limkokwing is designed to be dynamic, stimulating and inspiring, offering a rich cultural diversity that means students bring home valuable experience. The university responds to the needs of the global world and focuses on moving with the times."

Obtain an additional British degree at a fraction of normal costs and power-up your career prospects

 Limkokwing University has forged strategic partnerships with University of Bedfordshire andAnglia Ruskin University, UK's renowned universities in their respective fields that add real value to your qualifications.

Choose University of Bedfordshire for a degree in media, communications or business management

University of Bedfordshire should be your choice if you are pursuing media and communications or business management studies. University of Bedfordshire was recently rated by The Guardian as among the top 3 univer- sities for media related courses.

Choose Anglia Ruskin University for a degree in design, multimedia or IT

Anglia Ruskin University is located in Cambridge, UK's most famous education township. It should be your best choice to com- plete a degree in design, multimedia or IT.

Exclusive and most cost-effective degree pathway

Access these universities to complete your degree in any of the 30 majors listed below. Do it through Limkokwing and gain from the enormous savings you will make through

our exclusive pathway. Our partnership with these universities gives you the choice of con- ducting your studies in Kuala Lumpur and UK. Graduate with 2 qualifications and be most outstanding.

Mix of Asian and British study experience puts you in a class of your own

Your career prospects get a power-up when prospective employers note your Best of Both

Worlds learning experience. Definitely a distinct global advantage to get you to the top in the shortest time.

Add industry experience and gain additional professional certification

Get directly involved in industry projects in Kuala Lumpur as well as in London and get the testimonial to impress prospective employers of your capabilities. You will intern with world- renowned brands. The additional certification for industry-related projects will come from the Imperial Academy of London, our coun- terpart in UK.

Obtain invaluable insights into the world's most innovative and creative countries through a UK learning experience

For the ambitious student a European expe- rience is crucial to career success. Europe is a rising power in world politics and trade. The EU is the worlds leading exporter and the biggest international commercial market on earth. In many of the world s leading indus- tries, it is European multinational companies that dominate business and trade.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Professional Design

This degree programme is designed to give students flexibility and choice as they progress. The first two years provide students with the necessary fundamental knowledge and skills of a graphic designer. In year two, students are highly focused on connecting with the industry. Students will be working on live industry projects in the areas of corporate communications, multimedia and illustration. In the second half of Year 2, students will be able to gain six months of practical industry experience.

In the final year, students will specialize in an area of their choice and develop deeper knowledge within the field. Chosen areas include: Advertising ∙ Multimedia ∙ Animation ∙ Web technology ∙ Marketing

Entry Requirements

· 2 principles STPM/'A'levels or equivalent or
· 5 credits SPM/O' levels equivalent and
· Limkokwing's Foundation in Design

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