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Yit Foh Coffee Powder Factory
Yit Foh Coffee Powder FactoryYit Foh Coffee Powder Factory



Yit Foh Coffee Powder Factory
3Km, Jalan Tenom-Sapong Tenom, Sabah

Yit Foh Coffee Powder Factory
Industry: Food & Beverage,
Contact: Mr. Alex Yong Fui Chiang
Address: 3 KM, Jalan  Tenom-Sapong, Kg Chinta Mata
P.O.Box No. 184,  Tenom Town
Sabah,  Malaysia
Telephone: 6-087-735657
Fax: 6-087-737378
Mobile: 013 863 3386

Description: Manufacturing & selling coffee powder products

Yit Foh is the first coffee factory In Sabah.

Yit Foh collect coffee beans from coffee farm around Tenom, Keningau, and Tambunan.

The factory uses firewood to roast coffee beans producing a perfect blend of the finest roasted Robusta coffee powder

Yit Foh Coffee Factory is also the first to establish a commercial coffee powder business in Sabah,  supplying to coffee shops throughout Sabah.



Tenom is known for its coffee product.

Coffee was planted In Sabah in the late 1800s planted mainly in the east coast of Sabah.

In Sepilok, coffee was planted in the nearby forest reserve near the mangroves but abandoned in 1910 due to an outbreak of disease.

Robusta coffee is the main species planted in Sabah. However, large areas of Uberica are grown in southeast in the Tawau district.

Both these coffee varieties are planted In Sabah because they are more suitably planted in the lowlands where the temperature is between 24 C and 30 C.