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is a RM255 million project that include:
1 Kuhara Court
2 Eastern Plaza
3 Promenade Hotel (since 2019 Borneo Royale Hotel)
4 SUDC New Shop

Eastern Plaza Promenade Hotel

东方广场 / 東方廣場
Tawau 3.5Km

Tel: 088-251144, 088-264270
Construction started in 2005 completed in 2008 declared opened in May 2009
Eastern Plaza shopping centre is the first of its kind in Tawau, consisting of a supermarket, departmental store, food court, an 18-lane bowling alley, amusement centre and cineplexes. This complex comes with 572 car parks.


The developer planned to have the following highlights in Eastern Plaza:
Bowling Alley (This recreation center has not open business yet as in 2019)
Car Park
Department Store
Entertainment Centre
Eastern Food Court
Children Corner

Easter Food Court was a high expectation of Tawau people when it was first opened in 2009. However the Court has difficulties to grow and by 2019 only a few stalls remain open.  Customers do not crowd the food court due to flooding during heavy rain, the escalators often do not work, too many rats to scare away ladies etc.


More about Borneo Royale Hotel 2019 (previousely Promenade Hotel)

More about the old Promenade Hotel (2009-2018)

The Developer

Developed by Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEDCO. Developer SABAH URBAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION SDN. BHD. Managing director : Hj Abu Bakar M. Yahy.

Not too long ago, when you talk about shopping malls in Tawau, this humble small town does make you wonder whether there could be any decent shopping mall. Now, you see there is one, and the local in Tawau call it the EASTERN PLAZA.

Name EASTERN because Tawau is the town at the most eastern end of Malaysia.
Local folks in Tawau for a long time want a mall like those in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. they want a big mall with big supermarket, nice big food court, big cinemas, with family entertainment and many more. If the local has a satisfied shopping mall, they will not spend money flying to Kuala Lumpur. A local mall must have the latest stuff to hold the local from flying just for shopping.

Tawau has long been deprived of a decent shopping mall, but happily, Eastern Plaza has lived up to the expectations. Orang Tawau has not seen any big mall like those in Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Lumpur. So it justifies their enthusiasm on EASTERN PLAZZA.

Nine (9) storey high. The shopping complex has 146,520 square feet of net retail area, and 44,420 square feet of space for anchor tenants on its first three floors. Located at Mile 1, Kuhara Road, lies within the most-developed belt of the town. Access to both the Kuhara and Apas Roads.

The complex provide covered 3 levels of car parking facilities for 476 covered parking bays in addition to 49 surface parking bays.
With businesses growing, Industries developed, Tawau is like a magnet attracting more investors to setting up offices there.

The attractions would provide the cutting edge for Eastern Plaza over its retail-based competitors in the vicinity. Shoppers and visitors alike would be more inclined to be at a complex which offers the best of both commercial and entertainment facilities - a one-stop shopping and leisure experience.

Eastern Plaza's large atrium allows attractive event exhibitions and promotions to be held all in air-conditioned comfort and supported by first-class amenities like lifts, escalators and ample car parking spaces. In addition, the connecting business class hotel enhances the complex as an up market property.

The whole Kuhara Point Development costs RM255 million, with Promenate Hotel (now Borneo Royale Hotel) GDV tagged at RM60 million. The hotel is completed in December 2008. This project developed by SUDC with ultimately uplift the Tawau Municipality to a higher plane.

Eastern Plaza
Tawau 3.5Km

6TH Floor
2nd Floor
1st Floor


at basement

Eastern Cineplex

Eastern Cineplex is the First Digital 3D Cineplex in Tawau Town!


S 1
S 2 Sammy Closet
S 3 Shelah De Boutique
S 4
S 5
S 6 Supercut Salon
S 7 Supercut Salon
S 8 Powered Music Studio
S 9 As Segaf Gallery
S 10
S 11 Romance
S 12 Amos
S 13 Suria Batik
S 14
S 15
S 16
S 17
S 18 Danizza PC
S 19
S 20
S 21
S 22
S 23
S 24 MV Shop
S 25
S 26 De De Eyes
S 27 De De Eyes
S 28 De De Eyes
S 29 Trend Collection
S 30 Kerith Revine
S 31
S 32
S 33 Didi Sound & Lighting
S 34
S 35
S 36 Morning Glory
S 37 Pinkherry House
S 38
S 39
S 40
S 41 De De Eyes
S 42
S 43
S 44 Quong Ming Book Store
S 45 Quong Ming Book Store
S 46 Quong Ming Book Store
S 47
S 48
S 49 Atikah Sri Andam
S 50
S 51 The Looks
S 52 Rose Ladies Shop
S 53
S 54
S 55 The Sweet House
S 56 Lily's Fashion House
S 57
S 58
S 59 Dolly Wink
S 60 Button
S 61
S 62 The Fashion Boutique
S 63
S 64 Corner Internet Zone
S 65 Beauty Forever
S 66 It Planet Computer Shop
S 66A Perfect Nail
S 66B Amy Beauty
S 75
S 76
S 77
S 78
S 79
S 80 G'Nool
S 81 Black
S 82 Black
S 83 Shakira Beauty Centre
S 84
S 85 Suzy
S 85A
S 93 Avis Collection
S 94


G 1 Top Smart
G 2 Japan Boat Takoyaki
G 3 Lazo Diamond Jewellery
G 4 Top 10
G 5 Family Sushi
G 6 The Body Shop
G 7 Elianto
G 8 Pronova
G 9 Gozi
G 10 Williams Sport
G 11 IG Premium Gift
G 11A Inex Digital Photo Service
G 11C
G 13 Servay Jaya Supermarket
G 17 Abee Optical
G 18 S'rie Collection
G 19 Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd
G 20 Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd
G 21 Platform I
G 22 Happy Eati House / Mum's Care
G 23 Panasonic
G 24 Panasonic
G 25 Brandy Kids Gallery 57
G 26 GTS
G 35
G 36 The Series
G 37 Shoe Station
G 38 Shoe Station
G 39 FM Creation
G 40 Carlo Rino
G 41 Samsung Mobile/Chewing Gum
G 42 Bonia
G 43 Bonia
G 44 Polo
G 45 Guezz Jewelry
G 46 Speedy
G 47 Speedy
G 47A
G 47B Eisyah Store
G 48
G 49
G 50 Eternal
G 51 Crazy 10
G 52 LG Mobile
G 53 One Bucks
G 54 I Music Centre
G 55 Koleksi Che'
G 56 Berry Seed
G 57 Gold Art
G 58 DK Daniel
G 59 Berry Seed
G 60 Melon Seed
G 61 Wah Choi Pharmacy
G 62 Wah Choi Pharmacy

One of the problem some local Chinese confused Riway with Cosway. Both are direct sales company.
After buying the Rm1000 "medicine" from Riway, and later found out it does not promised to cure any disease, these customers went wrongly to complain to Cosway which happen also market health products but different brands.
Riway will not attend to customer complain.
1st they do not not state in black and white the "medicine" will cure any sickness nor declared as medicine, the product is just sold as "supplement".
2nd - before you buy, the salesman "did verbally mention" that there may be be side affect. But that the side effect will be small and depends on individual.


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2 金源时代购物中心
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3 SM City North EDSA
Quezon City, Philippines
4 Central World
Bangkok, Thailand
5 SM Mall of Asia Pasay City, Philippines 410,000
6 Jamuna Future Park Dhaka, Bangladesh 3,82,000
7 West Edmonton Mall Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 350,000
8 SM Megamall Mandaluyong City, Philippines 348,000
9 Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 320,000
10 Beijing Mall Beijing, China 320,000
11 Siam Paragon Bangkok, Thailand 300,000
12 King of Prussia Mall King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States 259,000
13 Mall of America Bloomington, Minnesota 257,200