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Tasik Biru Blue Lake

Tasik Biru Blue Lake

27-7-2014 SUN 4:27PM

Tasik Biru, a picturesque artificial lake in Bau, about 300ft deep.

The lake was formerly a gold mine where Hakka miners excavated gold with simple tools, but later laid to form a lake from the rain water.

Gold rush hit the town of Bau a century ago, and Tasik Biru (the gold mine) saw an influx of mining workers from China.

Beside the lake is a warning sign for arsenic poisoning and members of the public were warned against fishing, swimming, bathing in the lake or drinking the water drawn from the lake.

Bau  is situated within Kuching Division. It is an inland district about 35 kilometres by road from Kuching.  It has an area of 884.40 square kilometres sharing a common border with Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. The district capital is Bau Town.  Area of Bau District: 884 sq. km.

There are two way (routes) to get here from Kuching- that is by using the old Bau-Kuching Road via Kota Sentosa  or using the Kuching-Bau-Lundu Road (which form part of the Trans-Borneo High way) via Batu Kawa.

Bau town is also known as the 'Gold Town of Sarawak' due to its rich gold ore deposits and gold-mining activities in the past.  However, gold mining operations in all the mines had ceased before the turn of this century as the remaining gold deposits deep underground was difficult and expensive to extract , making the operation unviable at the present market price for the gold ore.


The district has a multi-racial population with the majority of the people being Bidayuhs.
Total Population is above
47,293 people (based on 1998 population census).

Racial break-down (%):
Bidayuh       :
Chinese      :
Malay           :    
Other races:    

Bau has 
40 Primary Schools including 9 Chinese medium primary schools.
And has 3
Secondary Schools

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