Left :The white colonial-baroque Clock Tower was added in 1883

Right : Charles Brooke Memorial added in 1924.


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The Court House Complex  was built in 1871 as the seat of Sarawak's government, and was used for this purpose as late as 1973. Located at junction of Main Bazaar and Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, facing the Waterfront

It is a superb collection of buildings, with magnificent belian (ironwood) roofs and beautiful detailing inside and out, reflecting local art forms.

The colonial-baroque Clock Tower was added in 1883 and the Charles Brooke Memorial in 1924.

The complex also includes The Pavilion Building - a piece of old New Orleans transplanted to Kuching, completed in 1909 used for many years as the General Hospital and now transformed into Sarawak's Textile Museum - and The Round Tower, originally planned as a fort (1886), then used as a dispensary, and nowadays the headquarters of the Sarawak Craft Council.

Following restoration of the original buildings and redevelopment, this important heritage site reopened in 2003. Now known as the Sarawak Tourism Complex, the area also houses the Visitor Information Centre.

Old Court House was built in 1874 to bring together all government offices and venue for all state ceremonies.

Sarawak State council meetings were held here from the fifth council meeting in 1878 until 1973.

This impressive building is covered with belian (iron wood) roof. Belian wood was commonly uses for roof top during those days.

The building body is  decorated with beautiful engravings reflecting local art form. It now houses the High Court, the Magistrate's Court and several government departments. Earlier in 1847, it was originally the site of a missionary judicial administrative office.