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Malaysia-China Friendship Park
Kuching,  Sarawak

Cerebrating Long Term Friendship
Between Two Great Nations



Sponsored By
Ministry of Tourism

implemented by
Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan

Neat with impressive Chinese architectural designs. A park built in 2005 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Malaysia – China diplomatic relations.

Main entrance to the Malaysia-China Friendship Park in Kuching City. 

The park is located on 2.8 hectares in Tabuan Heights, a residential area within the Tabuan Jaya district in Kuching.

Erected by the Malaysian & China Government, the park symbolizes the long-standing relations between Malaysia and China.

Named as "Taman Sahabat" (Friendship Park). The park was completed in 2005 to commemorate a 30 years of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China.

Zheng-He was a Muslim admiral in the Chinese Ming dynasty who made 7 voyages in the 15th Century to other Asian countries, including Malaysia, India and Africa.

Zheng-He was recently made more famous with Gavin Menzies's book  "1421: The year the Chinese discovered the world" in which he postulates that Zheng He discovered America before Columbus

A Chinese architectural styles restaurant serves "dim sum"...thing to have after your "tai chi" routines.

The Voyages of Admiral Zheng He

Zheng-He (Cheng Ho), 1371-1433, was an admiral, diplomat and explorer during China’a Ming dynasty. He was born in 1371 to a poor ethnic Hui (Chinese Muslims) family in Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Emperor Yong Le selected him to lead the first of seven epic expeditions (1405-1433) to South East Asia.

In 1405 Zheng-He started the world’s first biggest naval expedition. His fleet consisted of over 300 ships with over 60 treasure ships measuring 150 meters in length and 83 meters in width and equipped with more than 28,000 crew. Zheng-He made one last voyage (1431-1433) during the reign of Emperor Zhu Zhanji when his fleets visited more than 37 countries in the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Africa.

Zheng-He made a total of seven voyages within a period of 23 years.

According to the Malay Annals, Zheng-He escorted a contingent of 500 court maidens together with a princess called Hang Li Po to marry the Sultan Mansur Syah of Malacca. These 500 maidens eventually settled in Bukit Cina in Melacca. The descendants of these mixed marriages with  local natives in Malaysia are know today as “Baba and Nyoya”

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