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Tanjung Datu National Park

This National Park is located in the Kuching Division, at the westernmost tip of Sarawak near the Indonesian border. Gazette in 1994, it is Sarawak's latest addition to its string of National Parks and also the smallest, covering an area of only 1,379 hectares. Situated in a mountainous region whose steep ranges almost hug the shore, the area features swift flowing rivers whose crystal clear waters bear no traces of pollution. Its shoreline comprise some of Sarawak's most beautiful beaches with sparkling sand and seas of aquamarine glittering in the sun. The existence of a coral shore also sets it apart

from the other coastal areas of Sarawak.


The area is densely covered by lush vegetation of the mixed dipterocarp forests, supporting a myriad variety of habitats, intricately beautiful plants and intriguing wildlife.


Facilities for visitors are currently being developed within the park area. Once completed, the park will be open to visitors.

Future plans include the establishment of a marine park to preserve the delicate marine ecosystem thus ensuring the perpetuation of its diverse marine life.


It is accessible by road via Lundu and Sematan. From Sematan proceed by boat to Tanjung Datu. The whole journey takes about 3y hours.

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