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Lambir Hills National Park

The Lambir Hills National Park, gazette in 1975, covers an area of approximately 6,952 hectares south-west of Miri. The highest peak rises some 450 meters above sea level, in a chain of sandstone hills bounded by rugged cliffs. The lush valleys and lower slopes are covered with mixed dipterocarp forests while heath forests dominate the upper regions. The silence within this green wilderness is broken only by the calls of various birds and the roar of the mighty waterfalls plunging down into the emerald green depths of rocky pools below.


Composed mostly of mixed dipterocarps and kerangas, the area is rich in palms of the licuala species and the stilt rooted Eugeissona. The ground flora includes an exotic mix of various species of Ariods, Ginger, Ferns, Terrestial orchids. Epiphytes and Vines. Hill casuarinas cover the kerangas (heath) forests of the upper regions while the ground flora is largely composed of shrubs, ferns and pitcher plants.

The forest supports a rich and varied wildlife with 157 species of birds heading the list. There are also bats, various rodents, the scaly ant eating pangolins, bearded pigs, barking deer, monkeys and Bornean gibbons to name a few.


Its proximity to Miri makes this an ideal destination for those seeking to get away from it all, for a few days or over the weekend.

A 40 meter tree tower provides spectacular views of the dipterocarp forest. Get a closer look at the forest canopy and get acquainted with the various species of flora. This is also a good opportunity to do a spot of bird watching.

Go jungle trekking along the forest trails in this species rich forest and immerse yourself in nature's ways. With the rich variety of species around, you're bound to discover something new and exciting along the way. For the uninitiated, a suspension bridge adds to the fun and adventure.

At the end of it all awaits a rocky pool of such enchanting green that you simply cannot resist. So take a dip in the cool, emerald green depths and come out totally refreshed.


There are ample accommodation facilities for overnight stay.


3 two-room units

(with 3 beds per room)

4 two-room units

(with 2 beds per room)

Other facilities include public toilets and washrooms for day-trippers, a canteen and an information center.

Applications for permits and reservations for accommodation can be made at the National Parks booking office, Miri.


The park is easily, accessible, being only half-an-hours drive away from Miri. You may opt to join the organized trips departing Miri in the early morning and returning to Miri after lunch. Arrangements can also be made for overnight stays, on request.

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