Lian Hua Hill San Ching Temple
Miri City


Lian Hua San Ching Tien Taoist Temple - Located in the Krokop suburbs of Miri is South East Asia's largest Taoist temple was opened in 2000 and is cared for by Taoist priests.

San Ching Tian: Opened in 2000, this is one of the largest Taoist temples in South East Asia, cared for by Buddhist monks. It draws many Taoist devotees to Miri. Located in Krokop, it is only a five minutesí drive from the city centre.

Lian Hua San Ching Tien Miri Taoist Temple is the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia. Since it was established, it has attracted many Taoists to Miri. Located at Krokop Lorong 9, it is a mere 15 minutes drive from the city centre. This unique building showcases Chinese religious architecture and design.

It houses three massive statues depicting Taoist deities. Built similar in style and shape to ancient temples from in Mainland China, this structure makes the perfect backdrop for a souvenir picture.

Visitors to the temple will leave for home with some understanding about the Taoist philosophy from the monks staying in two buildings adjacent to the temple. Te temple also functions as a research and study centre for those interested in learning more about Taoism.



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