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Pulau Sulug

Sulug Island

A long sand spit jutting out into the ocean from a round hill (see photo above), Sulug Island is the most remote and least visited by tourists.

The island is a small rocky island with a long sand-spit that faces east. Well-known for its great swimming spots. Its major attraction are its coral reefs. Shoreline is rocky.

This 20-acre (16 ha) Pulau Sulug is more  protected from development and  popular with foreign visitors who prefer the quiet and abandoned atmosphere.

Good reef patches lie on the southern end.

Changing rooms and toilets, picnic shelters and tables are provided.

Supply of fresh water is available.

Pulau Sulug is the farthest island of TAR Park. Considered relatively untouched, remote and undeveloped.

Sulug Island is the least accessible island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Because of that, you can enjoy the most nature view of Sabah tropical island. Most of the time, there is no tourist on the island.

The island has a lot of seashells and corals on the beach.

Sulug Island is access by boat from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal  by 20 minutes boat.

The trail around the island is easy and pleasant and it can be completed in twenty minutes.

Campers and visitors staying overnight on the islands are advised to bring insect repellents to keep away mosquitoes.


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