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Bandar Baru Titingan
...a new Sabah's tourism destination...

This RM1.5 billion project will develop Kampung Titingan into Bandar Baru Titingan - the new Sabah's tourism destination.
The Bandar Baru Titingan would be built on a 326-acre site where the present Kampung Titingan is located.

Industrial Development Minister Datuk Ewon Ebin pointed out that the problems at the squatter area have reached critical level and had an impact on security aspects of Tawau.

Among the problems that the present illegal squatter kamoung created are health-related issues, drugs, crime, smuggling activities and illegal immigrants.

The area has become a major concern among leaders in Sabah because of its influence and negative impact on the entire Tawau population
This integrated and holistic development project is an co-project between SEDCO and Akar Budi Tuah Sdn Bhd.

The project would focus on need of commercial , administration, education, research and socio-economy.

This new bandar would also provide comfortable areas for recreational activities for the residents, Tawau community and tourists

Bandar Baru Titingan would include:

1) Tawau administration centre

2) Integrated biotechnology and medical centre

3) Hadhari and Islamic studies centre

4) Trade and commercial centre

5) Housing

6) Luxury condominiums (second housing programme)

7) Sports academy and recreation centre

8) Five star hotel and budget hotel

9) Marina and water resort

10) Seafront food centre and cultural village

This project has the potential to resolve the critical issues the Sabah Government is facing at the present squatter village, particularly to do with health arising from river pollution, haphazard drainage, fire outbreak threat, social ills like drugs, smuggling, illegal immigrants and gangsterism

The hotels and tourism centre would provide employment and business opportunities for the youths and people in Tawau in the near future.

Tawau has vast  economic attractions such as, oil palm, cocoa, timber, birds' nests, Danum Research and Biodiversity Centre, Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC), Sipadan Island and diversity in cultures.

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