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Regional Bus Terminal (Long-distance Terminal)
at Bandar Sri Indah, 16Km Jalan Apas, Tawau -Airport Road
Express Ferry Terminal
next to Fish Market


TAXI Station


Short-distance terminal
at Sabindo Square
Local Bus Station
at Jalan Stephen Tan
Tawau Regional Bus Terminal The old Tawau Regional Bus Terminal
(Old Long-distance bus terminal)
at Jalan Chen Fook, Tawau Town Center



The Local Minibus Terminal
at Jalan Stephen Tan

Tawau Bus Terminal, Jalan Stephen Tan

Tawau Bus Terminal, Jalan Stephen Tan

The Jalan Stephen Tan bus terminal was completed in 2012, providing facilities to 125 stage buses in Tawau  town

The RM3.4 million terminal new terminal for buses plying Jalan Apas and Jalan Kuhara is equipped with facilities such as better accessibility for the physically-challenged people.

This local buses from this terminal take you to other parts of Tawau like Kg Muhibbah or Jalan Apas

The other terminal for long-distance buses in Bandar Sri Indah, Jalan Apas was ready but the project was still being discussed.

Tawau Airport bus ticket counter The Airport Shuttle Bus ticket counter is located at this local bus terminal.
More about Airport Shuttle Bus

Tawau's minibus terminal is in front A & L Food Court Centre and Yong Hin Building. In this area is a busy area of the local traveller. Here you find 3 transport points :

1- Local Minibus Station - a bus station serving local routes
2- Taxi Station
3- Airport Shuttle Bus Stop

Taxi station is beside this Local Minibus Station. From here a taxi to airport is around Rm. 35-40.


Some location in Tawau  are not female-friendly area such the WaterFront, Fish Market and Local Bus Terminal. Young ladies do expect to get some horrid appraising looks from some of the street-men  which wasn't so nice.

In the early 2000s, it was a frequent sights to see street-children wandering and sleeping on the shop fronts. Thank to the effort of Federal Government, this street-children problem is under control - at least in the public areas.

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