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The Local Minibus Terminal

The new local bus terminal
Photo above : The new local bus terminal is under construction at the existing site of the old terminal.
Expected to be completed by August 2012

Temporary Local Bus Terminal
Photo above : Temporary Local Bus Terminal while the new bus terminal is under construction.

di Jalan Stephen Tan,

Tawau's minibus terminal is in front A & L Food Court Centre and Yong Hin Building. In this area is a busy area of the local traveller. Here you find 3 transport points :

1- Local Minibus Station - a bus station serving local routes

2- Taxi Station

3- Airport Shuttle Bus Stop.

Taxi station is beside this Local Minibus Station.

From here a taxi to airport is around Rm. 35-40.

The Airport Shuttle Bus station is located at Sabindo Long Distant Minibus Terminal.

Some location in Tawau  are not female-friendly area such the WaterFront, Fish Market and Local Bus Terminal. Young ladies do expect to get some horrid appraising looks from some of the street-men  which wasn't so nice.

In the early 2000s, it was a frequent sights to see street-children wandering and sleeping on the shop fronts. Thank to the effort of Federal Government, this street-children problem is under control - at least in the public areas.

Behind this local bus station you can find some one to repair you shoes at a reasonable price.


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