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Education System in Malaysia

Higher Education in Malaysia

Malaysia one of the preferred higher education destinations.
The higher education ministry of Malaysia is eyeing earnings worth RM6 billion through a projection of 200,000 international students in the country by 2020.
The earnings projection was based on an average of RM30,000 per student.
This is possible as Malaysia positioned itself as a stable, safe and relatively cheap place for overseas students to study.

Malaysia has become a popular destination for the pursuit of higher education among foreign students, more and more established reputable universities from around the world will set up their branch campuses here, working jointly with Malaysian universities and colleges.
The reasons Malaysia is a popular education destination :
1- Good quality and
2- Cost-effective education
With world-class education being offered through a wide range of diverse and flexible options, Malaysia is rated as the 11th preferred destination in the world for education.
Malaysian government was making the education sector an economic investment to attract foreign students. The country is fast becoming a centre of educational excellence in the region.
In 2012 Malaysia housed more than 93,000 international students from more than 100 countries, with 150,000 targeted by 2015 and 200,000 by 2020.
Ranked as the world's 11th largest exporter of educational services, Malaysian government is counting on the increased demand for quality education from students in existing and new markets, like the Middle East, China and Africa.


"From Abu Dhabi to Kazakhstan and then China, I am buoyed by the reception of others towards our higher education system. Though internally, some remain cynical towards our education system, I firmly believe that we have many good things going for us, and we continuously work hard to improve."

Malaysia’s Second Education Minister. He tweets at @idrisjusoh.


Higher Education in Malaysia
Higher Education in Malaysia

The status of appeal applications to higher learning institutions and premier polytechnics for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) could be checks through :

1) hotline at 03-88706767,
2) helpline at 03-88706777,
3) general line at 03-88706755/6766,
4) the institutions official websites and
5) short message system (SMS) by typing UPU RESULT (MyCard number) and send to 15888.

The results of the appeal are final. If no offer is received from any IPTA/premier polytechnic until June 30, the appeal is considered unsuccessful.

Students could check and print out the official offer letter through the IPTA's websites or Polytechnic Education Department, beginning on June 15

The Department of Higher Education is one of the four sectors under the Ministry of Higher Education which regulates Malaysia's higher educational institutions affairs. It was formed with the establishment of the Ministry of Higher Education on 27 March 2004.

The department is made up of several sectors or divisions that manage the vital processes in higher education that gears Malaysian higher institutions towards excellence through the coordination of policies, funding and activities.

These divisions play their respective roles in improving the quality of education services and ensuring that programmers offered by the public and private higher educational institutions in Malaysia are of high quality and international standards.

These divisions / sectors are:  
> Public Higher Education Management Sector• Public Higher Education Governance Division• Public Higher Education Student Recruitment Management Division• Academic Development Management Division  
> Private Higher Education Management Sector• Registration & Standard Division• Enforcement & Inspectorate Division• Private Higher Education Governance Division
> Industrial Relations Division
> Student Affairs & Development Division
> Education Marketing Division
> Management Services Division
> Data & Information Centre 

The key functions of Department of Higher Education are:  
• To draft, implement, monitor and evaluate policies, programmers and activities of higher educational institutions with an aim towards higher education excellence.  
• To develop an efficient and innovative management system for higher educational institutions.  
• To plan and ensure that the establishment of higher educational institutions and their facilities are conducive and of high quality which are at par with international best practices. • To plan and coordinate the establishment of centers of excellence at higher educational institutions. • To develop academicians of higher educational institutions who possess high scholastic qualifications to excel in their respective specialized fields. • To research, draft, update and enforce the Acts that are related to higher education. • To plan and coordinate policies that inculcate a research culture by strengthening research activities, development and commercialization through better collaboration among higher educational institutions, industries and the government. • To develop, monitor and supervise academic programmers of higher educational institutions to fulfill the needs of the employment market and to gain international recognition. • To draft, coordinate and execute the policies for local and international student admissions into higher educational institutions. • To draft and coordinate policies as well as to plan the personal development and welfare of Malaysian students studying in local and foreign higher educational institutions, so as to produce holistic graduates in line with the national aspiration. • To plan, encourage and coordinate activities forth internationalization of Malaysian higher educational through various strategic approaches. • To plan, implement and coordinate marketing activities of higher education locally and internationally, towards positioning Malaysia as a Centre of Educational Excellence.


Sectors and Divisions under the Department of Higher Education  :
The Department of Higher Education is headed by the Director-General of Education and it consists of the following sectors, divisions and an administrative unit, each with its individual roles in achieving the vision and mission of the Department. They are:  
• Industrial Relations Division• Student Affairs and Development Division• Education Marketing Division• Academic Development Management Division• Public Higher Education Governance Division• Public Higher Education Student Intake Management Division• Registration and Standards Division• Enforcement and Inspectorate Division• Management Services Division• Data and Information Centre  
Functions of Various Divisions  
In relevance to this directory, only two divisions are featured here.> Industrial Relations Division  
• To encourage cooperation between public universities and the industry.• To coordinate entrepreneurship programmes at public university level.• To carry out research on the effectiveness of higher educational institutions (HEI) graduates.• To strengthen activities of Research and Development (R & D) in HEI to achieve commercialization.• To produce graduates who are independent and can fulfill the manpower requirements of the country both in the public and private sectors.• To develop the academic resources of HEI.
• To provide management to Majlis Kerjasama Industri, Universiti dan Kerajaan (MKIUK) as a platform to establish a firm collaboration among these three parties.• To coordinate the participation of the industries in the form of HEI curriculum that is relevant to current needs through input from the industries and government agencies.• To outline the programmes and the training mechanism in the industry for the academia manpower / IPT graduates.
• To outline the programmes and mechanism of the industry placement to enable the placement of academia manpower in the Industry to enhance the respective expertise.  
• To cooperate with the industries, universities and related Government Agencies to prepare entrepreneur / career programmes for HEI graduates.  
• To plan and monitor the allocation and the activities of fundamental research of HEIs.  
• To manage the participation of the Industry in the dealings of commercialisation of the R&D products of HEIs.  
• To materialise the cooperation for maximising the utilisation of the resources and manpower at HEIs, Research Institution and Industry through Smart Partnership.  
• To gather, coordinate and disseminate information on the collaboration between industries, universities and the Government using one complete system of information management.  
• To study the needs of the industries for human capital with Bachelor's Degrees / Diploma qualifications.  

Education Marketing Division  
This division To ensure that the marketing and promotion of qualityMalaysian higher education is disseminated widely and effectively to local and international targets besides obtaining international recognition.  It promote Malaysian higher education in and outside the country.  

• To plan, manage and evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing activities for higher education in and outside of Malaysia.
• To manage the resource centre and the information system of the marketing of higher education of Malaysia.  
• To plan and manage foreign countries' recognition activities towards the academic programmes conducted at the institutions of higher education and the fact-finding mission activity for new markets.  
• To manage private higher educational institutions (PHEI)'s applications that have obtained approval from the Inland Revenue of Malaysia for Double Deduction Incentive (DDI) for the purpose of exporting higher education.  
• To manage and coordinate the operations of the Malaysia Education Promotion Offices outside the country.  
• To manage visits to the Department and institutions of higher learning by foreign delegates in the field of higher education.  
• To manage the coordination among various parties of the ministry, public and private agencies, representatives of Malaysia in foreign countries, foreign embassies in Malaysia as well as certain bodies related to the promotion of Malaysia's higher education.  
• To manage and coordinate the collaboration between institutions of higher education in Malaysia and international institutions or bodies in the academic field.  
• To coordinate HEIs' participation in the country's higher education marketing programmes in and outside the country.  
• To organize meetings related to the globalization of higher education with government agencies, private agencies and foreign embassies in Malaysia.
• To cooperate with the MOHE's Scholarship Division in the management and selection of PHEIs and candidates for awarding 'Kuala Lumpur Plan Awards' scholarships and other scholarships offered by international bodies to HEI students.  
• To coordinate and monitor the students' and lecturers' exchange programmes between local and international HEIs.
• To assess and manage the establishment of academic seats in overseas universities, the appointment of officer for the academic seats, financial needs and meetings of the Board of Trustees for the said seats.  
• To coordinate and manage the Department's and HEIs' involvement with the international bodies such as: SEAMEO-RIHED, UNESCO, ISESCO and AUN.  
• To assess and coordinate the establishment of international institutions of learning in Malaysia such as the establishment of Institute of Global Health, United Nations University in UKM and Malaysia- Japan University of Technology.  
• To prepare the input and feedback for the purpose of negotiation in the field of higher education at international level such as Joint Working Group, WTO and GATS.  
• To manage and coordinate public universities' application for international collaboration agreements as well as applications to conduct conferences / forums / international seminars.  

• To ensure that the marketing programmes for higher education is executed according to the planned strategies.  
• To ensure that the latest and accurate information regarding education opportunities at institutions of higher education is disseminated in and outside of the country.  
• To ensure that every institution of higher learning has an effective basic and internationalization planning.

The different divisions under the Department of Higher Education will concentrate on their respective areas in improving the quality of education services and ensuring that programmes offered by the public and private higher educational institutions in Malaysia are of high quality and international standards.

Department of Higher Education has established promotional offices in Dubai, Jakarta, Ho-Chi Minh City and Beijing. A Technical Committee has also been formed to make Malaysia a Centre of Excellence. A Technical Committee on 'Edu-Tourism' was also formed. Other marketing strategies include incentives offered to institutions promoting education overseas; recognition of Malaysian degrees by foreign countries and the establishment of the new national quality agency for both private and public higher educational institutions, i.e. Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The ultimate aim of all these strategies is to make Malaysia a 'favored' destination for international and local students to pursue their tertiary education besides making education an important export commodity that will generate foreign exchange for the country.



Higher Education Management Sectors in Malaysia