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Stronger education ties with India on information technology (IT) and medical research can benefit Malaysia. India is well known for developments in both IT and Medical sectors.

Mobility of staff and students between Malaysian and Indian universities will be key to making the collaboration work. This includes sending students on exchange programmes or full-time courses to both countries and for academic staff to establish research institutes and work together on publishing research.

"We recognize India as a country that is well known for IT and medical research so we hope we can benefit by learning from them,"

Education Ministry's Critical Agenda Project internationalization chairman Prof Dr Mohd Ismail Aziz. During opening a higher education workshop at USM between Malaysian and Indian academic representatives on 15th April 2014.


IT Courses in United Kingdom

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The UK is the place to be for information and communications technology (ICT) ingenuity and inventions, with new ideas and innovations being developed almost on a daily basis. Many developments in integrated circuits, telecommunications and the Internet have been achieved by UK computer scientists. For example, the creation of the World Wide Web - revolutionizing the Internet - would not have been possible had it not been for Oxford graduate Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, who had the idea of merging the Internet and hypertext.

The UK has also become a natural choice for industries seeking critical ICT support. One example is the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing, where most teams are either based in the UK or have UK-educated engine and chassis designers, using the latest equipment and custom-built software created by ICT experts. These teams have helped raised the profile of ICT and engineering to levels that are unmatched globally.

There is a vast range of ICT courses available right here in Malaysia. Some courses have a strong mathematical focus; others are more vocational in approach, or are more applications-orientated. Numerous specializations and combinations are available in ICT courses. These include:

artificial intelligence business systems simulation and modeling Internet and web development software engineering/technology systems analysis mobile computing multimedia networking e-business technology and management.

There is currently great demand for the skills needed to manage the huge amount of information that organizations collect and the volume of information on the Internet. Hence, institutions' ICT and mathematics departments often collaborate with industry. ensuring that their courses remain practical and their students highly employable.

There is much to gain from the study of ICT. It is shaping our world, the way we live, think and make choices. The UK remains a world leader in ICT developments with its rich history of innovation. However, don't just look back at this success, but look forward and be a part of an exciting future.

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