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(formerly known as KMYS)

Lembah Beringin, P.O. Box 62, 35900 Tanjung Malim,  Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia
Tel 603 6460 1234
Fax 603 6460 1122


Kolej Yayasan UEM (formerly known as KMYS) is a fully-residential, A-Level college that is located in a 51-acre site in Lembah Beringin. Selangor. It is situated approximately 70km north of Kuala Lumpur along the North-South Expressway.

The College is modeled after top boarding schools in the United Kingdom. Indeed, the College was established with the assistance of Winchester College, one of UK's best- known boarding schools.

Like top UK schools, KYUEM seeks to provide a broad, liberal education that produces not only academically well-qualified students, but also individuals with a sense of responsibility towards their fellows, their families and their country. In essence, KYUEM aims to produce high caliber future citizens.

Academic Strengths
KYUEM has produced excellent results consistently In 2006. 46 per cent of its students obtained three A's or more, up three per cent from 43 per cent in 2005. It has produced the world's top three scorers in the A-Level examinations in 2005-06 in Biology, Mathematics and Sociology.
An overwhelming majority of its students meet the qualifying grade requirements of their respective sponsoring agencies and the universities that they apply to, including highly competitive medical schools in Australia and the United Kingdom.  
Thus far, the great majority of KYUEM students have obtained places in top universities in the UK. Australia, or even the USA. In 2007, for example, one-fourth of the students intending to go to the UK for further studies obtained entry into prestigious institutions
such as Imperial College, the London School of Economics, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.
What is probably even more impressive is the fact that its alumni continue to excel in the universities they go to. In 2004, eight of KYUEM's alumni graduated with First Class Honours from the Department of Electronics and Computer Science from the University of Southampton.
KYUEM has a team of well-qualified and highly experienced teachers, nearly 40 per cent of whom are British and Indian expatriate teachers. The teachers are carefully selected to further develop the academic and other talents of our students. All of KYUEM's students and staff are housed in apartments on-site.
All teachers are also tutors, with pastoral care responsibilities. Therefore, the teachers know more than just the academic grades of their students. Much of the teaching and learning is enquiry-based, Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their studies and organize their time effectively. In this way, they are being prepared for university life and routine, often in marked contrast to what is experienced in school.

Programme Outline
KYUEM accepts students for its "A" level programmes in January and July. Admission is dependent on successful public examinations and whilst the majority of students receive major scholarship awards from Malaysian corporations, 'privately' sponsored students are also welcomed. The 18-month course starts in January, and the two-year programme commences in July.
The tranquil setting of KYUEM allows students to work hard with few distractions. The academic curriculum at KYUEM is very demanding, On top of their core 3 or 4 A'-level subjects.
students also read one or two A level subjects of their choice and other compulsory Key Skill subjects which include ICT Skills, Thinking skills (certified by Cambridge International Examination) and the compulsory Islamic/ Moral and Malaysian Studies.

Academic Departments
Department of Arts  
Subjects: Accounting, Economics. English Literature, History Sociology, Business Studies and Psychology
Department of Science
Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computing
Department of Mathematics
Subjects: Mathematics and Further Mathematics
KYUEM has a very high success rate in preparing and placing students to read Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, Economics, Actuarial Science, Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Information Technology Architecture, Bio-Technology and many other programmes at university level.

Academic Facilities
KYUEM has excellent modern, state-of-the- art facilities, including three information and communication technology (ICT) laboratories with full Internet access; nine science laboratories; three for physics, four for chemistry and three for biology; a library and an ICT-equipped resource centre; classroom teaching facilities; two large lecture halls; assembly hall with a weekly assembly; a 1 duo-seat great hall; a large sports hall with weight rooms and squash rooms; tennis, netball and basketball courts; large playing fields; and a 50-metre swimming pool.
The laboratories are available at other times for private study KYUEM has an Internet and Intranet network which students can access for Internet and e-mail purposes
through the day. Each chalet is equipped with a computer and students can use the computer throughout the day. The surau is centrally situated and is approved for Friday prayer. There is an Olympic-size swimming pool where all students learn to swim,

Student Support Services
KYUEM offers a wealth of pastoral experience to our students and are able to advise, monitor, discuss and report upon progress.
We have a house system where there are four houses and students become members of one of these houses. Each house is led by a Housemistress or Housemaster who is assisted by the House Tutors. Together, they look after the welfare of the students. The students, therefore, have allegiance to a relatively small unit (their house) in the school and this provides healthy competition in the extra-curricular life in the College, The houses are part of our array of services; counseling, academic, medical, administrative and co- curricular which ensures that there is always someone to turn to, always someone from whom expert guidance can be sought, when students face difficult choices or encounter problems.
KYUEM students live in unique accommodation - chalets and apartments; they have their own individual bed sitting room. and share facilities in the chalet with three other students. They dine on campus - either in the large dining room where all meals are served, or in a smaller cafeteria which remains open for most of the day and evening, at nominal meal costs.
KYUEM is equally ambitious in developing the lives of its students out of the classroom. Our extensive facilities provide for each and every individual with a wide selection of activities that would enables them to explore their potential in a diverse and interesting way The Duke of Edinburgh Award, an internationally recognized extra-curricular programme, .underpins such activities and the majority of students in KYUEM gain at least a bronze Award. Some have continued to achieve the more challenging and prestigious Silver Award.
Sport activities include football, hockey, rugby tennis, badminton, squash, swimming and martial arts clubs while other activities include language societies, Creative Club, Animedia, Rotaract, College Yearbook and College student magazine 'Veritas', Drama Club, Concert Club and a Debating Society that meets three times a term.
KYUEM is looking for students who will value broad education, who recognize the importance of general knowledge and are keen to participate enthusiastically in the extra-curricular programmes in their genuine Endeavour to develop themselves holistically to become true citizens of Malaysia.
Expeditions are regularly organized, and many KYUEM students have conquered Mount Kinabalu and many more experienced scuba diving off the coast of Tioman Island. The biology expedition has now become a yearly, weeklong expedition that is experienced by all biology students. Last year's expedition was a research project in Teluk Rubiah, Lumut.
Choosing a university and the right course of study is the most difficult decision that all students have to face. The counsellor provides the much-needed advice to assist students with this.

In the June 2006 A level examinations, KYUEM achieved a high record in its academic performance. Forty-six per cent of all candidates scored 3 or more A's. 90% proceeded to top universities in the UK that include Oxford, Cambridge. Edinburgh, Warwick, Sheffield, Imperial College, Southampton and London School of Economics. For medicine, many of KYUEM students have also transferred to the Irish Medical Schools Consortium namely NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin. University College Cork and University College Dublin. A considerably small number of students have moved on to degree courses in Australia, the United States and at home, in Malaysia.


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