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University College Sedaya International (UCSI)

University College Sedaya International (UCSI)
UCSI - University College Sedaya International
Kuala Lumpur Campus
No. 1, Jalan Menara Gading,
UCSI Heights, Cheras 56000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (+603) 9101-8880
Fax: (+603) 9102-3606

UCSI - University College Sedaya International
Terengganu Campus
Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Khor
Marang, PT 11065, Mukim Rusila
21600 Marang, Terengganu Darul Iman
Tel: (+609) 628 1880, (+609) 628 1889
Fax: (+609) 628 1885

Sedaya International College Sarawak
Lot 2498, Block 16
Kuching Central Land District
Jalan Tun Jugah
93350 Kuching
Tel:(+6082) 455 255
Fax:(+6082) 455 015

On 13 September 2003. Sedaya International College was awarded University College status by the Ministry of Education and henceforth became UCSI (University College Sedaya International), This is a landmark achievement for an institution of higher learning that has made its mark as a provider of higher education in Malaysia for the past two decades.
Established in 1986, UCSI is among the few Malaysian private institutions to offer a wide spectrum of academic studies ranging from Medicine to Pharmacy Engineering to Information Technology and Business, Applied Sciences to Nursing, and from Social Sciences to Music.
Today UCSI offers undergraduate programmes with honours and post-graduate degree programmes in various disciplines. UCSI degrees are accepted for postgraduate studies by many internationally recognized universities around the world, UCSI degrees also allow students to transfer to other foreign universities. Most UCSI programmes are moderated by the University of East London, except those that are governed by the respective Boards of professional bodies.
As an institution with excellent educational track record, UCSI is forging ahead into the 21 s+ century by providing diverse programmes with cutting- edge technology taught by excellent lecturers and supported by state-of-the-art facilities, It is a private limited company founded in 1986 by President Peter T. S. Ng, together with a few fellow Canadian university graduates, Their vision then, as it is now. is to provide holistic quality education to students. Back then, the institute was known as the Canadian Institute of Computer Science (CICS), a computer- based training centre in Petaling Jaya.
In 1990, the Institute became Sedaya College, the word Sedaya meaning "One Effort" in the national language, Gradually as the student body grew there was a real need to expand, and Sedaya College relocated to Cheras in 1997.
In 1998, Sedaya College further expanded by opening a branch campus in Sibu, Sarawak, which has now moved to Kuching, UCSI was accorded University College status in 2003 and shortly after, moved into its own 14-acre campus in UCSI Heights, Cheras, to meet the increasing student population and the ever-growing demands of providing quality education,

> Profile of Academicians
UCSI has 240 lecturers as of May 2007, with 35 of them being foreign lecturers. Our lecturers bring with them a gamut of experience and expertise both foreign and local. We have more than 30 academicians with doctorate degrees and around 130 with a Master's degree. Our minimum academic staff requirement is a Bachelor's degree, Our lecturer-to-student ratio stands at 1: 20.
As a research university, UCSI takes its research and development responsibilities seriously In 1998, the Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) was set up to co-ordinate research work. In 2005, CRE's Manager, one of UCSI's own business computing graduates, secured a government research grant of nearly RM 1 million to undertake a 24-month project titled the "Volumetric Display Using Light Emitting Diodes" (Volex).
UCSI is also at the forefront of medicine pricing research through the initiative of a senior lecturer from its School of Pharmacy, UCSI hosted an e- moil forum on medicine pricing, consisting of almost 200 active researchers from across the globe. These are but a few examples of UCSI's strong commitment to research excellence.

> Employability of Graduates
UCSI is not about earning a piece of paper qualification, UCSI is about nurturing a community of true scholars, employable graduates and life-long learners.

> Employability Profile
UCSI does not want to give students just a degree; UCSI wants to give students an employable profile for life.
We do this by;
providing a Co-Operative Industrial Placement Programme which automatically gives graduates six-months work experience upon graduation,
building an employability profile for every student, which includes not just grades but also achievement records of every learning experience gained in and out of the classroom,
collaborating with UCSI lecturers, UCSI researchers and industrial partners to prepare graduates for specific employment opportunities, and
providing post-graduation training that will increase the skills and knowledge of every member of the UCSI alumni,

> International Linkages and Partner Universities
Canada - University of Manitoba - University of Winnipeg - University of Lethbridge - University of New Brunswick
Australia - University of Queensland (Brisbane) - Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne) - Deakin University (Melbourne) - Charles Sturt University (Albury-Wodonga/ Wagga Wagga)

- Curtin University of Technology (Perth) - Flinders University (Adelaide) - Murdoch University (Perth) - La Trobe University (Melbourne)
United Kingdom - University of Sunderland (City of Sunderland) - University of Wolverhampton (City of Wolverhampton) - University of Central Lancashire (Preston/ Penrith/Carlisle) - Northumbria University (Newcastle) - University of Glamorgan (Pontypridd.Wales) - Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, Scotland)
New Zealand - Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, North Island) - 0+ago University (Dunedin, South Island) - Lincoln University (Canterbury, South Island) - Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington, North Island)
USA - Bemidji State University - Fairleigh Dickinson University - Murray State University - Wichita State University - SUNY Plattsburgh - Western Illinois University

Student Support Services and Student Development Activities
Student Affairs Office
UCSI's Student Affairs Office was set up to cater to the academic, social and personal needs of students. UCSI understands that students are often in a quandary when faced with too many choices and options. By being involved with students in areas other than academia, UCSI is able to develop a closer relationship with them.
Co-Operative Education Department
The Co-operative Placement Programme is essentially an industrial practical training module added on to UCSI students' tertiary education. This programme requires students to be employed in a company/firm/organization for two months each year for relevant and practical industrial training related to their fields of study
Rakan Muda Secretariat
The Rakan Muda Secretariat (RMS) is a body within UCSI that promotes Rakan Muda activities and its vision to all the students, Although independent of the University, RMS is parked under the Student Affairs Office (SAO) because the RMS works closely with the SAO for the benefit of students.
International University Placement Centre (IUPC)
The IUPC is linked to internationally-recognized universities around the world, especially in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. It acts as a one-stop centre for student placement into overseas universities,
Student Wellness Unit
This unit provides counselling and support services to students who require advice and assistance, be it personal, social or academic. This unit comprises experienced counsellors who provide both students and parents with various counselling and guidance services, It also caters to the needs of the academically-weaker students by arranging for academic assistance to enable them to cope with their studies at UCSI.
Will Group
The Will Group is a complementary service provide by the Student Wellness Unit. The group was set up specifically to tutor students experiencing difficulty in certain areas of their studies. This service is supported by both UCSI professors as well as scholarship students who volunteer to help peers grapple with difficult concepts and theories in their academic disciplines.
Student Clubs & Societies
UCSI does not have the conventional variety of ethnic-based culture clubs, Instead, the university has only one Culture Club whose committee and members are drawn from across the many cultures and nationalities studying at UCSI, Cultural events are organized by the main committee members with the assistance of sub-committee members, The objective of such an arrangement is to promote national and international integration as well as to foster multi-cultural experiences amongst students across the board.
UCSI Computer Services Department
Students and staff who require assistance in computer trouble-shooting can always depend on the fast and efficient services provided by this Department whose personnel are technically competent.  

Scholarships / Financial Aids
UCSI offers various scholarships and financial aid
> Tan Sri Ahmad Razali Merit Scholarship Awards 2007 > UCSI Scholarship (Internal) > A - Levels Scholarship > Star Education Fund > Sin Chew Daily Scholarship Awards > Nanyang Tertiary Education Scholarship > NST-MAPCU Scholarship Awards > Programmes Eligible for the National Higher Education Fund (PerbadananTabung Pendidikan Tinggi Negara, PTPTN) loan

Recognition and Achievements UCSI has won numerous awards and accomplished much during its 21 years. Listed below are some of our more recent accomplishments.
Ministry of International Trade and Industry Special Awards for Quality 2006
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) MSC-Status Company (Since 1999)
International Standards Organization (ISO) ISO 9001 2000 Certification


Achievements Corporate Social Responsibility
As a good corporate citizen, UCSI takes its social responsibility seriously. As a university that cares, it has had the privilege of aiding the less fortunate, both nationally and internationally, Last year, it extended help to the underprivileged in Malaysia as well as to disaster-stricken lands beyond its shores.
One such example was Banda Acheh. In the wake of the 26 December 2004 tsunami, UCSI dispatched a medical relief team consisting of its own medical officers Dr. Molly John and Dr. Hj. Mohd.Ramzan Abd, Ghafoor, as well as Prof, Dr. Norfadzillah Hitam (Vice President for Research, Student & Corporate Affairs) and En, Abu Bakar Jalaluddin (UCSI Group Legal Advisor). Flown in courtesy of the Malaysian Royal Air Force, they spent a week in Banda Aceh, providing medical and teaching assistance, besides psychological and emotional support to the victims. UCSI staff and students also raised about RM20.000 in cash and kind. The University also accepted
Rizal Shahputra who survived a 9-day ordeal floating at sea following the attack of the killer waves, to further his education at UCSI as a fully- sponsored student.

The UCSI community again showed their selflessness by donating RM 1,780 in cash for the victims of the Pakistani earthquake. The cheque was handed over to the Head of the Chancellery at the Pakistan High Commission in Kuala Lumpur in early December 2006.

On the local front, the UCSI community displayed its charitable spirit for the under-privileged by raising donations through various events such as:
- UCSI-NKF Charity Drive (RM9.360)
- UCSI Wheelchair Marathon for the disabled community (RM13,000)
- Annual Charity Concert (raised RM 3.596 to the Beautiful Gate Disabled Caring Centre)
- Merdeka Charity Drive (RM710 worth of foodstuff for kidney dialysis patients)
- Deepavali and Buka Puasa dinner with orphans and single mothers from Kampung Medan(RM7J86),
- Christmas celebration with orphans from Kajang
Patenting and Commercializing Research & Development Products
UCSI's active R&D efforts have successfully resulted in the patenting and commercialization of several of its inventions, through the Centre for Research & Development: the Infrared Lighting System (ILS), the Modular Socket (MOST) and the Global Positioning System Power Metering.

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