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 TATI University College, Terengganu - School of Marine Technology

TATI University College
(previously Terengganu Advanced Technical Institute (TATI))

A private university college in Malaysia.

Established on June 11, 1993 as Terengganu Advanced Technical Institute (TATI) by the state of government of Terengganu, Malaysia.

TATiUC offers courses with hands-on practicals(70%) and theory (30%) in the fields of manufacturing technology, electricaland automation technology, chemical technology, and computer and media technology with specialization in the areas of tool and dye making, tool and dye design, CNC machining, mechatronics, robotics, computer integrated systems, electronics and instrumentation, polymer and computer network (CISCO).

Faculties :
1- Chemical Engineering Technology
2- Computer, Media, and Technology
3- Electrical and Automation
4- Manufacturing Engineering Technology
5- Academic centres[edit]

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