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Education Funding in Malaysia

How to get Funding for Higher Education

There ore many types of financial aid available for students in Malaysia which include scholarships, study loans, commercial bank study loans and other financial assistance, from both the public and private sectors. Below are three popular public financial aids.

> The Public Services Department (JPA) Sponsorship Programme
The Public Services Department, PSD (JPA) offers scholarships to excellent students to pursue their studies in either local or overseas higher institutions at Diploma and Bachelor's degree levels.
JPA's Local Programme for Bachelor's Degree Qualifications
Under this local programme, JPA offers scholarships to excellent achievers to study in local institutions of higher learning. The scholarship is usually offered to students who are interested in pursuing courses which are classified as 'critical' such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering as well as Science & Technology courses.

> National Higher Education Fund
(Perbodanan Tbbung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN), Ministry of Higher Education)
The National Higher Education Fund (Perbadbnon Tobung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional, PTPTN) was established under the National Higher Education Act 1997 (Act 566) and started its full operations on 1 November 1999. Its prime objectives are:
• to provide loans to eligible students ot higher educational institutions (both public and private) who are pursuing courses at Diploma and Bachelor's degree levels os well as Master's degree levels;
• to provide saving schemes; as well os
• to manage funds for higher education.

> The Ministry of Higher Education - Scholarship Division
The Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, has a Scholarship Division which provides opportunities for higher education for all levels of society. It is committed in ensuring that all students and officers have access to financial aid, in the form of study loans and scholarships for the various stages of higher education.
There are some scholarships under this Ministry. They ore:
(a) Matriculation Studies Scholarship
- This scholarship is awarded to studentts enrolled in IPTA like KUIM, UiTM, UIAM, UM (Islamic studies) ond UPM
- Award amount includes tuition fees, acccommodation allowances, pocket money and airfare (for students living in Sabah / Sarawak)
(b) Student Loan Fund
- This loan is offered to students takinng certificate courses at
Polytechnics and Community Colleges
(c) Federal Training Award Scheme
This scheme is offered:
- To Academicians of Polytechnics and Coommunity Colleges
- For long term programmes at the Masterr's and PhD levels
- For the field of studies based on the requirements of the Division of Training and Careers of the Department of Polytechnics and Community College Education


Star Education Fund
Providing deserving young people the chance to pursue their tertiary studies.

2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the fund, and a total of 226 scholarship awards worth almost RM9.6mil were pledged by 29 of the fund’s partners-in-education.

The scholarships are primarily for deserving students who cannot afford higher education so that they can have a chance to fulfil their dreams.

The Star’s partners-in-education are :
Brickfields Asia College;
Equator Academy of Art,
Penang; Erican College;
Han Chiang College;
HELP University;
IACT College;
INTI International Universities & Colleges;
Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur;
KDU University College;
KDU College,
Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman;
Management & Science University;
Methodist College;
Multimedia University;
Portman College;
PTPL Penang;
Raffles College of Higher Education;
Saito College;
SEGi University;
Sentral Technology College, Penang;
Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd;
Sunway University;
Sunway College;
Sunway College Johor Baru;
Taylor’s University;
The One Academy of Communication Design;
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus;
UCSI University Trust;
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Financial Aids
For more information, please contact the Department of Student Services at 03-26877000.

For updates on PTPTN loans, please see their online forum or contact the Department of Student Services at 03-26877000.

EPF Withdrawal
Parents may withdraw their EPF Account 2 for their children’s education. For more information, please contact the EPF Call Centre at 03-89226000 or log on to

Study loans are available from the various financial institutions such as AGRO Bank, MBSB, CIMB, RHB Bank and Bank Rakyat.

Bank Address
CIMB BANK Jalan Bukit Bintang ,
Plaza Yeoh Tiong Lay,
55 Jalan Bkt Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
RHB BANK 58 - 60, Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100,
W.P.Kuala Lumpur
BANK RAKYAT Jalan Tangsi, Peti Surat 11024,
50732 KL.
AGRO BANK Leboh Pasar Besar , Peti Surat 10815,
50726 Kuala Lumpur
MALAYSIAN BUILDING SOCIETYBHD (MBSB) 48, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights,50490 Kuala Lumpur