The Higher Education System in France

The French educational system is distinguished by the variety of its institutions, each with its own goals, structure, and admission requirements.

Research from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research found that Morocco was the largest provider of foreign students to France, totaling around 30,000 individuals.

12% of France’s 1.4 million strong student population are foreign, more than a third of whom are based in Paris or the Ile-de-France region.

44% of those foreign students hailed from Africa, followed by 24% from Asia, 22.6% from Europe, and 8% from North and South America.

The research found that the largest foreign group, Moroccan students, were most likely to study science, engineering and technology subjects. Their 27,100 Chinese counterparts, a steadily increasing figure, are “well represented” in business, engineering and arts schools.

Almost 40% of foreign students in France are studying doctorates.

Paris is world's fashion capitals and is the base for big names Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Givenchy and Dior.

France has  265,000 foreign students, only behind the United States and Britain in international student figures

The French university curriculum system sees students obtaining a  basic degree in three years, a Master in another two years and a Doctorate after a total of eight years of study.

France has a total of 3,000-plus institutions of higher learning that include 240 engineering schools and 230 business schools. Around 2,000 of the total are devoted to the niche fields of art, fashion, design and architecture.

There are also 87 public universities (Government Universities)

All students in France's public institutions, both foreign and local alike, are beneficiaries of a generous amount of government aid that sees them paying a mere €160 (RM780) to €500 (RM2,500) per year for tuition when the actual fees are an estimated €6,000 (RM30,000) to €15,000 (RM73,000).

Cost of living in France is around €800 (RM4,000) to €1,000 (RM5,000) per month, going up to some €1,200 (RM6,000) in Paris.

This makes France one of the least expensive countries in Europe for international students, who enjoy other benefits such as low-cost dining facilities, student housing, and discounts on transportation and cultural events.

There are currently about 500 Malaysian students in France, with some 300 sponsored by Malaysian Government.


France's universities are public institutions. Enrolment is open to any student holding a French baccalaureat or its foreign equivalent (that is a degree that entitles its holder to begin university study in his or her home country).

90 public universities constitute the main stream and deliver degrees for teaching and research, as well as for professional activities in such areas as sciences, law. economics, medicine, engineering, social sciences, languages, art, etc.

Grandes Ecoles (225)

Most of the France's famous Grandes Ecoles are public, others are private. They are unique institutions, prestigious and very selective. They enroll far fewer students than the universities. Many are devoted to training high-level managers and engineers. Their programmes are so well attuned to the needs of industry that their graduates are in very high demand.
In Grandes Ecoles, most long programmes involve 5 years of study. including 2 years of preparation. Students who successfully complete the 2 years of preparatory classes earn the right to sit for one or more very selective entrance examinations. The Grandes Ecoles enroll most of their students through such examinations, but almost all hold open some places for international students and others seeking admission on the oasis of their academic record and experience.

Short Degree Programmes: IUT and BTS (113)

Short degree programmes, generally involving two or three years of study. are concentrated in the fields of manufacturing, trade, and services. Most are offered by multidisciplinary institutes affiliated with a university (university institutes of technology. or lUTs) or in specialized schools. All short programmes include internships. Job prospects for graduates of the short programmes are very good, but more and more students choose to pursue their studies, and more and more places are offered lo them in Grandes Ecoles and in universities.

Programmes awarding the degree of brevet de technicien superieur (BTS) are unique, they are taught in secondary schools. BTS degrees are offered in 86 different fields. Graduates move directly into jobs in their chosen field Among the most popular BTS programmes are those in hotel management. manufacturing, applies arts, business, and agriculture. Students may transfer into a long degree programme if they hold a baccalaureal or another decree deemed to be equivalent.


France has no universally applicable system for determining ;he equivalence of French and foreign diplomas. Each institution sets its own admission requirements. Students are admitted if their prior academic work is likely to have prepared them sufficiently for the demands of the programme to which they seek admission. This system ensures a uniform level of instruction and graduating classes of roughly equal ability and experience.
These last years. French system moved to LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorat), which means that they now follow the commonly used "Bachelor, Master. PhD" scheme.

Organization of The French Academic Year

In France the academic year begins in September or October and ends in May or June. The exact: starting and ending dates vary from institution to institution and from programme to programme. There are several breaks during the year: 2 weeks in December, 2 weeks in February and 2 weeks in March - April. Summer vacation stretches over the entire months of July and August, and sometimes includes parts of June and September as well



The French government supports higher education to the tune of about 6.000 Euro (27500 RM) per student per year. That high level of public support means that higher education in France is very affordable, for international as well as French students.
University tuition is rarely more than 300 Euro (1400 RM) per academic year. In public Grandes Ecoles, the annual tuition is approximately 600 Euro (2800 RM). The range of tuition at other institutions, particularly business schools, is much wider, about 5000 - 7000 euros (23000 - 31000 RM) per year. Tuition rates vary by programme and by type of institution.
Students will need to have from 650 Euro (3000 RM) to 1,000 Euro (4600 RM) a month to live in France. Below that level, students are lively to have difficulties living normally and may not be able to devote sufficient attention to their programme of study.

French Government Grants for Malaysian Students in France

From 1988 to 1994. 228 Malaysian undergraduate students have been sent to France by the Malaysian Government to study mainly electrical science. computer science, business, management, and architecture

Government Agreement Universities Agreement Scholarships for Excellence
In 2000. an undergraduate and pluri-annual programme has been launched. I; is destined to produce French trained engineers and covers all fields of engineering, particularly mechanical, electrical, computer, telecommunications, chemical, and electronics. In September 2002, the third batch of 30 students has gone to France through this programme, which is divided in 2 years of preparation studies followed by 5 years of engineering studies in any of the Grandes Ecoles d'lngenieurs authorized to deliver the "Dipl6me d'lngenieur".

Candidates are selected by JPA on their SPM results in math, physics. chemistry and English. Funds for educational expenditure, social and medical insurance, living expenses and air tickets are provided by the Malaysian and by the French Governments.

Specific post-graduate programmes in France are implemented between faculties of French and Malaysian private or public universities. These programmes are built case by case in computer science, chemistry. pharmacy or mechanical engineering.
Scholarship programmes have been set up to enable French institutions of higher education to attract the finest international students and. through them to develop inter-university co-operation. It is opened lo the brilliant non-French students who are registered in a French school abroad.


Choosing a Good Programme

There are more than 6.000 institutions of higher education in France For students living abroad and unfamiliar with the French system, it may be hard to find their way around So EduFrance is here to help them It is a French organization specialized in helping overseas students to access higher education in France. Not only are the programmes in the EduFrance programme catalogue equipped lo provide high-quality instruction for international students, but EduFrance has added Exira advantages, such as remedial instruction in French, academic advising and tutoring, from applications to housing and personal assistance whenever a student needs it during his stay.

Learning French at Alliances Frangaises

Most of the bachelor level academic programmes offered in France are taught in French So a prior knowledge of the French language is compulsory for this level. Having a good command of French is one of the best ways you can ensure the success  of your stay. Students can contact the Alliances Frangaises of Kuala Lumpur and Penning, which are offering French courses at all levels, leading :o diplomas that are recognized m France

However, it s important to know that most  of the universities courses  taught in English masters, and English is commonly used for PhD programs.

A French government service, publishes its higher education atlas on the Web Use this powerful reference tool to research the thousands of programmes available in every discipline throughout France Search by broad discipline, degree type, specialization, location, and institution

The French ministry of education also publishes an online version of its directory ol doctoral programmes and research centers,

Applying for A Visa

Students must be enrolled in a French institution of higher education before applying for  a visa If it is the case, students should contact their French Consulate :o gel information about what is needed to obtain the visa. If the  course of study is longer than three months, it is necessary to have a long-term student visa. In any case, the passport must be valid for the  duration of the visa

French Degree in Malaysia -Malaysian-French University Centre

In January 2006. the Malaysian French University Centre was officially launched.
This centre, created to strengthen links between Malaysia and France, can assist Malaysian institutions looking for French partners, for example for students exchange, pint degrees, twinning programs or joint PhD. It can also guide Malaysian students who wish to complete their education with a French touch, either in France. Malaysia, or even both with twinning programs
One of the numerous advantages of this centre will be to facilitate access since students won't necessarily need to learn French to got a French degree as the courses will be taught in Malaysia in English language. The interest of such a programme is to obtain a very high quality diploma from experienced and renowned French universities, while slaying in Malaysia

Below are a few examples of French programmes in Malaysia:

French Bachelor Degree
in Hospital and Tourism Management
French Masters Programs in Information technology MBA in Euro-Asian Management New French Masters
Taylor's college School of Hotel Management is running, with the University ol Toulouse in France, a French Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management (License Hotelier Tourism). With me backing of the University of Toulouse, the second largest and oldest .university in France, students are gaining the expertise of masters from one of the most renowned countries in gastronomy

Upon the successful completion of the first two years of study, students are awarded The French BTS qualification in Hotel Management or Tourism Management. Students can then complete the final year, organized in two semesters, to obtain the French Bachelor Degree. Students who then  wish to continue their studies have the possibility to go lo France lo complete a French Master at the University of Toulouse.

The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) and Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operations (Meteor) are offering a French Masters of Science in Information Technology This 15 modules 18 month programme in English was developed by University of La Rochelle in France, and takes 25 to 30 students to give them personal attention. It includes three projects of 100 hours and a training period of 5 months

A specialized MBA programme from the Malaysian Graduate School of Management (UPM) m collaboration with the Aix-en-Provence School of Management. University of Aix-Marseille in France, and the French Foundation for Management Education is taking place at UPM. This MBA programme provides participants with an m-depth cove-age of marketing. finance, human resources, international business, general management and practices in Asian and European environment. Two new French masters will soon be offered to Malaysian students
• Master in Videogames and Multimedia of one of the best French institutions and Help University College.
• Master in Electrical Engineering of University of Nantes, France and UTM, Kuala Lumpur

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