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Management and Science University
 Blok A, Jalan Equestrian 13/52, Off Jalan Persiaran Sukan,
Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel (603-55106868) Fax (603-55108668) email:


Management and Science University (MSU) began as a university college, Kolej Universiti dan Pengurusan Malaysia (KUTPM) in 2001.
In 2001, the Ministry of Education extended an invitation to the management of the Advanced Technology and Management Centre (PTPL) to establish a university college.
Hence the genesis of University College of Technology and Management Malaysia (KUTPM).
In October 2007, after full university status was conferred, the university adopted the name MSU.
The status is an important milestone achieved by MSU as it demonstrates its growth to prominence in the tertiary education sector in Malaysia.

The birth and success of MSU has been attributed to the success of its collegiate institutions, the PTPL group, which made its debut three decades ago.
Besides achieving a few firsts in the local education landscape, PTPL with a student population of 17,000, has been consistently strong in several critical areas of studies.

The establishment of MSU is considered as timely as the nation progresses towards attaining developed nation status by 2020.
The focus on the relevant and critical areas as well as research and development in these areas will help spur knowledge and ideas that will put Malaysia on course towards achieving the developed nation objective.

Geared towards academic excellence and providing academic programmes of international repute is the mainstay of our existence.
MSU is inspired to maintain the quality and relevance of its teaching methodologies in its quest to develop students into accomplished individuals.

It is well-positioned to be one of the leading universities in the country providing industry relevant diploma, bachelor degree and postgraduate courses and research disciplines.

MSU has an international branch campus in Bangalore, India which focuses solely on Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine programmes.

MSU, International Medical School offer programmes of study for students who have keen interests in the areas of medicine and medical sciences.

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at MSU is a 5 Ĺ year programme. The duration is divided into three phases with each phase varying in terms of length, subjects and activities involved. Among the subject areas that students will be exposed to throughout the three phases are human anatomy, human physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, forensic, microbiology, ophthalmology and ENT. The clinical session begins in phase two along with the para-clinical subjects and houseman ship session commences in phase three. During this session students are required to perform a rotational training of three month each at all the relevant medical departments.

Upon completion students are required to register with the Public Service Department and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) before undergoing a two year houseman ship programme and there after a three year compulsory service locally.

The MBBS programme is offered through the International Medical School (IMS) at MSU main campus in Shah Alam. Alternatively, students may opt to pursue the programme at MSUís off-shore campus in Bangalore, India.


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